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  1. I don't even know if I pronounce yours right. Oh well, I've got the same problem. People call me "Nueva" instead of "Niuva" My earliest memory of Exile is when you handed over the wooden construction pieces for me to double check for any fixes or errors. I couldn't really find anything wrong and was baffled that a person who had zero experience with modeling whipped them together. <3
  2. Hyvät naurut Jankon Betonista.

  3. Niuva

    Exile 0.9.8 Kiwi User made Changelog

    There is way more information in the devblog than any changelog could ever hold. We're all super tired after the hard and long development crunch and reformating several pages of devblogs into a massive log is not currently in anyones top row of "To Do" -list. Kiwi is our largest patch up to date. It's not that the developers don't feel necessary to tell the players what's new. We want to! We're happy to let our community experience and show them the latest content in Exile and nothing makes us happier than to see people enjoying it. All the new things are detailed in our Devblogs. <3 By all means, feel free to assemble your own list of content that you find that is changed or new. Just be wary of 'false' information that differs from stock Exile (custom server configs for example). There might not be a developer to double check your list.
  4. Hienoja töitä! Mitä softaa käytät tekemiseen?

    Also, voisitko vihjaista muille kehittäjille Signature-ominaisuudesta viesteihin? ;)


    Grim Reaper

    1. 死神


      Unoha toi Signature, löysin jo. :P

  5. Niuva

    [SOLVED] Donation Whitelisted server?

    Clearly the word "donation" is starting to lose it's meaning. If you have to pay to play, it's not called a donation. Rather it's paying for a service instead of making a donation.
  6. Niuva

    More building components

    New building pieces are in development. Thank you for your suggestion.
  7. Niuva

    Show off your Desktop

    This is where the magic hapens.