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  1. ✪EightyFive

    Exile Tanoa Verdic

    Personally i loved Arma 3 from the first looks of it but always disliked Altis and Stratis. I missed the density that Chernarus brought to the table with Arma 2. But then playing Chernarus or Esseker in Arma 3 doesnt feel right either. It just feels like exactly what it is; a good port but not BI-made. Because of this, Tanoa fills in the missing pieces for me. Its dense, unforgiving, very hard to fight in and extremely beautiful. Is the map layout perfect? Absolutely not. It could be bigger and better, but at its the best theyve come up with so far.
  2. ✪EightyFive

    Crashes? Please help!

    When does it crash for you? Earlier during mission load when joining server, but that got slightly better for me with alt+tab'ing out while loading. Today, the whole day i have crashed when trying to respawn after death, and a couple randomly while playing. What was the last thing you have seen before it crashed? Either me being dead or just the game. Nothing in particular Does it crash every time or just sometimes? "just" sometimes. In my group i have had the least crashes by far, and i have crashed 7 times overall today. Which Arma version and branch (Stable, Dev, RC/Sneak Peak) are you running? Sneak Peak Which Arma DLCs do you own? Karts? Marksmen? APEX? Helicopters? Zeus? All Which operating system are you using? Win 10 Are you using a custom memory allocator? (-malloc start-up parameter) tbb4malloc_bi . Also tried removing this without it doing any difference Please let off some steam here No rant but i must say, during the past couple of hours, on the server i am playing on, i see players crashing left and right. My whole group of 6 are having massive issues, as well as people get random crashes, crashes on respawn (every time), and crashes when they try to get back in. I can also note that i have played King of the Hill, Rush and Gungame today without having any sort of issues. If possible, please show us your .rpt file, e.g. via Pastebin http://pastebin.com/LHu3W00g
  3. Having some trouble connecting to a specific server running apex preview, tanoa map with exile, no other mods. This server currently has 22 players, one of us can connect to it without problems, other two of us cant even see how many people is on it as it shows 0/0 with 9999 ping for us. We also met other people on a different server unable to connect to it. To try to help the server owner a bit here, anyone know what could possibly be the problem? Could it have something to do with routing or port forwarding or something like that? Sorry i dont have more information.
  4. ✪EightyFive

    Recommended Service Prodivers?

    i like how you formulated yourself I have never rented Arma 3 servers, but i have had experience regarding other games, and the only advice i can give is to steer away from gameserver providers. Spend the extra coin on a dedicated server in a professional server house. Having to deal with a half assed support, who then again have to deal with a server house's support is a pain in the ass.
  5. ✪EightyFive

    Which map to play next

    Tanoa feels like its worth it so far.
  6. ✪EightyFive

    DLC weapons and the issue of P2W

    You should probably take this rant of yours to the server owners forum where, in lack of softer terms, your vagina got soar. Btw, there are no AI's in Exile. This is really the beauty of the mod though. Every server owner can take the base of the mod, then decide if they want 3 weapons or 150. They can have AI's and/or zombies. They can have old A2 vehicles, or restrict armed ones. Its all up to the server owner. The only part of it that smells like piss, is that you probably have to spend some time on each server to figure out all of this. Good luck out there.
  7. ✪EightyFive

    Night time, flares and flashlights

    A brighter flashlight, handheld/throwable flares and the removal of NVGs. Thats my dream. Mix that with a foggy jungle in Tanoa at night, and i assure you faster heartbeats.
  8. ✪EightyFive

    Fuel is an uncontrolled resource

    I like the idea of maybe having a craftable industrial grade fuel-container to put by the base, and possibility to fill it using fuel canister/barrels/trucks. However removing fuel from gas stations completely sounds wierd. I think limiting gas stations in another way is better than removing the possibility completely. There are lots of gas stations all around the map. The idea of all of them being empty, but barrels of fuel can be found in industrial building everywhere, just doesnt sound right. Some mods have limited gas stations to fill canisters/barrels only and not vehicles. Dont know if this is a good option.
  9. Where is the logic in this? When did having official servers ever hurt a game, and why would it change what they want it to be? Do you really think official servers were the reason Epoch died? it was SHIT. Thats why it died. They took the solid name of a great mod from A2 and made something totally different and it sucked. End of that story, and everyone forgot about it. What official servers WOULD do on the other hand, is offering quality control. When you want to "sell" a product, you normally dont want others to shit on it first, then sell it for you. Instead you want to see to it that you deliver the product as you made it to be (yes i am aware noone is selling anything). No matter what they want to do with it, this is the pure logic of it.
  10. Yeah these points are what i am looking for in every server and sadly you cant just browse the server list for this information, but instead you have to spend x amount of hours on each server only to find out it's not suitable for your needs. This is inevitable and something we will always have to live with I think. I also share your view on the official server. I like that it's for testing purposes and I want to participate in this, but I would also like if they kept it somewhat more permanent in terms of gameplay.
  11. yeah and they already have one for Altis. I think deploying one for Tanoa would be a good choice as well. I know everyone have their own opinion on what they want exile to be, and hardcore gamers like me suffer on the end of this as looking for the perfect server sometimes is hard XD.
  12. Yeah thats what i had in mind when i asked the question as well. I know it's built to be a base mod, however, seeing the popularity with zombies in this mod it might also be in their interest to keep the concept of zombies closer to the mod, monitor and maybe even have a saying. Not saying this is how it should be, just throwing my thoughts out there. When I play on a good "ExileZ" (in lack of better word for it) it feels like that's how it should be. The same goes for missions (yes another thing to bloat the server). Missions, in the same way as zombies, fills a hole in the gaming experience. Having either one of these, or both, on a server would most likely keep the number of players in a higher count as it gives you a lot more to do/beware of. The reason I even asked this question in the first place is the amount of bloated servers that have awful gaming experience due to server overload, and maybe as mentioned, inexperienced server owners. Even the big ones. I tried joining a CCG server with zombies late last night when the population was low, and the desync and loot-lag was awful, and the fps was half of what I use to get.
  13. Hi! I am enjoying the Official Exile Altis server and i like the idea of you hosting official servers. The difference in fps, loot-lag and desync is huge, and i get a much better gaming experience on this server than on any other i have tried. So, to my first question; Do you plan on putting up an official Tanoa server in the future? I would definitely play on this and i am sure many others think the same. I think this would shine more light on the official servers aswell, something that would get more people to report back to you. And my second question; What is your view on zombies? Is this something you would put on such a server or would this work contradictive to what you want to achieve with such a server? The reason i am asking is that, personally, i find zombies to fill some sort of hole in the gameplay and it makes survival harder on another level than the possibility of getting a bullet to the head. You have probably answered this question a thousand times, but i wanted to throw it in here while i was on a roll. I tried searching for answers before writing, so if these questions have been answered in the past, feel free to punish me as you see fit -Eighty
  14. Why would you not want revive? This mechanic works very well for other games and i see alot more use for it in Arma. I am not just talking about gunfights but arma, but in general. I think more people are driven away because of all the bugs, and a revive function could mitigate some of the "death by bug" incidents that occur on a daily basis. Also, it would have the ability to prolong fights which is a good thing. Also, If they could just fricking add the ability to spawn in the base when you die, i know for a sure alot more people would come to this mod. The fact that I have to parachute in some random town when i die makes alot less sense than spawning in my base. Those not in favor of that spent too much time comparing it to DayZ (which is a "one life" kind of game), as i see no downsides with having this option.