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    Calling Script from outside mission PBO

    I think he will be your best hope...and good work for making what progress you have!
  2. Z80CPU

    Calling Script from outside mission PBO

    hahaha.....well...good luck with this. While I do know SOME things on this level, this is over my head. Good luck!
  3. Z80CPU

    Calling Script from outside mission PBO

    I can not really comment on this except the 'naked AI units' as this is a 'issue/thing' in ARMA and it makes sense. Why would a West unit be wearing an East outfit? They would not. The AI killing each other, as I stated, that question WAS posted on here and I am 99% sure it was on the 'new' forum (this one). Now, I am NOT saying this is the post and I usually do not do 'searches' for other people when they are perfectly capable of doing that themselves, BUT, as you are trying, I can maybe 'point you' in the correct direction. (Remember, we are here to offer HELP, not 'do it for you') See this post: "...one being that zombies where attacking each other. A fix was posted for this issue..." This SHOULD get you going in the right direction. I searched google using the following and there were OTHER posts as well: arma exile zombies killing each other Remember, and I am not saying to 'pester' him, but @kuplion seems to be your best choice AS WELL AS the AUTHOR of the mods (zombies, etc.). Do not forget about them! Read their posts on here, on Steam, Bohemia's site, and any others.
  4. Z80CPU

    Where do i put these Ai _wp at?

    I did forget to tell you, once you found that file, you can INSERT those items/lines into that file and you will be fine. Now, you MIGHT have to remove some of the lines you have in your file already as they already exist in the ORIGINAL file. You also can add other items as well. This can be items such as a building or a vehicle that is 'on the map' and EVERYBODY sees it. This is the 'basic' purpose of this file. To load 'map related' objects on the map BEFORE the map loads for players. As well as these objects being there for everybody. You ALSO can have a separate file which is loaded/called from the 'main file'. Without checking/looking, I THINK you would use the '#include' command for this. Example: <Main_Map_File.SQM> Load this Load that #include "My_New_Map_Objects.SQM" Load this Load that ... ... See: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/PreProcessor_Commands#.23include Give you a hint, AGAIN, WITHOUT ME LOOKING, I THINK it is the file that has the traders in...
  5. Z80CPU

    Calling Script from outside mission PBO

    You're welcome again. And you CAN replace all the sound files. As I stated, I THINK this would be the easiest as NO CODING IS REQUIRED. One 'zero byte' file and overwrite all the other files. Its a simple task. Of course, you COULD also use some text program such as 'TextCrawler' to find all the names of the OTHER sound files in the script and replace ALL of them with ONE sound file. Original: play snd1: play snd2: play snd3 Becomes: play snd1, play snd1: play snd1 And 'snd1' becomes your 'silent file'. This is an 'old programmers/hackers trick'. In regards to the error you listed above, I have seen that error posted here before. Where? When? I do not know. And I do not know if YOU know, this is the SECOND website for Exile. Sadly, they could not port over the original forums to this 'site'. So, was it on the old one or the new one? Beats me, BUT, that question WAS ASKED AND ANSWERED. I THINK it had something to do with the 'side' they are spawning on. I THINK. And the 'naked' units, you MIGHT have to use the 'forceAddUniform' command to get gear on them. BY DEFAULT, a 'west' unit will NOT wear a 'east' unit's gear or any unit will some other's 'sides' gear. ALWAYS USE THIS COMMAND!!!
  6. Z80CPU

    Where do i put these Ai _wp at?

