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  1. Z80CPU

    Best way to automate and administrate ArmA server?

    Great! I was going 'basic computer sense' on that one...
  2. @One Shot - You CAN change it, BUT, if it is taking a long time, SOMETHING IS WRONG! I can turn a wall 360 degrees in < 10 seconds. I have forgotten where it is, BUT, a good start is to search ALL (server/client) files for '90'. I have seen this before, so it IS there...
  3. Z80CPU

    Best way to automate and administrate ArmA server?

    @TheGreyRaven - You're more than welcome! I guess for you then, the REAL question should be: Are PC based ARMA's going to be able to join a Linux server. JUST GUESSING, I would say it they will not be able to (different versions). But I do not KNOW! And one last 'tip' for ya...do not ask me why as I can not answer, BUT, ARMA players PREFER an admin on. If YOU are not playing on YOUR server, your 'heart' is not into it. I have heard this MANY times...and it does make some sense too... Good luck!
  4. Hello @Creig Willams, As I know nothing about Ravage, all I can offer is BASIC HELP. You have not read instructions on how to setup things. You MUST install ONE MOD AT A TIME! Otherwise, you have what you have now, a BIG MESS! Part of the solution is in the RPT file! "infiSTAR_defines.hpp is not in your MPMission or you forgot to #include it within your description.ext" I would advise you to START OVER. Get the BASIC Exile working, THEN add one mod AT A TIME, making a backup at EVERY STEP! I would also advise you to FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS! That missing file IS mentioned in InfiSTAR's instructions!
  5. Z80CPU

    Best way to automate and administrate ArmA server?

    Hello @TheGreyRaven, I will give you my 'input' on your questions: Cron? I use BEC for my restarts (InfiSTAR also offers a restart). By getting timing 'just right', as I use batch files (ARMA startup, DB backup, ARMA log backup, InfiSTAR log backup, RCon startup, BEC startup, RCon monitor startup), my restart timer is about 3 seconds off from the announced restart time via the info panel at the bottom (I forget its name). I have multiple 'checks' in my batch files that restart the server if it fails to start or restart. As I am a programmer and 'automation' is what I do best, this arrangement works for me...FOR SERVER RESTARTING ONLY. You shut down ARMA for 'something', CRON is still running! Whoops! Mine ONLY runs when ARMA IS RUNNING! Updates? Yes you can. You will have to use Google for the instructions how to. It is not that hard. I am lazy, so I just drag my updates from my computer to me server, as both are here with me and on the same internal network. Yes, I run my server out of my house... Depending on the amount of items to check, the update check will slow up the restart process as you're checking for who knows how many updates. LinuxGSM? Never heard of it! I am a 'Windows Shop'. I know a little of the REAL MAN'S language, SCO Unix....I do not use Unix with that new fangled X-Windows clone dumped on top calling itself Linux... (Just teasing ya...) Self-hosted web panel? Yes, there are some, and you MUST PAY. No free ones that I know about. Here are some of the problem(s) with what you wish to do. ARMA/Exile is NOT a 'plug-n-play' server. It REQUIRES YOUR INTERACTIONS! What happens if some player loses something? Or there is a hacker on your server? There is no such a 'hands-off', GOOD ARMA server. The other POTENTIAL issue is that ARMA for Linux version is EXPERIMENTAL and is NOT on the same version as the PC version. PC is at 1.9, Linux is at 1.82. See HERE. In other words, will a PC with 1.9 be able to join your Linux 1.82 server? The closest you can get to this use the above batch files (of course converted to Linux scripts) and having a GOOD, MATURE, HONEST, ADULT being an ACTIVE ADMIN. Not some 'kids'. And yes, 'kids' come in ALL AGES. I hate to 'burst your bubble', yes you can do what you seek, but let one thing 'go wrong', and your server will 'die'. Something like BF3/BF4/BF1, are examples of a 'hands-off' server. ARMA is not. I HIGHLY recommend you have an ACTIVE PRESENCE on your server.
  6. Hello @One Shot. What will you do when someone wants a 45 degree angle?
  7. Z80CPU

    Cupcake's Medical System

    Hello @JudoBear, #1 - You are aware that this mod is over FIVE YEARS OLD as well as this was the last update? #2 - This or any other working mod can be incorporated into Exile. Question is, is it WORTH THE TIME AND TROUBLE to make it work? #3 - There is a good chance that this mod will not work with current version of ARMA due to 'old age' of this mod.
  8. Z80CPU

    Server not visible and not accessible (rcon)

    If YOU did nothing, this leaves TWO THINGS ONLY: #1 - As stated: "...The only OTHER possibility, is your host has messed it up somehow ..." #2 - There is a hardware issue going on. This is why it is CRITICAL to make a COMPLETE backup of ALL your ARMA files. In this case you could backup the current files, delete them, then restore you original backup. IF it failed then, it is a hardware issue; it works, the current files that you deleted are the problem. There is not too much to this.
  9. Z80CPU

