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  1. My next question is:- I want to add some more roaming vehicles eg armed strider etc. do i add it to the a3_dms.pbo config.sqf or do i add it to the a3_exile_occupation.pbo config.sqf or both......... Also can i add the armed vehicles to A3XAI by just adding them to the following in a3xai_config.pbo config.cpp
  2. well i tried the first version and took a HEMMT to load a claimed gear grate from 2 guards and managed to install in base, i tyhen went and did a town occupation in Pyrgos and i couldn't mount it onto my HEMMT.. I then found out by looking in my dms static mission folder and then found the necessary info in my occupation.sqf of which i have 8 with 4 missions on each as i like town occupations.. // Get the AI to shut the fuck up :) enableSentences false; enableRadio false; // Create Crate _crate = ["Exile_Container_SupplyBox",_pos] call DMS_fnc_SpawnCrate; now i can mount and install both occupation crates and the guarded ones np thanks @Chernaruski
  3. @Chernaruski i found this // Create Crate _crate = ["I_CargoNet_01_ammo_F",_pos] call DMS_fnc_SpawnCrate; so would i just need to add target = "I_CargoNet_01_ammo_F";
  4. I cant find it or i am looking for wrong thing. I do prefer the first option above you see. I would also like the occupation crates installable (these are the ststic missions where ai take over a town) or whichever is easiest as long as i can get either the dms guarded ones or the town ones.
  5. @Chernaruski will the example you gave work as it is because i cant find it or i am looking for wrong thing. I do prefer the first option above you see. I would also like the occupation crates installable (these are the ststic missions where ai take over a town) or whichever is easiest
  6. is there a way to make DMS supply crates installable in bases like the exile supply drops
  7. the flags are on top of the terminal at the traders thats why they are that high and the height is how i have them as uk flags exported from editor and used for last 2 years.... the flag is myflag.paa yes.... the dimensions are correct as i have used the flag for my base flag before
  8. still no joy on my altis map i downloaded the a3_custom.pbo @ExileServer\addons\a3_custom\init\fn_init.sqf i also noticed a config.cpp file was in @ExileServer\addons\a3_custom so i left it there @ExileServer\addons\a3_custom\mapcontent\flags.sqf these are exact coords i was using already in my initserver.sqf ( as i am using the above i deleted them from initserver.sqf so no conflicts occur ) Created a folder "textures" & added it to my mission folder. Dropped logo in Exile.Altis\textures\myflag.paa no flags show up
  9. ok do i still make a flags.sqf where do i add it all please and thanks
  10. made a folder called custom and put the flags.sqf in it made a folder called textures and put my logo.paa in it added [] ExecVM "custom\flags.sqf"; to initplayerlocal.sqf altered the coord of flag to suit mine where i want it ( i have a uk flag and used its coord and deleted the flag from my initserver.sqf as i have all my uk flags there) it didn't work the logo.paa is ok aswell as i have used it to make a custom base flag but the devs have included one for me in the latest release so now i can use it when i get it working for my traders flags outside terminal
  11. i added //trader1 ELECKTRO// _pos = [14735.4,16565.1,17.91]; _object = createVehicle ["Exile_Item_Flag ", _pos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _object setDir 41.525; _object setPosATL _pos; _object forceFlagTexture [0,"textures\logo.paa"]; _object allowDamage false; to the end of my initserver.sqf and it did not work, i added my flag coords of a known flag position and pasted it in and added the text exactly as seen from my example. did i need to add anything else such as ) or something
  12. I have a few flags at my altis terminal flying. I want to know how to add a different flag desigb to the server. I have my flag.paa design but i want to know what todo to change my flags to this new design. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH A BASE FLAG. My flags are just for decoration. I found out how to change the exile billboards to my design, but cant find any info about flags added to the terminal etc
  13. @twitch.tv/smokedog77 huron crates are fine, i am using the ones i have always used at same locations and are fine, fuel, ammo and repair all working
  14. my logo no longer shows on my vehicles or uniform
  15. I cannot connect to server, it is vanilla lan server and was fine with 1.03 but now i have put v1.04 on and i connect via steam as it is a lan connection and it goes through the loading screens as usual and then gets to a pic of a map and within a few seconds sends me back to steam where i connect i am running vanilla exile