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  1. gmctyphoon92

    adding custom ammo boxes

    Here is my code for adding boxes (in the spoiler) if you still need, It will add random items on every server start, as far as the marker: class Item????????? ENTER YOUR ITEM NUMBER { dataType="Marker"; position[]={4137,0,12385}; //////////ENTER YOUR MAP CORDS name="marker_29"; //////////ENTER YOUR MARKER NUMBER text="ENTER YOUR TEXT FOR MARKER ON MAP"; type="mil_warning"; ///////////TYPE OF MARKER TO BE USED colorName="ColorRed"; ///////////COLOR OF MARKER TO BE USED id=???????????; ///////////ENTER YOUR ID NUMBER atlOffset = 0; }; Here it is from my mission: class Item29 { dataType="Marker"; position[]={4137,0,12385}; name="marker_29"; text="BeerNGuns Loot Crate"; type="mil_warning"; colorName="ColorRed"; id=129; atlOffset = 0; };
  2. gmctyphoon92

    [SOLVED] Campfires

    Go back to the 069 infistar, fixed my server.
  3. gmctyphoon92

    3DEN Editor - Exile Plugin (Loot, Spawns, Etc)

    might be too late on this but "Land_tent_east" would never work as well as the "mash" tent variants
  4. gmctyphoon92

    ExileZ 2

    Also it looks like your start up line is not correct -mod=@RZInfection;@Ryanzombies;@exile -servermod=@Ryanzombies;@RZInfection;@exile;@exileserver Should be -mod=@Exile;@Ryanzombies;@RZInfection; -servermod=exileserver;
  5. gmctyphoon92

    ExileZ 2

    add "ryanzombies", to your addons of the mission file example: mission.sqm addons[] = {"exile_client","ryanzombies","A3_Ui_F"}; Hope that helps you
  6. gmctyphoon92

    Esseker Map Additions

    @Ancientevil Performance was good, Just depends on your Server I guess. We were getting 58 -59 Server FPS and I myself was getting about 125 FPS
  7. gmctyphoon92

    Esseker Map Additions

    Sorry for the delay, here are the loot tables for Esseker.
  8. gmctyphoon92

    Esseker Map Additions

    Hey everyone, *NGC* GMCtyphoon92 here from NoKturnal Gaming Community I am releasing my custom map content to be run server side for the Esseker map. Put the .pbo in your @ExileServer / addons folder and it will fire up. Adds many Buildings for Military areas as well as Industrial Areas. I will also release my loot tables if anyone needs them. Link for my dropbox.
  9. gmctyphoon92

    Exile NOOB Filter

    Im having the same problem and cannot figure why its happening as the class name "arifle_SPAR_02_blk_F" has no attachments. Yet it dupes the heck out of bipods and scopes. It did not do this before the 1.66 update
  10. gmctyphoon92

    1.66 BUGS/PROBLEMS HOTFIX Released!

    @Eichi Take your time, we adults will wait for your perfection to release
  11. gmctyphoon92

    8G Bullet Cam

    go into your SCOPE view
  12. gmctyphoon92

    Server setup needed willing to pay

    What are you needing? Map? Mods?
  13. gmctyphoon92

    Problem with dying inside of bases.

    You have to eat and drink in the game. LOL I only say this because it has happened many times to players in my server.
  14. gmctyphoon92

    Very dark UI

    Its in your video settings. I promise.