    Server not visible and not accessible (rcon)

    Hello @EBEALIEN, Well...I can say this, something ELSE was changed too! I also had to do the CBA update and I had ZERO ISSUES. So, if you are, I would look at the time stamp on all of your files...because SOMETHING was changed... The only OTHER possibility, is your host has messed it up somehow.
  10. Z80CPU

    Hopefully someone knows

    Hello @One Shot, What the guys above my post is true. I will give you another 'tool' to use for such items. #1 - Get TextCrawler #2 - In your example, when the text pops up, some of that text is the same text every time. So : A - Your PIN for this vehicle is 1234 B - Your PIN for this vehicle is 4321 Every time the text "Your PIN for this vehicle is" is used. Then you start TextCrawler, point it to the correct directory, the input that text. It will show you what files make use of that text. Then you open those files and go to the line indicated. NOW, you have a good starting point for such stuff. Example, doing the above, states "Your PIN for this vehicle is " + PinCode Since you do not need the text "Your PIN for this vehicle is ", you do now know that the variable 'PinCode' is what you want, so you then search on 'PinCode'. These are old kracking (not hacking, rather kracking) techniques that still work and still are used. In this case, the developers made it so you could change those values. In some cases they do not want you to change them. MOST IMPORTANT THING! Before you make ANY changes, BACK-UP THE ORIGINAL FILE FIRST! Do learn how to 'use my method', as it does come in handy for a LOT of things, not just Exile. Good luck!
  11. Z80CPU

    Moving artillery D-30

    @DarkAngel1 - For me, you did not state that you had an issue with a mod for Exile, thus my comments. I hope the other person ideas will work for you!
  12. @Mahognys - Thank you for posting the ANSWER. So many just say "It's fixed" and never say what the fix/answer/solution was. Thanks!
  13. Z80CPU

    Moving artillery D-30

    @DarkAngel1 - I merely asked for clarification, for everything you stated made no sense.
  14. Z80CPU

    Moving artillery D-30

    Hello @DarkAngel1, A few questions: #1 - What are 'opportunity movements'? #2 - There is NO artillery in Exile by default. #3 - What is a 'D-30'? I think you're on the wrong gaming site...
  15. Z80CPU

    disabling earthquakes

    Take those NON-EXILE parts them out and see. The facts are this: If your Exile server is setup properly, there would not be any earthquakes. You do have them, thus it IS one of the three I listed. Like it or not, those three are the ONLY possibilities of them happening. And to back this up further, do you see anyone else complaining about this? NOPE! And there is one mod, 'Black Eagles' or something like that in their AI mod. case "IED": { [1] call BIS_fnc_Earthquake; There are no other reasons except the ones I mentioned. I am sorry you do not like to hear the truth. I know you think otherwise, yet you having earthquakes (and no one else does) proves that you're wrong. Sorry.
  16. Z80CPU

    how to force mods on

    Hello again @sceneraider, What they stated IS true, they did forget the mos important fact: NO KEY = NO PLAY Put the 'keys' of the mods you wanted to be used into your server's 'Keys' folder. Make SURE you have have 'verifySignatures = 1' and that will be that! The above mentioned responses would NOT stop ANYONE from joining your server with a 'sound mod' for example. So, IN THEORY, the could join your server with a 'hacking program'. The 'Key' method PREVENTS IT! This is how you also ALLOW mods such as the JSRS sound mod, by putting that mod's key into your server's key folder. Then that mod becomes OPTIONAL, and ONLY that mod with the same version as the key is set to. What you describe is an 'open server' and the 'verifySignatures = 1' is not even present/set to zero. The 'key' will ALSO ensure EVERYBODY is running the SAME VERSION of that 'xyz' mod too.
  17. Z80CPU

    disabling earthquakes

    Hello @sceneraider, Since we do not see your ENTIRE config file, there are 3 things that come to my mind: #1 - You still have it 'on'. This is mine (I am NOT using 'escape'): enabledEvents[] = {"SupplyBox"}; enabledEscapeEvents[] = {"EscapeSupplyBox", "AmbientFlyOver", "EarthQuake"}; class EarthQuake { type = "spawn"; function = "ExileServer_system_event_earthQuake_start"; minTime = 60; maxTime = 180; minimumPlayersOnline = 1; }; And I have NO earthquakes. #2 - You have made a typo in the config file somewhere. #3 - Some OTHER mod is causing the earthquakes. When done PROPERLY, as I did with mine, there are NO earthquakes. You could, for a 'quick test', set 'minimumPlayersOnline' to some silly number like 999.
  18. Z80CPU

