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  1. Z80CPU

    Bullet impact

    Hello @Zandyl, While there may be other reasons that I can not think of, the one I can is all of you have different image details. An example: Yours is set to 3km and everybody else is set to 1km. YOU will see the shot, but not the others as their 'view' stops at 1km. This is one reason why this is the case. Are there others? I do not know. But I do know this one!
  2. Z80CPU

    Happy Easter!

    Today, let us give thanks to the Almighty God for keeping his promise to all of us, by raising the Son Of Man, known as Jesus, from the grave, who laid down his life for us. For who shall ever believe in Jesus, the Son Of God, shall not perish, but have everlasting life. John 15:13 "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends." Happy Easter!
  3. Z80CPU

    Rename the terminus "Family"?

    @Anhor- Yes you can! You can change ANY text within Exile! Problem is, WHERE is this text? I would use a good 'text searching' program and 'de-pbo' the core files and look for it. Make SURE that there is only one use of it. It might have been used in other places. I would start with the client files. And if it is in the client files, you'll have to use the 'custom code' part to get it working. If it is in the server files, just change it! Re-pbo it and you're done! You can change it though!
  4. @Anhor - Alles is gut! Tschüss!
  5. Z80CPU

    Server crash after certain log in RPT.

    @SleePyHollow150 - I read ANOTHER post of yours...silly billy! See: "I've just had this issue with my server. We had a corrupted core file. Please see my solution in this thread" PS - Sorry, I did not see till afterwards where you did post the solution! My mistake!
  6. Z80CPU

    Server crash after certain log in RPT.

    @SleePyHollow150 - And read my second post I sent you - RE-INSTALL ARMA! You know, what you did do and it worked? I missed NO steps!
  7. Z80CPU

    Server crash after certain log in RPT.

    @SleePyHollow150 - Glad you got it fixed! I would caution you against making such statements as 'Typical almighty IT support'. First off, if you knew so much, it would not had happen to start with! Secondly, if you read other people's posts concerning this issue, you would have seen that there was no 'quick fix' to this issue. And the solutions that others and myself offered were the same as what you received. Thirdly, if you knew so much you would not be on here asking for 'solutions'. All of these speaks to the level of your 'knowledge' in this area as well as how much 'effort' you put forth into solving it yourself. And since you made that disparaging comment (i.e. 'Typical almighty IT support'), please provide the evidence to back up your claim. No one has 'name called' but you, which is very immature. I bid you good day and good luck!
  8. Z80CPU

    Server crash after certain log in RPT.

    @SleePyHollow150 - Sometimes medicine does not taste good, but it is needed. And YES, I DID GIVE PROPER HELP: #1 - Gave you steps in which to correct the problem #2 - Showed/Told you that over 200+ people have had this issue, so you're not alone. #3 - Told you that the ones I have seen with this issue was related to those 2 items. Yes, you have been given proper help. The same help OTHERS got. You need to RE-INSTALL from a FRESH DOWNLOAD 1- Install 2- BackUp 3 - Test 4 - BackUp 5 - Install Mod 6 -Test Mod 7 - Goto 4, If done, go to 8 8 - BackUp 9 - Install InfiSTAR 10 - Test 11 - Make BackUp 12 - Done The above are the PROPER STEPS. And to do the re-install? Yes, it is not 5 minutes, it is about 15-20 minutes, worse case, 30 minutes. What you're trying to do is a pure folly. If you have had math at the level of Algebra or above, you should KNOW that for complicated equations, you MUST break them down to solve them. See: people.math.sfu.ca/~bwo/seminar/simplification.pdf Bottom line, you will have to 'break this down' by following the list above. THIS IS THE CORRECT AND PROPER MANNED IN WHICH TO ADDRESS YOUR ISSUE! Proper Problem Solving Methods: http://www.wolfemachine.com/wp-content/5-why.pdf Or if you REALLY wish to go 'deeper': https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a290350.pdf And do note, there is NO MAGIC FIX FOR THIS! NONE EXIST! And that is what you want...sorry...it does NOT exist. Truth be told, there may be a 'magic fix', I have yet heard of it. You can 'moan' all day about this, the truth is if you searched this site first and saw what others did and/or followed what I suggested, you would have been done by now. I also gave the EXACT SAME ADVICE to others, such as here: Which is one link that I gave you before. There is basically no escape from what you're 'running from'. It is what it is and fighting or running from it will not fix the issue. And I will compliment you on something, I appreciate your courtesy and manners. One hardly sees this online. I thank you for them, and do not worry, I am not upset, pissed, and in any manner exhibit or harbor a negative thoughts or attitude towards ya!
  9. Z80CPU

    Server crash after certain log in RPT.

