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    NibbleGaming Tanoa Apex

    In the Year 2039 the world was hit by the biggest crime wave of all time. Law enforcement did what they could to keep those criminals of the streets. With the prison population growing, world leaders came together to find a solution. A number of isolated islands all over the world where chosen to host these large number of inmates. On one of these islands, Tanoa, our story begins. This once tropical paradise was the perfect location for tourists with its long white beaches and charming history. Today its inhabitants are criminals, banished from civilization, hoping to survive the fierce environment. They possess no contact with the outer world and their hope for survival is getting further and further away.. We feel that Exilemod brings enough to the table as it is and trust the developers to provide us with the content needed for a true Exile experience. Along with the Apex DLC there is plenty of items and vehicles to choose from. DMS AI missions ZCP capture Points Virtual Garage Base Raiding (grind locks, hack safes and virtual garages) Engima Revive Apex Items XM8 Security Blackmarket traders Custom crafting content XM8 apps (deploy bike, locate vehicle, View Distance, crafting recipes, virtual garage, base security...)
  2. Fivenine

    Tanoa - Update 1.63.17060 Loot Broken.. again!

    i just validated server files in steamcmd and it seems to have fixed it, no rpt spam and loot is normal. peeking at almighty @CEN's mission file, it seems he's using a workaround, so no, we are not alone =P
  3. Fivenine

    Tanoa - Update 1.63.17060 Loot Broken.. again!

    same here, and reports of less/broken loot. Could it be caused by this entry from changelog?
  4. Fivenine

    ACiDy Tanoa Bridges

    the map drawings doesnt work it seems, no errors in either client or server rpt, and nothing on the map. Using the latest dev branch on both server and client Version: 1.63.137060 doublechecked install instructions as well. Im curious though, if this is called from init.sqf, wouldnt that spawn duplicates of the bridge, since init is executed on both server and joining clients? I didnt see any if (isServer) or similar either.
  5. Fivenine

    Tanoa Tips & Tricks?

    from deb branch changelog: Fixed: Map markers were disabled on servers by default in some cases
  6. Fivenine

    Tanoa Loot Pos [WIP]

    you sir, are an angel <3
  7. Fivenine

    Added on buildings sinking?

    tested now, M3editor collects the data from 3den (objects, position etc) and converts it to string to export. I have modified killzones function to suit the function to export objects in M3E. M3E_KK_fnc_positionToString = { private "_fnc"; _fnc = { if (_this < 0) then { str ceil _this + (str (_this - ceil _this) select [2]) } else { str floor _this + (str (_this - floor _this) select [1]) }; }; format [ "[""%1"",[%2,%3,%4],%5,%6]", _this select 0, _this select 1 select 0 call _fnc, _this select 1 select 1 call _fnc, _this select 1 select 2 call _fnc, _this select 2, _this select 3 ]; }; //example object: _row = ["Land_Metal_rack_F",[12345.678,1234.45678,12.345678],[[0.955592,-0.294692,0],[0,0,1]],[false,false]]; // lets se what a stringed version of _row returns: _string = str _row; diag_log _string; // returns: "["Land_Metal_rack_F",[12345.7,1234.46,12.3457],[[0.955592,-0.294692,0],[0,0,1]],[false,false]]" //now lets use a modified version of killzonekids function and see what that returns: _precisestring = _row call M3E_KK_fnc_positionToString; diag_log _precisestring; // returns: "["Land_Metal_rack_F",[12345.677734,1234.456787,12.345678],[[0.955592,-0.294692,0],[0,0,1]],[false,false]]" im not sure why KK's function dont return the exact coords given in _row, but its much more precise than before atleast edit: Also, ive done some more testing. defining vector and dir before setting position seems to help as well { private _object = (_x select 0) createVehicle [0,0,0]; _object setVectorDirAndUp (_x select 2); _object setPosASL (_x select 1); _object enableSimulationGlobal ((_x select 3) select 0); _object allowDamage ((_x select 3) select 1); } forEach _objects;
  8. Fivenine

