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  1. Z80CPU

    BEC instalation help

    You MUST FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS! I can not make any simpler that this! *** As I own my server and is located at my house *** -MY Batch file (part of) to start BEC- c: cd C:\Games\ARMA\server\Bec C:\Games\ARMA\server\Bec\Bec.exe -f Config.cfg ******* -Config.CFG- # This config file is only provided as an example file. # Edit it to sute your needs. # For more info on how to edit this file. use the Readme.txt file or visit http://www.ibattle.org/install-and-configure #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Bec] #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Set the ip to your server. normally will be fine. Ip = # Set the port to the server. default port is 2302 Port = 2316 # Set the path to the BattlEye directory that is currently in use by the server. # BePath = D:\Server_1\BattlEye BePath = C:\Games\ARMA\server\SC\battleye # Set the path to your Admins.xml file containing your admins. Admins = C:\Games\ARMA\server\BEC\Config\Admins.xml # Set the path to your Commands.xml file. Commands = C:\Games\ARMA\server\BEC\Config\Commands.xml #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Misc] #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Auto run loadbans when ban file(s) changes. # 1 or True will turn it on. # 0 or False will turn it off. # If this parameter is not defined it will use False as default. # AutoLoadBans = True AutoLoadBans = False # Set which type of hacks that will be added to your banlist. # 0 = none. 1 = GameHack. 2 = Battleye Hack. 3 = both GameHack & Battleye Hack. # value 3 is set as default if this parameter is not defined. # Ban = 3 Ban = 0 # Set the names of your custom ban files, Separate each file with "," (comma): file1.txt, banfile2.txt, newfile.txt # If you do not use any custom ban files. delete this option or leave this option commented. # This option will check ban files for changes and automatic do a loadbans file when a file gets changed # Do not specify the default bans.txt file here. # BeCustomBanFiles = Bans1.txt, file2.txt, file3.txt # Set the height & width of Becs console window ConsoleHeight = 25 ConsoleWidth = 77 # Only allow english chars. AsciiNickOnly = False # Only allow english chars to be typed on the chat. Note, Warnings must be enabled. 0 or more. AsciiChatOnly = True # If AsciiChatOnly is set True. you can define none english chars that will be accepted. # You separate each char with a , "note you need to define lower and upper case of the chars." IgnoreChatChars = €,£,æ,Æ,ø,Ø,å,Å,ö,ä,ü,ß # Set the amount of warnings a player will get before kicked. -1 is disabled. 0 instant kick # 1 == one warning on a bad word. next bad word results in kick # Warnings = 3 Warnings = -1 # Kick players who has listed chars in their name when they connect DisallowPlayerNameChars = []{}()0123456789 # Min length, kicks players who has to short name when they connect. MinPlayerNameLength = 3 # Max length, kicks players who has to long name when they connect. MaxPlayerNameLength = 16 # Set the name of your Arma3server.exe if it has been renamed from arma3server.exe to something else! # if the exe has its original name. comment it out. # DO NOT SET FULL PATH TO THE EXE FILE # ServerExeName = NewArmaExeName.exe # Set path to the file containing a list of bad words. Note, Warnings must be enabled. 