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  1. canuckbrian

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hoping I can get some help here. I've been using DMS for a long time and I'm very familiar with how it works, but I'm having an issue with AI placement when missions spawn the AI. What's happening is the AI are being placed inside rocks. I have DMS currently set to require players to kill 100% of the AI before a mission can be cleared. I could lower that setting, but that's just working around the issue. Does anyone have any tips or fixes for this though that doesn't require reducing the kill percentage?
  2. canuckbrian

    [XM8 App] Apoc's Airdrop Assistance

    @FlipM0d3, can you PM me your airdrop config.sqf? I'll take a look at it and see what is going on.
  3. canuckbrian

    [XM8 App] Apoc's Airdrop Assistance

    @FlipM0d3 I can confirm 100% that I cannot order airdrop items that require more respect than I have. See attached screenshot.
  4. canuckbrian

    [XM8 App] Apoc's Airdrop Assistance

    Hey! Thank you for this. As far as I know, the respect settings are working with the air drops. I have just shy of 5K respect and some of the packages I created require more than that. The ones that required more than I had were in red text and when I hovered over them I saw that I needed more respect to order them. I didn't try ordering one anyways though. I'll confirm 100% that the respect restricted drops are working as expected tonight and get back to you.
  5. canuckbrian

    [XM8 App] Apoc's Airdrop Assistance

    Apoc, Thanks for updating your script for 1.0.4. Appreciate your hard work. I have an issue though, and I'm hoping you can help me out. I have a category called "Kits" and it has 6 different drop's defined. From the XM8 app I can only see 5 in the list. If I select the 5th one and press the down arrow I can see I get onto the 6th kit, but I can't see that I have it selected. Is there any way to make that selection box have a scroll option so other kits can be selected or seen? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for taking the time to do this and release it to the community.
  7. canuckbrian

    We are proud to announce the availability of one-click script installs for Exile servers. We have the following scripts available for instant install. DMS (Defents Misssion System) DMS provides your Exile server with AI mission encounters. Missions will be randomly spawned around your map and include a variety of scenarios such as vehicle capture, weapons crate recovery, food/medical supplies recovery, etc. The current one-click install of DMS comes with stock config settings but can be customized to your liking after installation. Exile Occupation Exile Occupation is a complimentary script to DMS and requires DMS to be installed. Exile Occupation adds roaming AI, vehicle patrols, supply crate drops, public transportation system (ground or air), dynamic spawning traders, and lots more. The current one-click install of Exile Occupation comes with the stock config settings but can be customized to your liking after installation. ExileZ 2 (updated by Kuplion) ExileZ 2 adds a zombie spawning system to your server and requires Zombies & Demons MOD to be installed. ExileZ 2 spawns zombies in towns and around players dynamically. It also spawns hordes around random players at random intervals. The current one-click install of ExileZ 2 has a slightly modified config. Zombie mission has been disabled by default, but this can be customized to your liking after installation. All scripts are available for install in the "Addons" section of your Game Server Panel. Just search for "script" to filter them out, then click on the "Install" button to the right.
  8. canuckbrian

    Just to let everyone know, I'm the one that's started and running KillerServers. A lot of you know me from running the TarfuGaming servers, and from my contributions to the scripting community here. If you have any questions you can post them here or PM me or the KillerServers account and I'll be happy to help you out.
  9. canuckbrian

    [Release] Exile Occupation (Roaming AI) & More - updated 2019-01-23

    I figured that out late last night... thanks. I also figured out that you have to statically set it's starting point too. If you don't it reaches it's final waypoint and takes off / lands there repeatedly. I set it's starting point to one of the trader cities, then put the static locations in for the trader cities, and this works. I also changed it's setWaypointSpeed to FULL from NORMAL because it was too slow for my tastes.
  10. canuckbrian

