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  1. Khyz

    New Exile SQL broken?

    Send your logs please
  2. Khyz

    Immersive Gaming

    Esseker server with zombies, revive system and active admins
  3. Don't kill people who invite you in her Base,and all will be good. By the way, he don't have ban you because you tried to roadkill him, but because you have insult him.
  4. i enter your server but i dont see any zombi is tha normal i play arround 3h and i dont see none......

    1. Khyz


      I've to desactive them because 1.54 have breal all zombies, and cause crashed every hour

      I'm working on it

  5. Khyz

    loading error config.bin

    It will be fix when it will be fix. They have to release a version who is not ready, let them time.
  6. Khyz

    Exile Mod

    Arma have update in 1.54, and broke most of add ons of witch Exile. Everyone who have update them server got this message. The only way to fix it it's a new version of exile mod, so, be patient, all team is working on it. Thank you
  7. Khyz

    loading error config.bin

    double post
  8. Khyz

    loading error config.bin

    No Entry "bin\config.bin/cfgdifficult/exileRegular/flags.Staminabar'." This error can only be fixed by the dev of exile. The only solution is to wait for a new version of exile.
  9. Hello all, Join us by a remote ip : Join Teamspeak : Or by A3launcher with keyword "immersive". How to join : * Zombies spawn everywhere * Restriction on base building * Dms Mission * ZCP * Start with 5000 * God mode locked vehicles after restart * Restart every 3 hours * 2 hours day, 1 hour night with fog * CUP Weapons * CUP Vehicles * Custom Loadouts * Custom Traders * Revive system and Advanced repair system * Update Weekly * Active Admins