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  1. digDoug

    Enhanced Movement Mod in Exile (Working!)

    changing the key so it doesn't conflict with any arma keys will fix that problem. how i did it was to change arma's vault key to 2xV and left enhanced movement to V.
  2. digDoug

    Enhanced Movement Mod in Exile (Working!)

    hit esc in-game and you should see a menu on the bottom right of your screen. it's the first one. default key is V which conflicts with arma 3 vault key.
  3. What line on the config.cfg : do I put this on or is it ok just drop it in requiredBuild = 139586; line 8. just replace the numbers.
  4. digDoug

    Enhanced Movement Mod in Exile (Working!)

    yes, i know. just try it..
  5. digDoug

    Enhanced Movement Mod in Exile (Working!)

    you just have to remap the key so it doesn't conflict with your arma keys.
  6. cause this error is just for exile and there are tons of mods out there that need to be tested and confirmed.
  7. i've made a temporary fix to save progress into database. thanks to Ultma-weapon and Yesyesjo for pointing me in the right direction. 1. find: ExileClient_system_process_postInit.sqf in client side 2. find line: [300, ExileClient_object_player_save, [], true] call ExileClient_system_thread_addtask; 3. change to: [10, ExileClient_object_player_save, [], true] call ExileClient_system_thread_addtask; 4. save as: save it into fixes folder in mp mission files if you followed Ultima-weapon's instructions at the start of this topic. 5. in config.cpp under class CfgExileCustomCode, add: ExileClient_system_process_postInit = "fixes\ExileClient_system_process_postInit.sqf"; this changes the save progress from 5 minutes to 10 seconds.
  8. digDoug

    Unsung and exile?

    their terms when downloading the mod. so NO! Editing this software is prohibited. By downloading this software you agree that you will not unpack or debinarize the materials in any way. You will not edit, adapt, export or otherwise tamper with the software content. You acknowledge that your right to use this software will be terminated by any act of tampering with the software.
  9. digDoug

    Asia Exile Reborn

    This is a server based in Taiwan with English Speaking Admins. We have set this server up using John's Exile Reborn and Arma Enhanced Movement.
  10. digDoug

    More spawn points

    looks like you're using exile reborn mission files. you're unable to add spawn points if you are. there's another file that John uses for spawn. forgot which file it was. Edit.. take a look in your mission.pbo folder\overwrites\Server\ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.Sqf and in your @exileserver addons\JohnOs_events\addons\Functions\Server\JohnO_fnc_getSpawnPositionInRegion.sqf
  11. digDoug


    thank you so much for this. will be adding it right away. edit: missing ";" at near the end there... }; };
  12. i am testing out the messages i receive on my server and so far i have received messages when the base is being attacked, flag is being stolen, broadcasts from admins, and paying the protection money but i didn't receive the 24 hrs reminder. i will test again but i will need to wait another 10 days before i can confirm this.
  13. digDoug

    [SOLVED] Connection Problems

    i have the same exact error. im on a personal server. i've tested sending a broadcast, it works. haven't tested it paying the territory protection fee yet though.
  14. digDoug

    Wall glitching

    i just caught a player today glitching into a base to destroyed the vehicles inside. banned!!! i've played on a server where if you try to glitch the player dies and i've died a few times cause i was too close while planting explosive charges. the best thing is if bohemia would fix this problem. so infistar is correct to just log it so the admins will know who to keep an eye on... im watching another player setting up a breaching charge and the AH Log is being spammed with wall glitch check. around 20 lines per charge.
  15. digDoug

    Crafting Exile_Container_SupplyBox Error

    gotcha.. i try it out