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  1. Z80CPU

    day night cycle

  2. Z80CPU

    Setting up Napf

    Hello @Seal, EVERY map is THE SAME! Pick one and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! When they say 'Chernarus' for example, you, IN YOUR HEAD, replace it with Napf! That simple! They are ALL THE SAME!
  3. Z80CPU

    Arma 3 update making server keys broken?

    @[BKB] Ghost Penguin - What you state IS true, BUT ONLY for DSUtils! No where in the article concerning DSUtils do they state that you must use '-v2' for ARMA. Where this is mentioned is about DSUtils. Also DSUtils GENERATES the signatures, NOT ARMA! ARMA just VERIFIES them. It's no big deal..we ALL have made mistakes...me included! Pic from Bohemia's actual post: See my original post which was before yours containing this and the link from Bohemia:
  4. Z80CPU

    Arma 3 update making server keys broken?

    You did not read the link nor what I put. The '-v2' is ONLY for DSUtils! NOTHING ELSE! I was merely proposing a POSSIBLE REASON why it may be not working. And if disabling the signatures is not working, this makes me think there is an issue with the ARMA executable itself, as you should be able to disable the signatures, which means if this is TRULY a signature issue, then disabling would 'fix this'. As this is NOT the case, this makes me look at the EXE. And as @El Rabito stated and I agree 100%, do NOT disable the check! By doing such can cause ALL SORTS OF TROUBLE! From cheating to trashing your DB! The check ENSURES EVERYBODY is using the EXACT SAME MODS! Otherwise, one player is using v2 of XYZ mod and another is using v14 of XYZ mod and some hacker is using a cheat mod call XYZ. As luck would have it, my server's HDD died this morning so I am unable to test/offer any 'real' solutions until I either 'fix' my hdd or replace it.
  5. Z80CPU

    Arma 3 update making server keys broken?

    It MAY be that since the NEW version of ARMA supports BY DEFAULT v3 of the signatures and all of us (basically) are using v2 of it, this is the issue. See: https://dev.arma3.com/post/techrep-00043 DSUtils Added: Support for signatures version 3 Added: A new startup parameter -v2 to generate v2 signatures (v3 is now the default) While this is for DSUtils, the GAME may be EXPECTING v3 of the signatures as the keys WILL BE v3 BY DEFAULT. Just a thought....
  6. Z80CPU

    GADDvent Calendar

    Hello @Monkeynutz, That is an interesting piece of code! On behalf of others, thanks!
  7. Z80CPU

    ADK Base Painting dont load saved Texture

    Follow and EXAMINE what I stated... IF you have SOME OTHER SCRIPT/OVERRIDE in place - IT WILL NOT WORK! You need to VERIFY that this is NOT THE CASE! AND if you HAVE done this and there is NO CONFLICTS AND YOU HAVE INSTALLED IT CORRECTLY, then this is a NON-WORKING MOD! It's really pretty simple to see this... AGAIN, I think you have some OTHER override which is 'OVERRIDING' THIS OVERRIDE! The ARE scripts which WILL modify these SAME AREAS OF CODE! You MUST COMBINE them into one! I had to do it MYSELF! I am 99% sure THIS IS THE ISSUE! Scripts modifying the SAME LINE is COMMON IN EXILE!!!!!!
  8. Z80CPU

    RHS Vehicle Kicks - Better way?

    @chaveezy - I gave you the answer in your LAST POST, which the author of InfiSTAR even agreed with!
  9. Z80CPU

    Napf!!!!! I need help!!!!!

    Hello @dgonatanarcer1, When you see the 'looping', this 99.99% of the time (and I have NEVER seen otherwise) is your mission file (folder) is SCREWED UP. What is wrong? ONLY YOU DO! We do not have the mission. You have left out stuff...put stuff in....something... Bottom line that mission PBO is 'bad'. And NO ONE on here can tell you what it is with the info you provided.
  10. Z80CPU

    Exile kicked me everytime

    Sorceress Sharih, this error you are seeing is on the SERVER END. The SERVER owner creates the mission which has those items in it! NOT YOU! YOU as the PLAYER, has NOTHING TO DO WITH INFISTAR - NOTHING! What you can try is to find your folder where all of the mission files are kept when downloaded, and DELETE ALL OF THEM! This will FORCE you to re-download the mission again. It is POSSIBLE, that you had a 'bad transmission' with this file. As an IT tech with a degree in Digital, let me tell you something MOST people DO NOT KNOW! Data storage and data communications ARE NOT PERFECT! You CAN have errors that get UNDETECTED. Granted, it is VERY RARE, but it DOES HAPPEN. So delete the current copies of these missions, and when you rejoin those servers, you will download the file again. This 100% SAFE to do. UNLESS YOU ARE IN THE WRONG FOLDER! ;)
  11. Z80CPU

    ADK Base Painting dont load saved Texture

    hahaha....good one @Beowulfv!
  12. Z80CPU

    Exile kicked me everytime

    Hello @Sorceress Sharih, Do this: Join 5 other servers. Stay with BOOTS ON THE GROUND for NO LESS THAN 5 MINUTES. If the ALL work, it is that server you are trying to join. If they ALL fail, it is ON YOUR END. And who knows what it could be. There could be 25 - 50 things that could be the issue. The above WILL tell 'who is at fault'.
  13. Z80CPU

    ADK Base Painting dont load saved Texture

    Hello @Admiral EliteSuicide, There are 3 POSSIBILITIES going on: #1 - This package is almost 2 years old! It may not be compatible any longer with Exile. The last post was on 7/2017. This is a DEAD MOD. #2 - You may THINK you set it up, but you might not have set it up PROPERLY. #3 - This is what I think it is -> You have some other script/override that is over writing this paint one!
  14. I am glad it worked for you @chaveezy. And appreciate the shout out once again @infiSTAR! Das ist gut! BUT, @chaveezy one thing to make PERFECTLY CLEAR, the way I suggested is MUCH WEAKER PROTECTION than what you were trying to do. If some hacking script uses that SAME LINE, IT WILL BE PERMITTED! This is why I said use a VERY UNIQUE LINE. You could 'boost' the security by inputting you OWN code in the script. For example: Original: if(_urcr)then{ New: if(_urcrThisIsMyCodeAndMyNameIsJoe)then{ The LIKELIHOOD of someone having that EXACT CODE with your name in it...well, it would probably be next to impossible. But you would need to change EVERY '_urcr' in the script(s) to reflect the new 'name' which using something like NotePad++ would be a breeze! Good luck!
  15. Z80CPU

    Problems with server chat

    AGAIN: Best thing is for you to read how to setup an ARMA server.