0 or more. # WordFilterFile = BadWords.txt # Set the path to the file containing whitelisted guids. # WhiteListFile = WhiteList.txt # Set custom whitelist kick message. Text must be in ascii letters. MAX 58 CHARS. BE only does ascii on messages # WhiteListKickMsg = You are not whitelisted on this server. # Kick people with offensive names # NickFilterFile = BadNames.txt # Set the path to the Scheduler.xml file. Scheduler = C:\Games\ARMA\server\BEC\Config\Scheduler.xml # Kick people who are idleing in the lobby, kick will happen after given time, Min time is 90 sec. use 0 to disable this function. KickLobbyIdlers = 0 # If enabled. Bec will create separate chat files for each channel along with the main file. #ChatChannelFiles = false # Set the amount of Normal players who can connect. Set it to -1 to disable it. # If set to 0 it means only players who are listed in the Admins.xml, (or whatever you call it) will be able to connect to the server. # Quick Example 1: server can holed 50 players. and you want to reserve 5 slots for admins. then set SlotLimit to 45. # Quick Example 2: server can holed 50 players. and you want to reserve 5 slots for admins and 5 slots for friends. then set SlotLimit to 40, # AND edit your admins.xml. ADD in all your frineds guid and remaining data, put them in group example 100. or whatever you feel likt. # by using this method you can give some of your friends some access to some commands if you like or none. # in general this is works like .Whitelisting X player slots for admins and friends, while leaving the remaining Y slots for public. SlotLimit = -1 # Set the message people will get when they try to connect and is not whitelisted. Text must be in ascii letters. SlotLimitKickMsg = The Server has reached its player limit. # The amount of time Bec will wait for the server to start up. Timeout = 1 #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Reporter] #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Reporter account. Fill in the username and password for your reporter account. # GameHacks, BattlEye Hacks will be reported to a database. all players who connect will also be checked against this database. # Set the Username for your account #User = alfred # Set the Password for your account #Password = 123456 #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ChatRestriction] #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Set max amount of chat lines a player is allowed to send for each channel. # Going passed the number will result in kick. -1 is disabled, 0 instant kick. # If the number is higher than 0 players will be sent warnings. Lobby = -1 Global = -1 Side = -1 Group = -1 Vehicle = -1 Command = -1 Commander = -1 Direct = -1 #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ChatSpam] #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Set max amount of chat lines per channel allowed within given time frame. # Set the values to 0 to disable this function(s) # Quick Example: # Lobby = 5 # Lobby_Time_Lower = 10 # Lobby_Time_Upper = 15 # If the time between each new chatlines from a player is less than CHANNEL_Time_Lower the spam counter increases by + 1. # Consider the CHANNEL (Lobby) as the spam counter. # When a player has (CHANNEL - 1) in spam counting. a warning will be sent to whom it may concern. # If the time between each new chatline from the player is Greater than CHANNEL_Time_Lower and Less than CHANNEL_Time_Upper the spam counter stay as it is. # If the time since the last chatline is greater then CHANNEL_Time_Upper the spam counter is reset to 1. # To get optimal result play around a bit with the values on your server. Lobby = 0 Lobby_Time_Lower = 0 Lobby_Time_Upper = 0 Global = 0 Global_Time_Lower = 0 Global_Time_Upper = 0 Side = 0 Side_Time_Lower = 0 Side_Time_Upper = 0 Group = 2 Group_Time_Lower = 0 Group_Time_Upper = 0 Vehicle = 0 Vehicle_Time_Lower = 0 Vehicle_Time_Upper = 0 Command = 0 Command_Time_Lower = 0 Command_Time_Upper = 0 Commander = 0 Commander_Time_Lower = 0 Commander_Time_Upper = 0 Direct = 0 Direct_Time_Lower = 0 Direct_Time_Upper = 0 ***** -BEServer.CFG- RConPassword changeMe MaxPing 300 RConIP 123.456.789.0 RConPort 1337 ******************* You are on you own now! You see, NO ONE helped me. I read and FOLLOWED the instructions on many websites. You can do the same as well!
  2. Z80CPU

