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  1. 1Hiit

    Database Cleanup Scripts

    Anyone have the Script, they delete Vehicles after restart?..
  2. Anyone can help me? I want to delete the Parking Cars in the Safezone after restart. i found one
  3. 1Hiit

    InfiSTAR ban players (VEMF_Client)

    Thanks. Fixed (:
  4. 1Hiit

    InfiSTAR ban players (VEMF_Client)

    Where is the LocalM? im new with InfiSTAR
  5. 1Hiit

    InfiSTAR ban players (VEMF_Client)

    Got this in A3_BANLOG: 06-10-2015 13:27:45 infiSTAR.de | Name_LP(76****************************) LocalMarker: ["VEMF_DynaLocInva_ID5280.62"] (v0010C) And in A3_HACKLOG this: 06-10-2015 13:27:45 infiSTAR.de | 3h 27min 7s | Name_LP(76*************************) | LocalMarker: ["VEMF_DynaLocInva_ID5280.62"] [FPS: 43.7158|THREADS: 8] (v0010C)
  6. 1Hiit

    InfiSTAR ban players (VEMF_Client)

    Das ist das hier: http://www.exilemod.com/topic/66-vemf-for-exile-by-it07/ Missions halt. Habe den Log leider gelöscht vom Ban. Aber ich weiß noch, dass es wegen dem VEMF_Client ist.
  7. My Players get banned from InfiSTAR (VEMF_Client) How can i fix this?
  8. 1Hiit


    Do you use Static time or Computertime?
  9. 1Hiit


    On my Server 1 Hour Day. The other Hours Night. How can i Change this?
  10. 1Hiit

    Player lost gear after restart!

    Its done. Thank you guys. (: I hope this help
  11. 1Hiit

    Player lost gear after restart!

    10:04:30 Reading mission ... 10:04:57 Failed attempt to execute serverCommand '#lock' by server. 10:04:58 Game started. if i use the Original "exile_server_conf.pbo" i got this error in .log : 10:11:57 "ExileServer - MODIFY THE SERVER CONFIG LOCATED IN 'exile_server_config.pbo >> confing.bin' OR SERVER WONT START"
  12. 1Hiit

    Player lost gear after restart!

    Where can i get this?
  13. 1Hiit

    Player lost gear after restart!

    i hear from the players, they lost gear if the players Join direct after the restart. i mean first connect after the restart..