    [Release] Exile Occupation (Roaming AI) & More - updated 2019-01-23

    Having an issue with Occupation Airlines. I have 3 trader zones on my map (NW,SW,and East). When the chopper spawns in the middle of the map it flies to the closest trader which is the NW one. Then it flies to the East trader, after flying to the East trader it flies to the SW trader. At this point it's been to all 3 traders. After it makes it to the SW trader it only ever goes between the SW trader and the East trader. Never returns to the NW trader. It's like it picks the closest trader, makes that it's waypoint, and proceeds there. Then repeats this. So if one of your trade zones is further away from the others then it will never go there. At least this is the behavior I've noticed. I have even tried manually specifying coordinates in the config for my 3 trade zones but it didn't make a difference. Is there anyway you can change your code so it rotates through the coordinates instead of picking the closest one?
  11. canuckbrian

    infiSTAR Database Whitelist

    Instead of trying to use my own table for whitelisting I added the whitelisted column to the account table and adjusted the query to what you ship infiSTAR with and it works. Not sure why it wouldn't work when using my own table, but either way I got it working and built some tools to handle whitelisting for my other admins to use.
  12. canuckbrian

    infiSTAR Database Whitelist

    Hello, I've setup a Whitelist access only server for PVE. Players need to apply to join. I'm trying to use infiSTAR's whitelist function to lookup whether a player in the database is whitelisted or not. I looked that the SQL statement you included in your release, as well as the INI addition. I don't want infiSTAR referencing the account table because that requires the player to join the server first, and if whitelisting is turned on how can they do that? I created another table called "whitelist" with the columns "uid", "name", "whitelisted", and "dateAdded". uid is the Key column and it's a unique value. I modified the INI statement as follows: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;; infiSTAR Whitelist DB Query ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; [getAccountWhitelisted] SQL1_1 = SELECT whitelisted FROM whitelist WHERE uid = ? Number Of Inputs = 1 SQL1_INPUTS = 1 OUTPUT = 1 In EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp I have "USE_DATABASE_WHITELIST = true;" I'm 99% certain that this should work, but for some reason it's not. There are no errors in the server or client RPT files, or in the extDB logs. But anyone is able to join regardless of whether they're whitelisted or not. Can you see or think of any reason why this isn't working?
  13. I'm not sure where to post this, so I'm posting it here. Right now Exile has the player corpse and the vehicle wreck cleanup on the same timer setting. This is annoying for a couple of reasons. Players want a chance to get back to their bodies, so setting this to 15 minutes gives players a chance at least. Server owners want wrecked vehicles cleaned up quickly for performance reasons. When a player dies in the vehicle and the vehicle is destroyed their corpse is trapped inside. No way to pull it out. So it and the wrecked vehicle get deleted together. In PVP the attackers gain nothing by taking out a vehicle and it's occupants. As an admin I can delete the wreck. When this happens the corpses of any players inside are released from the wreck and are able to be looted. What I'd love to see is this. Separate the cleanup timers for corpses and wrecks so admins can choose how long each type sticks around for before it's cleaned up. I'd also like to see it that any player that dies while inside a vehicle is immediately ejected regardless of whether the vehicle is destroyed or not. This way any PVP attackers would at least get some rewards for their kill in the form of the player's loot.
  14. canuckbrian

    server crashing

    So just to be clear, and this is the annoying part, my server's aren't crashing completely. What's actually happening is under high load (35+ players / 70+ AI) the arma3server.exe process stops utilizing multiple cores in the CPU and instead offloads everything to a single core. When this happens, the server is still working, responding to queries, but everything in game stops working. Any actions, player updates, etc. I can move around normally, but other players appear "frozen" in place performing whatever animation they were at the time the "crash" happened. There's no hint in the server RPT files as to why this happens either. Only way to fix it is restart the server. This happened again for me last night on my Esseker server. A new server perf build was released last night by Dwarden. I've loaded that on my servers and testing it out today. Will report back.
  15. canuckbrian

    server crashing

    Probably not. We got Arma'd.