    Hello @Seal, I am one who believes in HELPING someone, NOT DOING IT FOR THEM. For if I DO IT FOR YOU, that is NOT HELP! If you examine your original Exile files, you WILL see a file that LOOKS JUST LIKE YOURS. Of course, the numbers and items will be different, BUT, the FORMAT WILL BE THE SAME. THAT is where is goes...
  7. Z80CPU

    Calling Script from outside mission PBO

    You're welcome! As far as the 'screams', go, you have 2 options: #1 - Remove/Modify the line the 'calls' the scream' #2 - Replace the scream with a zero byte sound file, thus when it plays, it plays SILENCE. Me personally? I would go with #2 as it require NO CODING WHAT SO EVER. Just a 'file swap'. But since I do not use these things, I can not tell you what would be involved, what I list are just 'basic steps'. @kuplion again, would probably be the best to ask as he seems to have some experience with them and I have none, just 'basic ARMA' knowledge.
  8. Z80CPU

    Calling Script from outside mission PBO

    Hello @DanteMccloud, (This may not be the ENTIRE reasons why) Server Side Scripts: Prevents 'tampering' with the code as it is on the server ONLY the server runs this code and NOT the players Client Side Scripts: ONLY the player runs these scripts These scripts are REQUIRED by the client to play So, from what I read (skimmed over) in your original post, you can have the script on BOTH server or client. BUT, in order to have it on the server, the SERVER must be checking EVERY TIME a unit is killed. Where on the client, it is ONLY when THEY kill someone. So, in SIMPLE TERMS, if you have 10 players, EVERY TIME an AI is killed, the SERVER must 'check' all 10 players. BUT, on the client side of things, ONLY this ONE PLAYER who killed would be 'doing the checking'. And ONLY this computer is checking too. Not the other 9 clients nor the server. This means, in the end, the server is NOT checking every player AND no 'extra burden' is placed upon the server. If I am not wrong, 100% of ALL SCRIPTS could be run from the server, but I doubt the server would be very 'playable'. Remember: In Exile at least, the 'heavy lifting' is done by the CLIENTS and NOT the server. This is the 'idea' of 'Distributed Computing' as the 'workload' is SHARED out amongst other computers and NOT on a SINGLE (server) computer. So, you COULD put it on the server, it is NOT RECOMMENDED as the MANY issues that will arise...
  9. Z80CPU

    R3F Logistics showing up twice in Scroll Menu

    Hello @ravejesus, Though I am not an 'expert' on this mod, what I can say, I do know. If you're seeing a menu item shown twice, it is because SOMETHING IS TELLING IT TO DO SUCH. This mean you're loading some script twice for example. Something, somewhere, has been 'corrupted'. Most likely, some script is being called twice when it should be called once. And I am 99% sure that this is the case. ONE way is to REMOVE THIS MOD and start all over. The reason for this is, if you messed up this part, what ELSE IS MESSED UP that you DO NOT KNOW ABOUT YET? Better safe than sorry! Good luck!
  10. Z80CPU

    A3XAI Inventory for Roaming Vics?

    Hello @Swick, That is a question best directed at @kuplion as it is HIS script... BUT, and I do not know this script, EVERY vehicle spawned in ARMA has a NAME. All you have to do is find where this 'name' is, then use commands to 'load it up'. It is quite simple. I have a 'Player Help Mod' in which one option is to spawn a vehicle and 'load it up' with gear automatically. Here is PART of my code: _vehicle = createVehicle [_spawnme, [_y5, _x5, _z1], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _vehicle setdir _heading; clearMagazineCargoGlobal _vehicle; clearWeaponCargoGlobal _vehicle; clearItemCargoGlobal _vehicle; _vehicle addItemCargoGlobal ["11Rnd_45ACP_Mag",100]; _vehicle addItemCargoGlobal ["10Rnd_93x64_DMR_05_Mag",100]; _vehicle addItemCargoGlobal ["150Rnd_93x64_Mag",100]; _vehicle addItemCargoGlobal ["HandGrenade",100]; _vehicle addItemCargoGlobal ["Titan_AT",100]; _vehicle addItemCargoGlobal ["Titan_AA",100]; _vehicle addItemCargoGlobal ["FirstAidKit",50]; _vehicle addItemCargoGlobal ["NVGogglesB_grn_F",25]; You also can find more info at: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/207677-adding-a-inventory-to-any-item/ And: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addItem Or: It REALLY is an easy task once you see how it is done!
  11. Z80CPU