    Does this look FAMILIAR @SleePyHollow150? Deinitialized shape [Class: "C_Soldier_VR_F"; Shape: "a3\characters_f_bootcamp\common\vr_soldier_f.p3d";] And almost every person who has this error (that I saw), they had two things in common: #1 - Using the map Chernarus #2 - Using bad scripts that they DID NOT CREATE (borrowed, stolen, etc.)
  10. Z80CPU

    Random server crashes

    Hello @LYSY, There are 200+ posts with error on this site, I would suggest you either use Google to find them or the search on here. I will tell you, outside of a hardware issue, it has been, based on what I have seen, an end-users 'doings'...scripts, corrupt files, using other people's works, etc.
  11. Z80CPU

    Server crash after certain log in RPT.

    @SleePyHollow150 - A LONG time ago (years), there was an issue with Exile running on a 4 hour restart schedule, I do not remember what it was, I do know it has been fixed.
  12. Z80CPU

    Server crash after certain log in RPT.

    hahahaah @Brenner
  13. Z80CPU

    Server crash after certain log in RPT.

    hahahaah @Brenner
  14. Z80CPU

    New DLC

    @Sgt Smash - I just saw your post and I am checking it out. This appears to be the DLC Bohemia was 'talking' about. More info on this can be found on their site at: https://arma3.com/dlc/creator And to 'help' others, to have this, you MUST pay for it. NO 'edition' of ARMA qualifies for a 'free DLC'. EVERYBODY will have to pay. I also cannot find a price as of this writing, unless I am blind... What is funny, I was stationed in this area during the cold war which this DLC takes place in - 1st AD 1BN 54th Inf - 11B10 Thanks for the 'heads up'!
  15. Z80CPU

    Server crash after certain log in RPT.

    @SleePyHollow150 - My last post might have 'sounded' that I was angry. I was not. And you could have sat at Google and typed: exilmod.com "YOUR ISSUE" It would have shown all posts with your issue in it. NO ONE can tell you what is wrong. This is what I tried to explain to you. Hardware AND/OR software can cause this. It is IMPOSSIBLE to 'fix it' without doing what I said. Oh, you may get LUCKY and 'hit upon it', I doubt it. 1st Mistake - No backups 2nd Mistake - Trying solve a 'WHOLE' item instead of examining the CORE components that make the 'whole. This is the most foolish and time consuming method that one could employ. Your 'error' can be caused by one or MORE of the following: #1 - Bad hardware #2 - Bad HDD #3 - Bad RAM #4 - Corrupt OS #5 - Corrupt/bad ARMA files #6 - Corrupt ARMA/Exile/And the mod you refuse to take out #7 - Incorrect configuration of the game files - e.g. Spawning 100k AI in The above is NOT a 'complete list'. How will you know it is #2? Or #6? You tried it YOUR WAY, it did not work for ya, now did it? There are no 'real' shortcuts to success, it ALWAYS takes HARD WORK the vast majority of the time. You did even BOTHER TO SEARCH THIS WEBSITE!!! You did? Then you would have SEEN THESE: Or this one: Or this one: And there are about 235+ MORE POSTS with your 'issue'. It would appear that very little effort has been placed by to properly solve this. As I posed to one of the posters, why should we FIX YOUR PROBLEMS when you do not as we say? You were given proper and correct advice on how to resolve this issue. You refuse to do it. You refuse to even use Google to find the solution. And by the way, those 238 returns for THIS EXACT ERROR IN EXILE, I came about by JUST USING GOOGLE! Again, I have given you proper advice and the tools you need to solve this. You refuse to comply. I can offer no more assistance to you. You have been given the tools in which to solve your issue. I am sorry. Good luck to you.