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  1. RetardMagnet

    StokesMagee's Resort - Premium Scripts

    Dunno if it's even possible, but a way to keep static launchers in place over restart, as a permanent base defense?
  2. RetardMagnet

    Log players who enter territory

    And it happened again to a player, 240k stolen from a locked safe inside a locked base. So there is nothing to prevent this, apart from catching them in the act?
  3. RetardMagnet

    Log players who enter territory

    Thermal scanners and hotwiring are disabled on our server, PvE.
  4. RetardMagnet

    Log players who enter territory

    I know it's hard to prevent, but with the first method you atleast get a name. If needed you can then look more into that certain player, see if there is some suspicious activity.
  5. Dunno if this has been asked before, or if it's even possible, but i would like to see a serverside log of wich players enter a territory. Ex: Player A has entered territory named ExileBase on date/time. Maybe even log poptab transfer inside territory to. I'm asking this as we are having a problem of players glitching into locked base and containers on our PvE server. Or are there any other ways to catch them?
  6. RetardMagnet

    Mad ArmA - Mad Max inspired mod

    Will this be on A3Launcher?
  7. RetardMagnet

    Base vs zombie spawn question

    Dunno about the first thing, but map buildings will never be quake proof. Had many bases in map buildings, but since the quakes got added i stopped doing that.
  8. RetardMagnet

    SNOW TIME - v 0.9.8 -[updated 31-08-2017]

    Dunno if already mentioned, but deeper and longer last tire tracks would look nice to.
  9. RetardMagnet

    Exile 0.9.8 New Weapons Issue

    I'm having this to, has anyone been able to fix it yet?
  10. RetardMagnet

    Player corpse falls from destroyed vehicle.

    I still really hope someone can make a script for this, or the Exile devs will think about it. Lost so much gear due to vehicles blowing up cuz of #ArmaBugs.
  11. RetardMagnet

    Placement of flags/indestructible stuff

    And with flags glitched in map building, can't you just blow m up? Most map buildings only take 1 satchel to take down?
  12. RetardMagnet

    Vehicles blowing up in base.

    Think there is a script around that gives locked vehicles a certain time of godmode on server restart.
  13. RetardMagnet

    Player corpse falls from destroyed vehicle.

    I would really like to see this to!
  14. RetardMagnet

    Most of Wishes for the future

    No it isn't, on the server i play on it's 240k.
  15. RetardMagnet

    Something to spend respect on?

    Loosing respect on dead is set at default. The server is packed with roaming ai, but i rarely die, and loot grind alot, so i got tons of respect. But we are going offtopic, i would like to see a way to spend respect.