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  1. Tweeks25

    SFB Recruiting!!!

    In-game Name: tweeks25 Number of Hours:2077 Discord User:tweeks25 Steam Name:tweeks25 Steam Profile: Why do you want to join SFB?: tired of playing alone
  2. Tweeks25

    Imperium Gaming Currently Recruiting

    Steam Link: Name And Number: tweeks25 #2943
  3. Tweeks25


    Name. -tweeks25 Age -27 Timezone -cst Microphone ? -yes Steam Link - Name. -tweeks25 Discord Name and # -tweeks25 2943 How do you play? Driver: [ x] Pilot: [ ] Close Quarter Combat: [x ] Sniper: [ x] Support LMG: [x ] Tell us a little about yourself? - I’ve got 2053 hours in game just looking for a group to play with
  4. Tweeks25

    SFB Recruiting!!!

    In-game Name:tweeks25 Number of Hours:2053 Discord User:tweeks25 Steam Name:tweeks25 Steam Profile: looking for a good group to join
  5. Tweeks25

    Looking for group to join or people to teamup with

    Yea I’m looking for people also add me on steam same name
  6. Tweeks25

    Looking for a group to play with

    add me on steam tweeks25 mines the one with the nazi zombie
  7. Tweeks25

    Looking to join a group

    You guys can join my discord I’m rebuilding my group so always looking for new guys
  8. id like to join if i can vet (army) with over 1650 hours in arma 3 alone
  9. Tweeks25

    looking for a couple of new members 25
  10. Tweeks25

    Exile Group looking for skilled players!

    1. Age? 25 2. DayZ/Exile experience? Arma3: 1612 arma2: 882 dayz SA: 654 3. Overall arma 3 experience / hours played? 1612 4. Skype information (so that I may get in contact with you) don't have Skype but can add me in steam tweeks25 5. Why do you think you would make a good fit? I'm good at teamwork and always willing to help a teammate out
  11. Tweeks25

    Looking to extend our family.

  12. Tweeks25

    Looking for a group

    Add me steam is tweeks25
  13. Tweeks25

    Looking for new team mates

    I added you
  14. Everyone add me tweeks25 we would love to add you to our group
  15. Tweeks25

    Looking for an exile squad

    Your steam link doesn't work add me tweeks25