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  1. Carcass

    Marker/Pointer Creation

    I really hope starts working again, like I said before, I didn't know how useful it was until it stopped working.
  2. Carcass

    Marker/Pointer Creation

    Tried that already, still doesn't work.
  3. Carcass

    Marker/Pointer Creation

    After the new update, I discovered that I was able to place a Marker/Point while aiming somewhere and pressing a certain key. In this case it was "V", I had set up on the Custom Controls, Action number 2 "V" cuz that's how I was jumping on Breaking Point. But then it will be quite annoying for my team mates, since everyone in the group could see the Marker/Pointer I had just placed by accident everytime I was trying to vault. Then, I was messing with the key binding settings and for some reason I'm not able to place said Marker/Pointer anymore. I didn't know how useful it was until it was gone. Does anybody know how to re-enable this or what custom action or key bind I need to set? Attached is a screenshot of said Marker/Pointer:
  4. Carcass

    Zaros Military Complex

    That looks awesome! Would you mind sharing the .sqf?
  5. Maybe you should contact your GSP, on how to add a Headless Client (If you run a dedicated server). Because I noticed that the with some server providers, the first person to join is who triggers the mission, and usually takes longer for him to join, but once the status changes to "playing" rest of the players join normally.
  6. Carcass


    Removed by Server Admin request.
  7. Carcass

    SQL Vehicle Cleanup Query?

    Unfortunately our Host does not allow scheduled querys, so I have to do it as a one time thing. I'm able to pull out the vehicles that haven't been accessed since that date, but then I don't see the option to delete those rows on MySQL Workbench. How do I execute a deletion to matching rows? Thanks in advance.
  8. Carcass

    0.9.20 "Tomato"

    Read the instructions, and everything went smooth on the first try. Everything is working fine, AI missions, Custom scripts and same settings as we had the server before. For anyone having issues updating your server, I recommend that you do a backup if you don't have a test server, just in case things go bad, you can still roll back to 0.9.19. Download the new version and put all the files in a folder named "tomato" from your back up, copy all the files that should be replaced and put them in a folder named "potato". - Copy all the content from the "tomato" folder and put it in a new folder and name it as you wish (I named mine Squash). - Compare your tomato and potato files, make suggested changes, and then add any custom changes or settings you currently have. - Stop the server. - Upload and overwrite all the content from your new merged folder to your server and on it's respective location. - Start the server. And Voila! you have successfully updated your server to 0.9.20! Took me no longer than 15 minutes to do all this and everything worked fine on the first try.
  9. Carcass

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    I did the installation step by step, but when joining, it wont go any further than "Receiving mission file (33kb / 196kb)" and will just stay there.
  10. Well, we made several changes to it since we used to run a A3Wasteland server, then we switch to Exile Mod and just made minor changes to get it going.
  11. @Dwarfer @infiSTAR Yeah, that is NFO Control Panel, it doesn't have that many options for the admin interface as other GSP's. But I seem to have fixed the problem by changing the voteThreshold to 200 on the server.cfg Still, thanks for the feedback guys. Cheers.
  12. That should go in the parameters, right? Unfortunately, it won't let me add any parameters that contains a -
  13. Hey Guys, First of all, mad props to the devs and contributors of the Exile Mod. We have a dedicated server through NFO, and I have set up automated restarts through their control panel. Somehow, always after restart, the server will not show up any status until the first person tries to join. I have noticed that always the first person to join (which is usually one of us) gets stuck in 2 states, which they are "Waiting for server to load" and Receiving server version" The player will not be able to get in completely, unless after the 3 try if he/she's lucky. Is like the server needs to be primed up or something, because I have notice that most of the time the server change it's status from "Creating" to "Playing" is when more than 2 players are trying to join simultaneously. It goes pretty much like this: First players triggers the server to "Waiting for server to load" but won't go any further and he is forced to Alt-F4 out of it. Second player triggers "Receiving server mission" status, but also won't be able to get in completely. First player comes back and try to get in again, and will get "Receiving server mission" for a while but joins successfully after about 3 to 5 minutes wait. Any idea what might be causing this issue? It is kinda frustrating to get the server going because we can see that people tries to join, but it will be unsuccessful if the server hasn't be primed up to its "Playing" status. Any feedback is highly appreciated. - Carcass