    little help pls

    Hello @feak, To put it in plain terms, every object has a list of 'things' that object can do. In your case, one of them is to open/close the doors. So when you walk up to it, ARMA sees what things that object can do! BAM! It can open/close doors, so ARMA shows this function. Now, you CAN do what you're seeking, but this is SO MUCH harder than some other way. You place the object down, and if memory serves me well, you DISABLE the dynamic part and make it a STATIC object. This SHOULD remove the 'door' function. This is found under the object's properties. Now, while I may not be 100% correct on the TERM, the method IS valid. If you have Exile default traders around, you can see what property was 'turned off' on that object. This is why you can look at a gun on a desk, but you can NOT interact with it BUT LOOK AT IT! ;) THIS is the way to go!
  12. Z80CPU

    Unknown Errors

    Hello @MrNeal, This seems to be an on going issue with ARMA. See: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T82940 They are talking about the same error that you have hundreds of, the ' Error: Object(xx : xxxx) not found'. This issue has been sitting on Bohemia's 'desk' for 3.5 years now. The 'last complaint' about it is time stamped at: Oct 11 2018, 5:17 AM. And with them basically 'being done' with ARMA 3, I think you will have to either remove the item(s) causing this or learn to live with it. I know I never had this issue, so this would indicate you have some addon causing this as you and I both are running the same version of ARMA. As a tip, anytime you have an error you do not know what it is, SEARCH GOOGLE FIRST! I searched on: arma Error: Object(21 : 3789) not found And the answer was the FIRST RETURN! Good luck!
  13. Z80CPU

    Advanced Waste Dump

    Great! Glad you got it fixed! Mind you, even getting it of of GitHub, MEANS NOTHING! It STILL can be old and 'non-working' with the current Exile. This is, in part, what @kuplion refers to, if I read it correctly. To ME, it's best to find some who is actually USING something and ask them about it. At least you will know it is WORKING. Glad you got it going ! :)
  14. Z80CPU

    Build Height Limit Plus

    "...then in the next statement I declare how high a player can build according to the level of water below them which was set to 50 meters since I was taking in account of the ships elevation from the water with is 24 meters..." WHERE IS THIS IN YOUR ORIGINAL POST????? The ONLY numbers I see are '150' and '2'! How would anyone KNOW you took in account the height? You never said such. Nor was it in your post. I never saw '50' in your post or code snippet. We are not mind readers. You asked for help, and out of kindness, thinking of you, I expended my time and effort to help you. You could have said, at a minimum 'Thank you', even if you could not use the information. Being rude and disrespectful is so unbecoming on anyone including you. And it seems you practice this habit of being rude and hateful quite often as well. Remember: It takes no effort to be hateful. Here is some tips you really should put into use instead of playing games: How To Have Good Manners For it is apparent that either your parents failed you or you're a rude and hateful person, either way, the 'rule' is, you say 'THANK YOU' to those that either OFFERED HELP or actually PROVIDED HELP. You are supposed to ALWAYS SAY THANK YOU. And at this simple task of common courtesy, you have failed. Since you have demonstrated via your actions that you lack this basic common courtesy, I shall provide this tip too: WHEN TO SAY THANK YOU And by the way, do not even waste your time responding, I am done with you. Your hatefulness and rudeness is something I can bear no more. Get your help from someone else from now on. I care not to help nor respond to ungrateful and rude people, whoever they may be. I care not to read their 'excuses' and 'lame comments' to my post. And regardless if my 'help' was 'acceptable' to you or not, AT LEAST I TRIED AND WAS POLITE ABOUT IT. That is way more than anyone can say of you! Write what you may, just as your last response to me in another post, I never read it, just as I shall do with this one. You simply are not worth the effort. Good Day
  15. Z80CPU

