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  1. Any idea how I would go on about doing that
  2. Hi guys,I was wondering if I could set up a exile game offline just for myself. Have all the mods I want,AI mission and everything just like a server but just for myself in my computer is that possible.
  3. how would i check the database,i dont know where to look
  4. https://paste.ee/p/zHJle
  5. cant post txt files in here and pastebin has a limit.sooo nvm
  6. nvm thanks for your help,very helpful,ill continue to have this problem,thanks for being a dick
  7. MOD EDIT: Repeat after me.. "I will post my RPT to a service like Pastebin and link it"..
  8. thats the thing,is not really logged as a server problem,i place a flag and then i can steal my own flag,after server restart i cannot use that flag anymore as if is someone else flag
  9. so i'm having this issue that when i place a flag i can steal it and placing floors,walls,ect is saying that im on enemy territory,please help
  10. hey users, so i have been running into this problem i can't fix,i have custom traders and for some reason when someone comes into the traders zones shows that the person enters the zone and gives them god mode but 10 seconds later it says that i have left the trader zone (taking the protection off) altho im still in the zone. thanks.
  11. Yes I saw it now,sowwy
  12. Do they already have lockers?
  13. Can you add lockers to traders please? Or send me link to the editor please