    BEC instalation help

    @keraaja - https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/32512-battleye-extended-controls-dead-resolved/ https://www.altisliferpg.com/topic/4869-bec-problem/ USE GOOGLE @keraaja! See HERE What is a HOST file? AGAIN USE GOOGLE! See HERE I do not mind helping, BUT, if you will not even do the BASIC STEPS, I am not 'inclined' to offer help nor will most others on here or anywhere else. If you do NOT have the HOST file set as shown in my original post or in this post, when BEC starts, it will FAIL and then TERMINATE, thus it will NEVER WORK! You MUST have this set! IT IS REQUIRED!!! And how do YOU make this change on YOUR RENTED SERVER??? I DO NOT KNOW! YOU must ASK THEM! Then REBOOT THE SERVER to ENSURE it reads those values in! Sometimes, Windows will read in the new values and use them automatically. Rebooting makes sure it does 100%. I will also tell you that you MUST do this FIRST (HOST file)! Even after you do this, it might not work! You need to READ and FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS! It DOES work, for I have used it for 3+ years with NO ISSUES except it looking for the update server which those entries in the HOST file 'fix'.
  3. Z80CPU

    A3 Launcher does not find server

    Hello @Maik Richter, VERY simple! Look at how you typed it! There are NO SPACES between the '@' symbol and the first letter! You have @, then a SPACE, then the first letter which is a 'M'. You have: @ mbg_b3 and @ MBG_buildings_3 = WRONG Correct: @mbg_b3 OR @MBG_buildings_3 = RIGHT You can call the mod ANYTHING you want. The ONLY thing you need to do is to use the SAME NAME in the launcher as in the folder name. I would also NOT have ANY SPACES in the mod name as well. While you can get it to 'work' with SPACES in the name, it is a PAIN. Make your life easier but having NO SPACES in the name! So, you COULD call your mod/folder name: @mbg, @MBG, @Extra_Building_Stuff, @HouseAddons, @HomeDepotMod, @YourMod, @My_Mod, and so on. JUST make sure that the folder name MATCHES what ever you wish to call it. Mod Name = Folder Name = Works Mod Name <> Folder Name = FAIL
  4. Z80CPU

    BEC instalation help

    Hello @keraaja, Hmmm...I BET! ;) You need to edit your host file and add these lines: ibattle.org www.ibattle.org If you DO NOT, IT WILL NOT WORK! BEC is 'dead' and when it can not check for an update, IT TERMINATES. This 'fixes' that issue.
  5. Z80CPU

    Cross Server Economy

    Hello @OldManRix, Another way that I just thought of is pretty unique, but would work most likely even better and would avoid the above post's issues. What you would do is to encrypt those 2 values and upon exit, store them into the player's profile space. Upon joining an appropriate server, it would look for those values, and if found, decyrpt them based on a shared key between the 'agreeing servers'. Upon this, it would be written to that server's DB and used from that point forward. When player leaves, it re-saves those values. It would also save the date/time as well so that if the player's computer dies, upon re-joining, it would use the time stamp to determine old data versus new data. Simple but effective means. And by sharing this key, hundreds of servers could 'join in'. I can think of no 'issues' to this method myself unlike the one above.
  6. Z80CPU

    Cross Server Economy

    Hello @OldManRix, There is ONE way (and more ways than likely), though, you would have to rewrite some things and DB's are NOT in my "realm of expertise". What you could do is to break the main DB into 2 separate DB's; One for money/respect, and the other for everything else. Then adjust all scripts to use the 'new' DB for money/respect. This WOULD work in 'imaginary land', in the real world? I am not too sure. There are 2 issues that MUST be overcome for this to be 'workable': #1 - The DB computer would need to be able to handle all request from multiple servers at one time #2 - The internet connection between the 'main' DB server and the Exile servers would have to be EXCELLENT as to prevent lag. It IS possible and I have shown one way it COULD be done...now...the rest is up to YOU!
  7. Z80CPU

    Fastnights setup

    @MrNeal - You're welcome and there are others like me too! If you REALLY wanted to show your appreciation, click the 'Like' button for a shameless plug for me! My program CAN be run JUST ONCE. It will give you the values/settings you need and then you can leave them set that way. If you have 'full' access to your server, you can run it every time at boot to keep everything in 'real time'. Good luck with it!
  8. Z80CPU

    Fastnights setup

    Hello @MrNeal - Get this:
  9. Z80CPU

    Where can I modify the combat engagement max distance of AI?

    @SwissArmy1984 - I think you are FORGETTING that there are DEFAULT SETTINGS applied by ARMA! There are ONLY TWO METHODS to set the settings you mentioned: #1 - Skill Settings #2 - SetViewDistance (And setting a large view distance and LOW skill settings and they WILL NOT shoot at you) @Tech_Support - What you told him, I already did (page 1). He is just not 'getting it' for some reason. ??? On Google: "arma mp 750 shoot ai" = NOTHING On Google: "arma 750 shoot ai" = NOTHING On Google: "arma 750 ai" = ONLY YOUR POST @SwissArmy1984! And on that site, they have told you the SAME THING AS WE HAVE! See: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/221863-how-do-i-increase-the-combat-engagement-distance-of-ai/?do=findComment&amp;comment=3339952 "...seen something like if: (isDedicated) then { setViewDistance 500; }; being run from scripts in the mission..." On Google: "arma exile setViewDistance" = TONS of articles stating what we have ALREADY TOLD YOU as well as the post right above! And @SwissArmy1984. THINK ABOUT THIS! Exile has been out almost 4 years now. WHY is this the FIRST TIME ANYONE HAS REPORTED THIS???? That and ZERO google returns SHOULD TELL YOU, IT IS ON YOUR END! But even in the above post, you BLAME Exile when there have been ZERO PEOPLE COMPLAINING about it. This is not some 'random' and 'weird' error. EVERYBODY would be complaining! Yet, YOU are the ONLY ONE! You MUST take this into account. ALL the evidence POINTS TO IT BEING ON YOUR END. And one other thing too, InfiSTAR ALSO MODIFIES the view distance too! Now, is it POSSIBLE that Exile sets the view to 750m BY DEFAULT? YES! BUT, 99.99% of people USE MODS/SCRIPTS for AI which SET the proper values and 99.99% of people set up their server PROPERLY which would mean a view distance GREATER THAN 750m. Have YOU? Based on what you stated, this answer would be NO. Set up a server PROPERLY with EVERYTHING set PROPERLY, then you will see that YOUR SERVER WORKS PROPERLY. Sorry, there are HUNDREDS of people who would say OTHERWISE...that is DOES WORK! In my opinion, bottom line, you have not set up the server/mods/scripts/addons PROPERLY, thus the 'issue'. Strong evidence to supports this view: No one has this issue and they are doing the EXACT SAME THING AS YOU.
  10. Z80CPU

