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  1. Z80CPU

    Axe Swing? Place on ground to equip?

    Hello @FrankBarbarino, The axe and a few other items REQUIRE 'ammo'. Just putting the axe in your hands will NOT work. It REQUIRES 'ammo'. This is the 'swing' you see in your inventory. To get this 'ammo', you do EXACTLY what you did, put the item on the ground and pick it up! That is it! Is this a 'bug'? Beats me, but I know that this has been this way every since the axe (and the other items) came out. In other words, it has been this way for YEARS. The 'other item', IF MY MEMORY SERVES ME WELL, is the 'sledge hammer'. I THINK it requires the 'swing ammo' as well. See:
  2. Z80CPU

    Dart connection

    The ONLY solution is what I stated in the BEGINNING....AGAIN: "If you're having issues using RCON programs DESIGNED FOR ARMA 3, then your config on the server, in the program, OR BOTH, is invalid. We can not tell you which is wrong and how to correct it. YOU need to VERIFY ALL SETTINGS BETWEEN THEM! I would recommend you check for the PROPER PORTS BEING OPENED though..."
  3. Z80CPU

    Combat mode not working

    So, to re-phrase what you said as to try to understand what you're attempting to say: When a gunner in a vehicle fires the vehicle's weapon, the red icon usually present on the upper right hand side of the screen which indicates player is in some form of combat, this icon does NOT show when this player fires from the gunner position of this vehicle. Is this correct? If so, who made these tanks (e.g.; CUP, RHS, Bohemia, etc.)?
  4. Z80CPU

    Dart connection

    I manage 2 servers; one is remote and in another country, the other is about 1m from me on my internal network. I have ZERO ISSUES using ANY RCON program. I have used 3 in the past and have had no issues. Currently I am using 'EPM RCon Tool' and InfiSTAR's BRC program. If you're having issues using RCON programs DESIGNED FOR ARMA 3, then your config on the server, in the program, OR BOTH, is invalid. We can not tell you which is wrong and how to correct it. YOU need to VERIFY ALL SETTINGS BETWEEN THEM! I would recommend you check for the PROPER PORTS BEING OPENED though...
  5. Z80CPU

    Dart connection

    Hmmm...I wonder how much THIS has to do with it.... "DaRT is a really lightweight RCon tool designed especially for usage with DayZ." The above is from the AUTHOR! See: https://forums.dayz.com/topic/68933-dart-a-lightweight-dayz-and-arma-rcon-tool-v21-11102015/
  6. Z80CPU

    All map markers are showing to everyone

    Hello @MrNeal, Well ONE THING that can cause what you see is that you have this turned on via InfiSTAR if you have it installed. It is turned on/off via the main menu! Turn it off! It will ONLY SHOW FOR YOU/OTHER ADMINS (maybe, depends on how IS is setup) - NOT for players. If it is showing for all, then you will have to dig thru you code as you have 'turned on something' somewhere. Also, NEVER EVER install multiple mods at one time! NEVER! Also ExAD does not cause 'lag' or the above issues. Lag can be caused by MANY things such as a slow computer, slow internet, too many AI, too many missions, too many scripts running, not enough RAM, etc. And if it was 'looking fine' for YOU, then it would for EVERYONE ELSE TOO! Do you have some 'magical computer'? NO! The only people (in general) who MIGHT have an issue would be people with 'lower end' computers. Also, there MAY HAVE BEEN an issue when you tested, but for example, it created 5 extra AI per player. Well, with just YOU playing, there were only 5 AI. Now, with 20 people playing, it now jumps to 100 extra AI! Big difference now! The ONLY thing in ExAD, and it depends on where you got it from, is some 'base guards' you can turn on. Mine is turned OFF. I think you need to examine what and HOW you installed things as well as checking InfiSTAR! Also, NEVER EVER install multiple mods at one time, and ALWAYS read and FOLLOW any directions as well as reading any posts concerning said mod!
  7. Z80CPU

    Combat mode not working

    AGAIN - THERE IS NO 'COMBAT MODE'! You are using the WRONG TERMS! I can not speak for others, I am not a 'mind reader'. As such, I have NO CLUE what you are trying to say. Why do you not explain COMPLETELY AND FULLY what is (or is not) working? What you have posted is not present in Exile. There is no 'combat mode'. There are no 'modes' in ARMA in any part or fashion. 'Modes' do NOT exist in ARMA period! What you posted makes no sense. Sorry!
  8. Z80CPU


    To my best knowledge, ANY standard ARMA 2/3 map can be used. Nothing special involved with these maps. Just standard maps! The only issues will be if you use NON-standard items such as custom trees or buildings. Then you WILL have issues as Exile does not take into account (for the most part) non-standard items. This means YOU will have to code these items into your mission file.
  9. Z80CPU

    Need too know how to make mission files 2018

    I concur with @Jeffry. This is the BEST option. I will be honest with you though, it sounds like you're trying to change Exile into something that it is not. I would also question if this is encroaching upon their copyrights as well by the changes you're trying to make.
  10. Z80CPU

    Combat mode not working

    Hell @leonardos1978, First, I think either you have the wrong game OR you're using the WRONG terms. #1 - There is ZERO 'MODES' in Exile - NONE #2 - What is a 'tank cabin'? As there are none of these in Exile either. It would appear you're talking about some other game. ???
  11. Z80CPU

    spawn in grass until the server is fully loaded

    hahahaha @StokesMagee!
  12. Z80CPU

    How Do Most People Join Exile Mod?

    I use the Bohemia launcher. It ALWAYS WORKS. If it is a Steam mod, the Bohemia launcher will see it AUTOMATICALLY and I do not need to wait for some person who may quit at anytime to 'update stuff'. A3 is 'iffy' at best. It is a matter of PREFERENCE.
  13. Z80CPU

    ExAd statusbar bug

    Then you are NOT following instructions. You see, I AM USING IT AND HAVE NO ISSUES. MANY OTHERS are too, with NO ISSUES. If you are having issues, then you have messed up something. What? I do not know. All I DO KNOW is it DOES WORK when the ExAd mod AND OTHER MODS are installed CORRECTLY. Who knows, you may have installed some other that is conflicting with it...or InfiSTAR is not setup properly...who knows? WE DO NOT! ONLY YOU DO! Sorry!
  14. Z80CPU

    1.0.4 Safe Kit not working properly

    Hello @SpcPewPew, I can attest to this, it DOES WORK. If you're having issue, then you have either misconfigured something or installed something wrong/bad. It DOES work though.
  15. Z80CPU

    ExAd statusbar bug

    Hello @MechSlayer Simple Re-Install or copy the settings from the master copy to your installation.