    locking mpmissions pbo

    Hello @feak, There is no REAL method of what you seek. Main reason why is, the PLAYER must 'decode' it, so that 'process' is built into ARMA. You can SLOW people down by using 'Mikero Tools', BUT, even I have 'broke into' a Mission.SQM file before. There ARE tools which defeat the 'obfuscation tools'. About the ONLY safe way, is to have those items STORED on the SERVER and 'handed out' to the clients. At least this way, they do not have any actual 'files'. This is done already by such stuff as InfiSTAR. Problem doing that way, is the for EVERY CLIENT, you MUST push out all this data and this will cause slow-downs and eat thru your data limit for the server. And some PBO's are GIGABYTES in size. So someone must download 1-10gb before even playing...who is going to sit there for an hour or so to play on your server? NO ONE WOULD! But to prevent someone 'stealing your code'? Sorry, there is no such program. The 'decoding' MUST come from within ARMA. You COULD have an EXE file that 'encodes' a common PBO file, then have the server send the 'key' to the client at which time it would 'decode' that PBO and when they left your server, it would delete that decoded PBO. Even that is riddled with problems. If you had searched on here, you're not the first to ask for such. If you're so concerned, then make you server a 'pay to play' server, but this also might get you into trouble as the other mods you're using might object to have people paying YOU money for THEIR works, such as Exile.
  19. Z80CPU

    Spawning a function the right way.....

    Hello @TheFarFlash, You might be better off asking 'Grumpy Old Man' aka GOM about this script. Also, there are at least 2 versions of this script, BOTH from him. You never stated which version you have as well. I would also set a trigger point on the GROUND and when you walk in this area, have it 'fire off' this script. You MUST NOT BE AN ADMIN when testing this! Something tells me it works when you run it via IS console as you're an admin and no where else. LOGGING OUT and trying via the ground trigger will tell you if this an IS problem or a scripting problem. I do KNOW that some types of bombs/stuff (by default) are 'blacklisted' for regular players and some scripts also block bombs as well. Try it as a 'regular player' and I think you will see that it does NOT work, thus indicating you need to adjust your IS settings. If it does work, then it is a scripting issue.
  20. Z80CPU

    exile server when connect spawn in ground

    @sceneraider - All I can say is that the 'system as a whole' works. It IS working right now for me and the 100+ other Exile server owners. I would highly recommend you 'brushing up' on how to set up a v1.04 Exile server and DB. As stated, I am 99% sure you 'skipped' a step somewhere. And XAMPP does NOT come with MySQL v5.7. Can it be run from MariaDB? This I do not know. Would you have to change things? This I do not know either. NOTICE, I said v5.7 of MySQL. I have heard some people had issues with other versions of MySQL and things did not 'work'. The tutorials that I have seen, do NOT use MariaDB . "...XAMPP is a free and open-source cross-platform web server solution stack package developed by Apache Friends, consisting mainly of the Apache HTTP Server, MariaDB database..." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XAMPP There was a time they did use MySQL in XAMPP, not any more. All I can say is that when INSTALLED CORRECTLY, Exile DOES WORK. Yours does not, which means you have messed up somewhere, such as having no root password. And what is strange, you said you see grass, then you state that you should be in the DB??? That is impossible. 'Grass' means NO DATABASE 99% of the time. You need to FOLLOW EXACTLY how to install and the tutorials MUST BE FOR THE CURRENT VERSION! As several things changed that are new to v1.04. I would also suggest you do NOT USE ROOT for ANY OF THIS! Create a 'user' and use it. After setting up the DB with MYSQL, test connecting with MySQL Workbench, if everything is working with it and it STILL fails, then you have an issue with Exile. There are several 'parts' to this, one fails/is wrong, the whole process will fail. ALL must be correct! Set up the DB and test with MySQL Workbench. And you SHOULD BE referring to your server RPT file for error listings.
  21. Z80CPU

    exile server when connect spawn in ground

    Hello @sceneraider, 99% of the time when you see this, it is one of the three: 1 - DB not setup properly/running/misconfigured 2 - Exile is not setup properly/misconfigured 3 - Both #1 and #2 You need to check of these!
  22. Z80CPU

    DMS static mission Error Missing ; problem

    That's good! It seems that your response was not there when I made mine...but the 'checker' is still a good thing to have, it can save you HOURS. ;) Glad it is working!
  23. Z80CPU

    DMS static mission Error Missing ; problem

    Hello @goemon, Use/Try this:
  24. Z80CPU

    Help - Running Two MySql Data Bases

    @Castello - As far as the names go, they can be what you want them to be. There is config file in which you put that name and port in. In Exile, it is: Exile-extdb-conf.ini Good luck!