    Base light overhaul (+EBM) (Updated 20.02)

    Thanks for sharing!
  11. Z80CPU

    Where can I modify the combat engagement max distance of AI?

    @SwissArmy1984 - Look up the command "setViewDistance" https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setViewDistance As well as HERE And HERE too! That page leads you to THIS PAGE, a VERY GOOD PAGE FOR ANYBODY! You MIGHT be surprised at what you see! You HAVE TO USE Google! YOU HAVE TO! The 'skill' can be set ONLY 2 ways: #1 - When the unit is spawned. #2 - Via some scripting AFTER the unit is spawned. 'Shooting Distance' is ALSO set by the above AND "setViewDistance". Again, USE TEXTCRAWLER (link above in other post) to locate either '750' AND/OR setViewDistance IN EVERY FILE - This means SERVER AND CLIENT FILES! It is ONE OR THE OTHER! There are NO OTHER MEANS to do this but these two (I am 99.99% sure...not 100%)! *********** I did forget, this is why it is CRITICAL for you to make backups AT EVERY STEP! NEVER delete the backups until you KNOW the server is PERFECT! And even then I do NOT delete them. What is a 50mb zip file on a 4TB HDD? NOTHING! While this will do nothing for you NOW, TOMORROW, it might! ALWAYS make a backup BEFORE YOU CHANGE ANY FILE! Yes, I know, it is a HABIT you MUST get in to doing. It is a GOOD habit though that can save you MANY HOURS of work and aggravation! Words of Wisdom To Live By: "Better safe than sorry!" "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
  12. Z80CPU

    Where can I modify the combat engagement max distance of AI?

    @Riker2335 - 1800m???? hahahahaha I forgot about those guys! The settings are there. What I would do is to use a program like 'TextCrawler' to search every file for the AI settings such as 'aimingAccuracy'. IF I remember correctly, I can ALSO use an 'array' to set this. In this case it would look like AI_Settings = ("1, .7, .24, 78, etc), then you would use the variable 'AI_Settings' to set the AI all at once. I would have to look up the proper use of that array....and I just did. Here are some pages on the 'who, what, and why'. Either the method I listed above will be in use OR this method listed here. There are NO OTHER means. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setSkill https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_spawnGroup https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/158115-ai-skill-array/
  13. Z80CPU

    Server Verify Signatures

    @Haywood Voltiac - You're welcome! Never forget, we ALL started KNOWING NOTHING!
  14. Z80CPU

    Where can I modify the combat engagement max distance of AI?

    There is NOTHING in the Default Exile that controls this. Stop and think, AI are NOT IN EXILE! (minus the traders). TYPICALLY, these settings AND OTHERS are set by the SKILL SETTING as some have mentioned. THIS is where you need to be looking. I have seen AI shoot people 1k away with NO ISSUE. This is controlled by ARMA/mods/scripts and not Exile. You need to examine EVERY non-Exile script and see what it is set at and IF these are adjusted ON THE FLY, which some do. I would recommend you read this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_AI_Skill The above article has all you need to know on this subject!
  15. Z80CPU

    Halo jump keybind

    @Dave Kuroway - As @Haywood Voltiac has stated, this is set on the SERVER SIDE and MUST BE CHANGED BY THE SERVER OWNER. And if they change it, it changes for EVERYBODY. Yes, it CAN be changed. You have to get the server owners to change it. OR you can change YOUR keys. I think you will find it a LOT EASIER to change YOUR keys.