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  1. Wait... what? That's not even a meme at all
  2. Thanks for being so attentive, Exile mod is really a potential life-saver for Arma 3 player, very promising to be the most popular mod for Arma 3. New feature is being developed day by day, can't wait still the next update. WE LOVE IT! Sorry but LOL, I assume that you use Google Translate... because... you know :-)
  3. Hạt óc chó và nước tăng lực xin hân hạnh tài chợ chương chình này.
  4. Tôn chỉ anh em hoạt động vui là 9, ổn định lâu dài là 10 1. Không quảng cáo các nội dung không liên quan đến Arma 3 Exile như bán kem trộn, dầu dừa, đầm Ngọc Trinh trăm rưỡi....ect 2. Không post các nội dung khiêu râm, phản động chính trị, kích động tôn giáo, máu me kinh dị...etc 3. Không spam, không gây hấn cãi lộn làm loãng bài post, không đụng chạm đến các thành viên khác nhất là Ad, mod hay tụi nước ngoài, nói chung đừng quậy quá làm mất mặt người Việt mình. Còn tụi nó đụng đến mình thì lên tiếng để Ad của tụi nó sẽ xử thẳng tay. 4. 5. Tạm thời là thế, sẽ update thêm khi cần...
  5. After tried over hundreds of times, I finally made it run Exile.Esseker with zombie and mission AI, New things happen, the zombie only spawn on my bambi time, after that or after I fire a gun, the zombies no longer appear. Same thing happens with the loot spawn. I now can edit the custom load out or how many vehicle will be spawned in a grid, so much fun to mess with it and the server lag like hell... LOL And no sight of Mission AI, I thought it must be something have to be done with the @‌‌‌Exileserver or the A3XAI client. Borrow other server's pbo file isn't a good idea but at least I now can play Exile.Esseker. Keep seaching and reading more...
  6. Only play Arma 3 + mods Saving and waiting for Arma 4 Oculus to be true.
  7. That's a fastest way but not that easy, Inside that pbo is a bunch of Infistar license script or something like that, and no way you can use that pbo file for your server. An understand of program scripting might help you take that off and then you can tweak it to fit with your server.
  8. Uhm... Did you success? If you don't mind, please show me how, I want to host a Exile Esseker with zombie and mission AI for my buddies on LAN
  9. Wonder why we can't gut rabbit anymore? and there's no sight of other animals like bird, dog, goat, hog, cow... miss them so much, it's a perspective of a survival game anyway, don't you agree?
  10. Looking for that Exile.Esseker.pbo too
  11. Sad... same thing happened. Perhaps I should search and read more
  12. It could have been me...
  13. Keep crashing at the Arma 3 console reading mission and yes, I did it step by step, all the steps, the server did work fine with its Exile.Altis.pbo only. Have no idea what should I do now... Anyone that had the working exile.esseker.pbo file, please send to my email chipchipsd@gmail.com (for research and learning purpose to make my own mission file) or anyone that can edit a mission for my server (Exile Esseker with zed and mission AI) that would be nice, many thanks! While waiting I'll try it 1 more time from the top.
  14. solved

    I still don't know what to do, can I have your exile.esseker.pbo file, please for research purpose Thanks