    Added on buildings sinking?

    heres it all explained i believe: it has to do with when position get converted to strings (to get the export) it looses precision. Higher numbers get even less precision. for instance your Z coord will be precise (3.38621) but your X and Y's will get less precise depending on how far away they are from map origin [0,0,0]. X coords at 10722.2 could have been 10722.2202923 in the editor. basically your coords get limited to 6 digits. Am I on the right track @maca134?
  9. Fivenine

    Tanoa Screenshots - Add yours

    server up and running!
  10. Fivenine

    Getting a Vehicle OwnerUID(Client Side)

    to start with you should check your spelling on vehicle
  11. Fivenine

    disableAI "MOVE";

    you can ofcourse make your function more generic and add things specific to that AI later like _unit1 = [_group,_pos,_spawnpos,_dir1,_dir2,_skill] call _fnc_spawnUnit; (group _unit1) selectleader _group1;
  12. Fivenine

    disableAI "MOVE";

    i believe this boils down to which combatmode your group is in, in your case "YELLOW" which is the default if not defined. ( do you want them to engage enemies but stand still? also, consider using functions when doing repetetive tasks, like when you create your ai: _fnc_spawnUnit = { _group = _this select 0; _pos = this select 1; _spawnpos = this select 2; _dir1 = this select 3; _dir2 = this select 4; _skill = this select 5; _unit = _group createUnit ["O_helicrew_F",_spawnpos,[],0,"FORM"]; if (isNull _unit) then { _unit = createVehicle ["O_helicrew_F",_spawnpos,[],0,"FORM"]; createVehicleCrew _unit; }; (group _unit) selectLeader _unit; if(_spawnpos isEqualTo _pos) then { _unit setDir _dir1; } else { _unit setDir _dir2; }; _unit setPosATL _spawn4; _unit disableAI "TARGET"; _unit disableAI "MOVE"; doStop _unit; _unit setunitpos "AUTO"; _unit setSkill _skill; [_unit] joinSilent _group; //No need really since _unit is already in _group?? }; //and to create unit, simpy call the function: _unit1 = [_group,_pos,_spawnpos,_dir1,_dir2,_skill] call _fnc_spawnUnit; _unit2 = [_group,_pos,_spawnpos,_dir1,_dir2,_skill] call _fnc_spawnUnit; the above will most certainly contain both syntax errors and "too little coffee" errors, but you get the idea. also, out of curiousity, why this? if (isNull _unit7) then { _unit7 = createVehicle ["O_helicrew_F",[4981.39,6609.85,17.109118],[],0,"FORM"]; createVehicleCrew _unit7; };
  13. Fivenine


    i love it, its the small things that makes mods/scripts more efficient!
  14. Fivenine


    i believe you need to use isEqualTo ( instead of == to compare arrays. So: if(_spawn1 isEqualTo [4995,6621,0]) then { _unit1 setDir 269.36; } else { _unit1 setDir 91.26; };
  15. Hey, Im trying to get the server to do stuff (delete a marker basically) when a certain player disconnects. either _MEH_disconnect = addMissionEventHandler ["Handledisconnect",{ if ((_this select 3) == plyrname) then {dcname = (_this select 3)}; diag_log format ["%1 disconnected",(_this select 3)]; }]; or ["Stacked_EH", "onPlayerDisconnected", {dcname = _name; diag_log format ["%1 disconnected",_name];}] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler;works. Its not even giving me an rpt error... Am i even close to using those eventhandlers correct? the documentation on the BIKI is not enough =( loop that is waiting for variable change is waitUntil {_startTime + territory_time_limit > time or (getMarkerColor "TerritoryWars_dot" == "") or (dcname == plyrname); sleep 5;}; Or is there a way for a script running clientside to exitWith {deletemarker "blablabla"}; when he disconnects?
  16. Fivenine

    initServer.sqf problem

    not that this fixes it but you should declare _objects as private also private ["_objects"];in initplayerlocal.sqf, do you have: #include "initServer.sqf"?