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  1. You're a little out of touch, flossy. For the original core devs, Unreal Engine has been quite fun to learn and work with. Modding Unreal Engine is objectively so much easier than RV4 in so many places, I wouldn't rule anything out.
  2. Wow, that is absolutely awful. Now, my order was placed for me by Eichi, so I'm not sure if that gave me some special treatment, but I got the hoodie almost a week before some of the other team members got theirs, and I live in Australia. (I recived it around the same time as @kuplion) If you haven't received yours yet, I'd say wait a couple more days, then charge back. One thing a business hates the most is losing money, but if that is what it takes to get them talking, then so be it.
  3. re: goodbye arma

    To @Eichi, @Vishpala, @Grim, MrWhite, Niuva, Zigga & Psycho, who devoted their time and effort to the development of the mod, thank you. To the "Behind the scenes" people (The forum moderators, server operators, script & addon makers, tutorial writers), who went above and beyond to create 3rd party content, helpful guides and awesome servers, for/with this wonderful community, thank you. To everyone else I forgot to or failed to mention, thank you. When I first heard of Exile, I had no idea of the critical success it would later achieve, or of the friendships that were going to be made. It's been a long, awesome journey, from the first time I joined Twitch chat during a development livestream, all the way to 1.0.0 and beyond. Almost every day for the past year I have spoken with the team, talking to them as if I had known them forever, about almost everything under the sun, from what nicknames versions should be given, to gardening, relationship and fashion advice. No matter what, everybody was always friendly and happy to talk. You have all made my days and nights more enjoyable, or at the very least, more interesting. I will never forget this past year and a half, and will remember it fondly. Thank you. <3 <3 <3 - MadMoo (Otherwise known as BossMannAU)
  4. Exile is not Altis Life...
  5. Unless you're a big, identifiable, known safe organisation, you'll automatically get flagged if you send repetitive emails after a while. DKIM, SPF, Sender-ID and Domain Keys are helpful in mitigating false-flags, but unless you get placed on a white list, its bound to happen.
  6. That'll be a quick and easy way of seeing that your mail server gets blacklisted.
  7. What he is asking for is a multi-select, not combining models. The multi-select is very possible and can be done, though the team is currently very busy with bringing new things into the mod (The new buildings, for example) so it may be put on the back burner for now.
  8. Nope, there isn't. The entire team basically thought there was one, we scoured the files looking for it but, nope, nothing.
  9. Haha, we all think there is a concrete mixer, but alas, there is not.
  10. That's another issue entirely. Exile is Exile, not KOTH. Why run Exile if you're going to unlock everything? Exile is meant to be a Survival PVP modification, not a "50,000 poptabs and a Lynx on spawn" abomination.
  11. If you want a concrete base, you better be ready for a showdown... Concrete bases aren't meant to be easy.
  12. Knew you'd be the one to do it... and do it you have!
  13. Of course not. EXILE will continue long into the future.
  14. This is coming from very left of field. Sucks to see you go, good luck in future endeavors.
  15. You do know that you don't need to instantly open your parachute, right? Try opening it a procedurally lower heights, it's not like you lose anything from hitting the ground to hard. I usually open at ~200 meters, you can go even lower than that if you dare.