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  1. AcornnutZ

    Chernarus_winter Crouch Bug

    What other mods? I run a Chernarus Winter server and I haven't encountered this.
  2. What kuplion said.... I used to have Apex items in my unsafe traders until one of my players said i was walking in mid air. Turns out that wasn't the only objects that couldn' be seen. Ending up having to remove all 100 apex items.
  3. AcornnutZ

    New Cup Update broke all cup vehicles in the store

    Thank for all the help .... the smarties at cup like to put spaces in their folder names. Just had to add a _. CUP_Weapons CUP_Units CUP_Vehicles
  4. As the title says new cupdate broke my vehicle store anyone else having this issue? All i did was delete old cup folders and keys and install new cup folders and keys
  5. AcornnutZ

    Exile Wasteland - aka The B@st@rd Child

    @MudBone PM me if you want to bounce some ideas off each other on this.... My server literally has everything your asking for minus a few details. I have a server currently running chernarus winter. I dont have any pop atm mostly because of my map choice but also because I dont have any good ways of really advertising the server. I wouldn't mind starting up the exile wasteland genre.
  6. AcornnutZ

    Exile Wasteland - aka The B@st@rd Child

    What's funny is I cant even find my server in the servers tab haha, its pretty useless tbh. There has to be a better way.
  7. AcornnutZ

    Exile Wasteland - aka The B@st@rd Child

    here's the wasteland gunstore script ported for exile.... This was done by contract coders thanks @GR8.!ts1SBISL!GlmGzJq1w5GLBV2t-WkXgbaB57eLpjS59vkSo0oIuXw
  8. AcornnutZ

    Exile Wasteland - aka The B@st@rd Child

    This is pretty much what im running in my server and its already up..... I still have two safe zones but i have four " GunStores " that light up when enemys enter the store. I am in the process of getting a respawn system that lets you spawn on your base or group members if they are inside a town... there will be a 20 min cool down built in to use this option.
  9. AcornnutZ

    All players getting kicked after 2 minutes.

    any chance you can post your fix?
  10. AcornnutZ

    C][G Exile Cherno (Custom Trader's) W.I.P

    am I blind where's the file?
  11. @Fewufu Yes it works great... if you search for Outpost-99 or click on this link you will find info for my test server. The test server is run off a local machine so the ping may be slightly high. We will be launching the real server Thursday. Safe Zones do not sell weapons, the only way to get weapons is to loot them or buy them from one of the black market traders (wasteland style gun store) . The map is Chernarus Winter complete w/snow. We're also running DMS Missions w/ occupations addon, enigma revive, igiload, non persistant vehicle claim, ExAd for base raiding and menu customization, and auto wood chop to vehicle script. Spawning is completely random throughout the map. mods list with download links can be found using the link Chernarus Winter 1.11 CUP Core, Units, Weapons, Vehicles, **NO CUP MAPS** Ni Arsenal Exile CBA_A3 TRYK Multiplay Uniform Pack The server specs for the real server will be: i7 4790 32gb ram 250 gb ssd on a 1gbpa line provided by Quality Gaming Servers if you visit let me know what you think
  12. If anyone else is interested in this script just post here and I'll provide it...I didnt see any others looking to use this feature so.
  13. AcornnutZ

    [WIP] Exile Interactive Mission Preview

    That's a huge bummer, I was really excited for this feature. Hopefully you'll change your mind, but if not thanks for your effort.
  14. This issue has plagued us for more than a month so rather than delay our server launch we finally gave in and used contract coders.... Thanks for all that tried to help.