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  1. Bunch of shit, but main reason is probebly i got to much shit installed on server, got it working now! but i think im gonna reinstall just to make it more clean. Server is also running allinarmatp atm and i want to switch to cup instead so i guess it is for the best to just whipe it (: Have not looked @ the addon to much but i guess u have to install ryan zombie mod to use zombies.
  2. To get hc working for me i had to: 1. make a config.cfg in hc profiles folder where i wrote battleyelicense=1; 2. in server config.cfg i had to specify my real ip-adress not only the local so it was something like= headlessClients[] = {"","195.154.**.**}; 3. initplayer what-its-called in mission.pbo at the bottom i added the execvm hc/init line Now i got it working but are stuck at the battleye filters, hope this solves it for you so we are 2 stuck at the same place ;P
  3. any help? i always manage to get my scripts working but this time im screwed it seems..
  4. So i got chernarus up and working and added some custom base etc, now i get kicked for createVehicle , started to add for every kick like 10 times then i turned it to logging only and here is my log. any idea why it loggs everything i created? any way to allow all? i dont want to turn the filter of incase of retards cheating and spawning things that i dont want on my server.
  5. Hello, im getting this thingy when i start bec it wait for server to start then just exits without any log or anything, just shuts down the window. I got c++ redist 2008,2010,2013,2015 (saw that 2008 was needed atleast , when that didnt work i went ham on microsoft/download) All configs/bat/directorys etc are 10x checked all working and completed. Any idea whats wrong?
  6. JsonC

    Corpse Retrieval

    Last night both corpse and my car despawned when i died, i was back in 7min, clocked it