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  1. 34ludo

    Remove totaly traders

    hi I want to know if someone have remove traders with no problem (no mod installed a this time). I just want to know i have try to remove by initplayerlocal.sqf but the mission type (survival) isn't visible when i touch this sqf.... and mission don't load or anythink. i have try to remove from mission.sqm / initplayerlocal.sqf / inistserver.... heum everythink i find someone have a solution or can save me thank you all and sorry bad english i'm french.....
  2. 34ludo

    map stratis

    bonjours. je souhaiterais savoir si certains d'entres vous se sont penchés sur la map stratis au niveau du pbo. j'en ais pas trouver ni de serveur le multi map tool est bien fais mais j'arrive pas a la trouvée... des avis ou idées.?