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  1. Great work with this, very impressed! I do have one noob question, if I didn't want to have the radiation zone could I just delete the markers from the mission.sqm? Thanks again for your work.
  2. Thanks for replying Zupa, just gave it a try, made no difference for me, I still had to keep teleporting to plane for it to move.
  3. Which map are you running? I'm on Malden, just wondering if it's map specific.
  4. Hi, I'm having exactly the same issue, the plane spawns at the edge of the map and only moves if I teleport within about 700m, then it will stop until I teleport to it again. Have you managed a fix for this yet?
  5. gj2711

    Cannot connect

    Hi, I've previously had the app working fine on my old phone, but when I try to log in through Steam on my new Galaxy S7 Edge I get the error "Epic Fail, communication problem while publishing ids" Is this a Steam problem or with the app?