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  1. pilot538

    Kiwi - Base Raiding explosives.. WTF?

    Thanks for the reply @Eichi. And I understand the worry about not wanting to bring in other devs as it can and does cause some issues. We just had a new person start working with us and she hasn't quite started fitting in yet...... Nevertheless, the community is here for you guys, and you guys are here for the community. Ask for help if you need it! Another question, one that doesn't need an immediate reply but I think should be addressed: Will you, the Exile team, be transparent with the financials of the mobile app? I.e. is the mobile app start generating copious amount of moolah, will you tell us, and would you consider lowering the price or channeling those funds into additional efforts to make more cool stuff? I know that might be a future thought or one that might not even come to reality, however if say 2500 use the app in a month, I wonder what the cost/profit to Exile will be. Again, thanks for the reply and not flaming me!
  2. pilot538

    Kiwi - Base Raiding explosives.. WTF?

    Guy gets mad and makes a post, and then gets flamed for voice his opinion in a way that was harsh. Yet almost everyone in this thread gives the same flaming reply back to the guy, including the moderators and figureheads in the community. @Eichi gave a level-headed reply and addressed his issues instead of just calling him a fucktard like @maca134 did or giving snarky replies. My big question is this: Was the app ever a basis for the reason something was designed. I.e. was something done with the idea in mind 'Wait, we have a paid app now, so we need to make sure there is a reason people use it.' Either way I think I'd be okay with it as I haven't given it much thought yet as it's late. Also, do you guys have to deal with BI monetization issues? Since the app could very well give a player advantage, did you guys have to communicate with BI about that, and is there anything server owners or players need to worry about in that regard? Final question: you guys talk A LOT about how long it takes to makes these things, which is understandable. But if it's taking so long, why not bring in a few more trusted devs to help? 3 people is extremely small, and adding a few more surely couldn't hurt? If so, what are some of your concerns regarding that? Again, thanks for all the hard work. I'm looking forward to everyone replies and hopefully we can have some good discussion. Flaming people doesn't achieve anything.
  3. pilot538

    LEGION - Server Development Team

    Let's remember that we don't have to prove why we banned you. Community members started coming back to play because they were happy when you guys were banned. You're friend wasn't banned for mentioning your name. Your friend was banned for extreme disrespect, not for bringing you guys up. Get your facts straight and stop trying to portray one side of the story. Why can't you guys move on? You got banned, yet you act like children and try to say "No bro, we didn't do anything wrong" when the ONLY people claiming that are you're friends. We should've have banned you all a long time ago to be honest. Move on, find somewhere else to play, and just accept it before you find yourself in more trouble. This doesn't help anybody. Again, I don't even play on the server; I don't care who you kill. But just because you are good at the game doesn't give you the right to be a dick. It's about having fun and being respectful of everyone. I hope you have found a server that aligns with your viewpoints, and I hope you have fun.
  4. pilot538

    LEGION - Server Development Team

    Trolling and being a dick is exactly what it is. You are allowed to say whatever you want as long as it i constructive criticism and it is in the right place. Admin actions don't need to provide transparency, though we do and continue to do so. We don't ban people who simply don't like us; we ban people who are bad for our community. There's several things here. One, a kick is the first step in the process. If you don't respond to our request, then yes you're going to be kicked and asked to come into TS. It isn't our fault you had you headset off; how are we suppose to know? Still was in fact on the original DayZ mod, not sure what makes you think you have the right to question that, or the proof to back it up? And yes, you are ALWAYS suppose to respect the admins. Respect is mutual, you show some, we show some, life is good. I laugh at you. Population has EXPLODED since we banned you guys. Go look for yourself: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ We almost hit 50 the other night. Sounds like banning you guys was in fact beneficial. Nope, there are reviews from non-admin members that are positive. Sorry Not one person of your group posted about a negative of the server with a potential fix in the correct place. NOT ONE! We told you; we have a place in the forums DEDICATED to this stuff, yet you never posted there. C'mon! Of course it got deleted if it was somewhere else; it was off-topic for that area, and we then reiterated where you should post it. Again, use the correct methods. We're adults, and most of us are extremely intelligent people. We talk constantly. Just use the right places and grow up. Not being a dick is simple. Right now, as I'm writing this, there are 20 people on the server. TWENTY. There was never that many when you guys we're on here. Face it, you guys we're bad for the community. Former players have come back to playing since we banned the 'cancer'. Oh, they we're banned for a reason. Excessive trolling and being a dick. Rule #1: don't be a dick. You guys we're dicks, you got banned, live with it.
  5. pilot538

    Looking for Clan/Group/ New server

    +1 for the Legion server. Pop sits around 50 every night, several groups are recruiting, and we have some custom scripts like Revive, Sector B and whatnot. http://www.legiongaminghq.org
  6. pilot538

    EXILE Launcher Feature List

    I've have actually created a launcher for our LEGION servers. The latest release is below: https://github.com/pilot538/LegionARMALauncher/releases I did ours in C#, with the download links hosted on Google Drive. I just pushed the first release a day or so ago, but we've already had some great success. I would love to contribute or help you guys out. Our is different then A3Launcher because it only is for our servers. I've been trying to find some features to integrate, but if you guys have any comments about it let me know. pilot538 LegionGaming