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  1. Taity_Ace

    You are not in your territory

    Did you come across a fix? Cause no one seems to want to answer this issue..... We are having the same issue, aaaand no help haha
  2. Taity_Ace

    0.9.32 Update Build Issue

    Could you please show your config files pertaining to the building? Or anything that can help? We aren't even updating, it's a clean database because we are only just setting up the server. Anyone even? Any help on this would be appreciated.
  3. Taity_Ace

    0.9.32 Update Build Issue

    I'm gunna go with the fact that none of us have upgraded to 0.9.32b. I figured it would be the problem. I'll give that a go in the morning. And if that fails, I will make the try bullet_'s way. I'm sure the update will fix it though.
  4. Taity_Ace

    0.9.32 Update Build Issue

  5. Taity_Ace

    0.9.32 Update Build Issue

    have you updated to 0.9.32b? Or are you clientside? Not server side?
  6. Taity_Ace

    0.9.32 Update Build Issue

    Hey guys. I'm sorry if this has been answered already but I've gone through so much of the forum I might just ask now. Is it just me or is building still not working for anyone after the update? Placed and removed flags, as owner and admin and can't find the issue. Can someone let me know if there is a fix? Cheers