    Advanced Waste Dump

    Hello @aNNDREH, When you see 'ANY', this means the variable requested 'aint there/is wrong'. This is a scripting issue. For example, it is looking for numbers, but finds text instead or vice versa. Or it is trying to use a variable the has not been 'declared'. I am NOT saying that any of the examples I listed is your issue, just giving you some examples. Bottom line, it is a scripting issue concerning a variable. Since you have been offered help to correct the addon, I would take it! Or you can use the OTHER ONE which WORKS with NO ISSUES that you can find on here.
  16. Z80CPU

    Build Height Limit Plus

    Hello @Beowulfv, There are several considerations to be made: #1 - What if this ship is right next to land or a dock, then what? So 5m East and they can build 200m high and 5m West they can only build 100m high? #2 - What if they build at a different location than on deck which most likely be a different height? Same example as #1. What I would do and where you put it, can be many places. You need to do what we scripters from OFP -> ARMA 3 Beta did, when we wished to place something on the deck of a ship, we added the height of the ship to the item to be placed. As we do not have to do this anymore, I can not remember if it was method A or method B: A - Add depth where ship was + height of ship + .1 (or .01) = Added to unit to be placed B - height of ship + .1 (or .01) = Added to unit to be placed In the 'old' days, we did not have a 3D editor to place things, so we would have to resort to such methods. And this is what YOU must do too. So, for example, your check would be SOMETHING like this: 1 - Get height of deck FROM THE SHIP (Ex. 50m, DH (Deck Height Vari)) 2 - Get max building height (Ex. 100m, MX (Max Height Vari)) 3 - When building check is made: If object being built on = ground then error if currentheight > MX Else error if (currentheight + DH) > MX You just have to add the deck height to your check when you perform ship/land base check which should be a simple task to add in. This should help in this matter.
  17. Z80CPU

    MariaDB Vs MySQL

    Hello @vijaydeveloper, I would say it would not be worth the time. Yes, there are improvements BUT, for Exile, are they REAL improvements? For example: MySQL: Exile Action 5 secs Maria: Exile Action 1 sec Yes, I would change. But, with the very small usage with the DB, I do not think in the real world you will notice any change. Yes, you may see .1 ms quicker response, but will anyone REALLY see and notice this? Most likely not. I mean, you are not doing thousands of transactions per second here... ;) And how to go from one to another? Well, you should read the documentation from Maria on that. I SUSPECT all you would have to do is to export the DB and then import that DB into Maria. How do you set it up for Exile? Beats me. You are on your own on this one. One thing to keep in mind, IF there are major changes, will any changes have to be made to scripts? If so, this could be a MAJOR problem for you. For ME, while the speed increase is there, I do not think the MINOR speed increase in Exile and the possible incompatibility, along with all the work to go from one to the other DB, would be worth all the effort in the end. That is MY OPINION...
  18. Z80CPU

    HELP "UISounds 2" MOD

    @Beowulfv - As the old saying goes, 'Because you can do something does not mean you should do it'. When you stated "They are not asking for suppression of creativity", you are implying someone did attempt to 'stifle creativity'. No one did. As matter of fact, the method which I suggested was best, supports this 'freedom of expression' which you're implying that 'someone is attempting to prevent'. By making it MANDATORY, this is the OPPOSITE OF FREEDOM. My way IS FREEDOM. And what did he EXACTLY ASK??? "Does anyone know how to add these sounds to exile?" Where did he state "they are trying to create something unique"? ALL YOU DID WAS TO ADD WORDS TO HIS POST! All he wanted was HOW TO ADD THOSE SOUNDS TO EXILE - PERIOD! There are TWO WAYS to accomplish this task: Your way and my way. And BOTH are CORRECT! Here are the FACTS concerning both methods: By placing the key on the server (which makes it an option to the player): It is quicker and easier compared to the 'other method'. It requires ZERO work by the admin outside of just copying the key over. Permits 100% FREEDOM OF CHOICE for the USER TO DECIDE if they wish to use it. (Which you imply you support) A relative beginner could implement these sounds on their server with ZERO KNOWLEDGE OF ANYTHING CONCERNING ARMA! All that would be needed is basic Windows operational skills. 'Copy this file from here to there'. The 'Other Method' (which forces it on a player): Lot of work that is required. Prone to many errors such as typos. Making a bigger Mission PBO file. FORCING this mod on other people who, which the MAJORITY OF ARMA PLAYERS DO NOT WANT! (Steam proves this out - Only .07% players use this mod - 3172 out of 4 million) Other unseen problems as this appears to be a 'Dead Mod'. Requires some advance knowledge of how an ARMA server works as well as some ARMA scripting knowledge. As I stated, BOTH WILL WORK, one is easy and makes it an OPTION to the PLAYER versus a lot of work and FORCING IT ON THE PLAYERS. You and the other poster suggested one solution, I merely provided another. What is so wrong with that? Both are right and both can be done. My solution is easier and less prone to mistakes and provides a choice rather than forcing something on someone as your method does. Both are valid options. One is a choice, the other is by force. There has been NO 'suppression of creativity', BY ANYONE! 
  19. Z80CPU

