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  1. Lager

    [GUIDE] Server Owner w/ infiSTAR, Eden & DMS

    Is this still currently the best place to start for a guide? Thanks in advance.
  2. Lager

    Looking for Paid Scripting Advice

    Thanks to XDaVIRUS, we no longer require assistance. We appreciate the help good sir.
  3. Lager

    Looking for Paid Scripting Advice

    That would be great. What time would work best for you?.. We are actually bringing the server down atm.. if you want to join TS. UP to you.
  4. Lager

    Looking for Paid Scripting Advice

    Mostly the working relationship between battleye, TADST, and Infistar... which folders are being utilized, and getting server restarts going. I get the feeling there were too many Chef's in the kitchen upon setup, and we need to rework/organize things. I don't think our Live server is utilizing battleye at all. Following that, it would just be something that we would only contact the person for an emergency in the very rarest of occasions.
  5. We run a dedicated box with ample hardware. OS: Server 2012 Arma 3 Exile || Tanoa Primary and test servers are both up and can run. My problem was that I had multiple people assisting in the setup, and things are not as clear as I need them to be. Also running TADST if that is an issue. Feel free to message me if you would like to take a look at the work involved. PS. I am well aware of the jaded feeling towards people looking to "just get a server up and not learn anything." My hope would be to pester you as least as possible. I am really looking for a "Best Practices" adviser at this point. Thank you. Message me here, or.. TS at: email -