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  1. dfsd

    steam authentication failed

    hi , i solved the problem , after installing server you need to reboot steam , merry christmas !
  2. dfsd

    steam authentication failed

    1 more question how i can find requiredBuild version or where? thank you
  3. dfsd

    steam authentication failed

    i have installed all of it (listed in spoiler) but steam authentication failed keeps popping out, i have tried to play with config.cfg but still no use.
  4. dfsd

    steam authentication failed

    hi , merry christmas , i'm new to ARMA server side stuff need little help, i installed server from steam , and added Exile mod but then when logging in locally on my server i have Steam authentication error , i was doing exactly same as in this video(video in spoiler) but i installed not from steam cmd it was directly from steam >> Library >> Tools if somebody can help i'll appreciate it .
  5. dfsd

    steam authentication failed

    hi, i have same problem but nothing what i have found helps, can someone help me out?
  6. dfsd


    Hi , i have downloaded EXILE and i can't join some servers and get error message like down on the screenshot, when i delete this files i can't launch this mod