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  1. pople177

    First time (sorry)

    Honestly personally for me, it would simply be easier picking up an exile server from a provider, setting up an SQL database has always been a pain in the butt for me personally. But I recommend going through a provider as a star before getting into your own servers simply because it would be easier to learn using their stuff and even some of their forums.
  2. pople177

    First time (sorry)

    Setting this stuff up is actually quite simple, I personally recommend Defents mission system, it gives you a lot of the ai missions. As for setting the loot spawns, when I last worked on a server, it was a little more in depth I’m talikng sifting through loottables and all that fun stuff. That and modding is where it starts to get a little more difficult, with mods you need to set them up by the item in the loot tables and if it’s for example, Ryan’s zombies and demons, you would need to set their spawn points in the eden editor. Personally I am very busy, but when I have some free time I’d be able and willing to talk you through setup and can teach you what you need to know to get the server going.
  3. pople177

    First Time Dedicated Server

    Hello, this topic section I believe is for GSP's to advertise themselves (I could be wrong as that was back when I first started on this website...) When adding mods if it is a mod that adds items, you'd have to add those items to your traders and to your loot tables if you want the items to drop. It's not very difficult to edit the loot tables, but you will need the loot table compiler program to help compile your loot table that you have edited. Here is the link to the compiler. This post includes a tutorial on how to use the compiler. It also depends on what mod(s) you are planning on adding as well, if you are using a mod that adds items, you'd use loot table, if you are adding a mod that adds specific ai like Zombies from Ryan's Zombies and demons, you'd have to edit the map and manually add those spawn points in so that the zombies may spawn, I believe for that one you will have to use Eden editor, which there are many videos out there that explain how to use it. Now I am not 100% sure on the quality of this video as I am at work and never turned on the volume, but there are many sources out there explaining how to use Eden editor, and if you have the mod like zombies and demons already downloaded and installed on your own game of Arma, you should be able to enter the eden editor and use the resources that the mod adds, now don't quote me entirely on that as it has been a while since I have used eden editor for exile and arma in general. Hope this helps! Justin
  4. pople177

    Host Havoc how to set map

    I believe they recently expanded to the US, but dayz at this point from my knowledge is hard to obtain the rights to host and sell via company. But QGS is definitely a good company. I'll talk to one of their main operators and ask them if they opened up to the US
  5. pople177

    Host Havoc how to set map

    I know GTX used to run a monthly scripting service (it was complete garbage, I was a customer when that existed.) and SS is just over charging for scripts and not mods. Also, soon I plan on introducing a modding feature to our company where a customer would pay per say $20 a month and have whatever mod they wish installed instead of one time fee's, the service will run and update mods and so on, but the idea is still in development and may not even show up, who knows.
  6. pople177

    Host Havoc how to set map

    My company already has certain maps (and adding more) set for auto install for ease of use for our customers! Just hoping to set an industry standard with that (which I highly doubt. Everyone nowadays seems to go the survival servers route.)
  7. pople177

    Host Havoc how to set map

    Was wondering, was it in your command line? Because that is usually a problem that causes that.
  8. pople177

    Help With Vilayer Server

    You think so? You sir have a friendly competition. I have coded 3 whole communities from scratch, working on a fourth. Game on! xD
  9. pople177

    Server recomendation

    We contacted all of our customers and friends last night for a test on our 100 slot server and we filled it up completely and had a bunch of mods on it and there was zero lag
  10. pople177

    Server recomendation

    In defense, our boxes run Arma smoothly even with high cpu intensive things running on them, you can ask a number of our customers how their servers run and I garuntee that they will say that the servers run smoothly.
  11. pople177

    Server recomendation

    Hello, may I recommend my company? We have some large and strong dedicated boxes that you can run many servers on if you'd like. PM me if you are interested! http://www.futuristicgameservers.com
  12. pople177

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Script works great (on linux too!) Thank you for the upload! Helped me out!
  13. I messaged him on part of it's advertisments, but made it so there were other options as not to be completely one sided
  14. I can paste what I said: "They are the cheapest around, but their problem is support, their support times take forever, and they do charge to add extra mods and scripts, they also charge you more for Exile. My recommendation is to pay a little extra for a better company such as Futuristic Game Servers (My Company, I can say we have live support and we get every message you send and respond very quickly at about most of the time a 1 minute wait time.), GTX (support is okay), Vilayer (support is okay), or Vert (Cannot speak for them). Survival Servers through my experience is definitely not worth how cheap it is. You get what you pay for with them."