    ExAD VG Problem

    Hello @Kitty, If I remember correctly, most likely, in the mission config.cpp file, you have an option to store or not to store items in the vehicle (under the other VG options). If not there, then it is in the server config.cpp file. It is there in one of them...
  20. Z80CPU

    HELP "UISounds 2" MOD

    @Beowulfv, @StokesMagee - You are both correct on adding it to the mission file. I forgot about adding them to mission PBO, though I have many add-ons loading that way... I still stand by the BEST option is to make it an OPTION by just adding the key to the server. This is the EASIEST and QUICKEST method. NOTHING has to be changed, modified, or adjusted. Just copy the file over and that is that! And it does not force these sounds on people who do not want them, such as myself. It also keeps the mission PBO smaller compared to having to add those sound files (though small) compared to the current PBO. @Overside - You can do what they suggest, which WILL work, but it also makes YOU WORK TOO! OR, you can just copy the key over and you just load the mod every time you wish to play via your launcher. Because YOU like them, does not mean EVERYBODY will. In the past, I joined a server that REQUIRED a 5gb download of cars JUST TO JOIN! I said no thanks, as I would never use those. Another server had the T Rex add-on installed...nope...NEXT! While in my two cases it was REQUIRED to play, yours is NOT. This is like the JSRS sound mod. It is OPTIONAL. The mod you want is also OPTIONAL. Do not force your 'opinions' on others. This will not make for 'happy players'. If someone has or does NOT have this mod installed, does not effect nor affect the game play whatsoever. Those two servers I mentioned, yes, it WOULD effect/affect game play.
  21. Z80CPU

    HELP "UISounds 2" MOD

    Maybe because it IS a SP mod? To 'add' it to Exile, means EVERYBODY who plays on your server MUST have YOUR VERSION of Exile. So now, I will have to have TWO VERSIONS OF EXILE on my hdd, the heck with that! And doing it that way is just dumb. Just put the key on the server and be done with it. Then it is OPTIONAL. I know I would NOT want that myself and I am sure a LOT others do not want it as well. It's been out for 2+ years and only 3k using it? And NO UPDATES in 1+ years? Hmmm....sounds like a 'dead' mod to me that just might not be compatiable with the latest version of ARMA as a lot of scripts were 'broken' by the last update.
  22. Z80CPU

    Chatpartner bound to key I use, numpad 6

    @Beowulfv - He re-installed ARMA and his keybinds were gone...as one would expect. He did not know what to do. He figured out by going to the ARMA settings page and setting them...
  23. Z80CPU

    [RELEASE] Autopilot / loiter script

  24. Z80CPU

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to one and all! While some will celebrate Christmas for the birth of Jesus and others will celebrate for other reasons; let us not forget those that have not nor have anyone to spend this time with. Be thankful for what you have and help someone who is less fortunate that you. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 - In everything give thanks...