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  1. dragoragoda


    I had cropped the steam id out as i dont like to share that info if its my own or others i do not have the logs for that specific time when that admin got kicked. but a current player forwarded to me his logs for the past few times he has been kicked yesterday. and i scanned over it and did not find anything out of the ordinary but will upload them and maybe i missed something. The one thing myself and my admins have realized is when 1 person gets kicked it cascade kicks everyone in order with the main loop stopped error. Line 641: 26.04.2017 00:54:17: Liftoff(Removed Uid) | MAIN LOOP STOPPED! Last iteration took 14.7202s this one took 74.7202s and is not done yet.. anti anti hack? | 1h 37min 38s [08-Apr-2017 05-49-28 - v0076a] He is west coast usa server is central usa so 2 hour difference in time when he is disconnected i and 2 minutes before his kick. can upload the logs to pastebin later if you need the whole log file.
  2. dragoragoda

    [SOLVED] Watch Out Guys

    @Vergy Sorry to hear about your issue with that site. Sad that so many people in arma modding take advantage of others these days. On the flip side if you need help with anything like so many others in this thread send me a pm me. I believe that people should help others out for the betterment of arma 3. Not for personal gain. And it saddens me greatly to see that happen to a game i enjoy and love.
  3. dragoragoda


    My server is having this issue too. Even with the latest infistar update where he said it should be fixed. Line 489: 16.04.2017 01:14:44: Tryndamere() | MAIN LOOP STOPPED! Last iteration took 18.1521s this one took 78.1521s and is not done yet.. anti anti hack? | 0h 38min 54s [08-Apr-2017 05-49-28 - v0076a] Line 490: 16.04.2017 01:16:05: Adamska() | MAIN LOOP STOPPED! Last iteration took 5.7041s this one took 65.7041s and is not done yet.. anti anti hack? | 0h 40min 14s [08-Apr-2017 05-49-28 - v0076a] Hopefully it can be fixed.
  4. since 1.68 and updating infistar i have started seeing people get kicked for the following reason Scripting function 'BIS_fnc_effectKilledSecondaries' is not allowed to be remotely executed Is there a reason for this and a fix?
  5. dragoragoda

    [SOLVED] Infistar kick question

    I might be wrong here but i believe you have the wrong infistar installed. comparing this to my logs you have v0426 when mine does that it says v074 14:57:30 "<infiSTAR.de>CONNECTLOG| #2 Disconnected: Adamska() Owner: 19, SteamName: [23-Mar-2017 17-57-16 - v0074]"
  6. Since 1.66 hotifx i am having an issue with revive system on my server. randomly when trying to revive a player it will glitch and choose an alive player in proximity and try to revive them then fail killing the player these two players are on the ground trying to revive each other shortly after this player dies in a heli above them. this started with 1.66 hotfix
  7. dragoragoda

    1.66 BUGS/PROBLEMS HOTFIX Released!

    yeah i read them too and 12 seperate mentions of changes to respawn in them for arma 3 this patch hopefully a fix can be found but least for the interim we can just downgrade to 1.64 via legacy code.
  8. Since 1.0.0 we have had players randomly spawn back were they died last or back 5-10 minutes before the death. We have no errors in the database infistar detects the death but database does not update their death. to replicate it on both our live or test server i can take a player shoot them with a vehicle weapon and they will die after they respawn they will be were the body is but if i shoot them with a rifle or pistol it kills them normally what would cause this were could i look for a fix.
  9. So after updating to latest exad i have been getting an error when grinding locks everything else is working just cant grind locks. When i grind locks i get the following error. i have reinstalled and double checked it twice and have even checked the install with the installation guide 2-3 times and still i get the animation i get the bar on the door but it doesnt damage the lock or remove it. it does the little skit says i think im getting through shows the animation and then finishes and uses the batteries but doesnt unlock the door.
  10. dragoragoda

    [SOLVED] Runcheck

    I was getting this error and posted in the forums and steps i found to solve it and if you look at the log files it shows spam like this 4:11:27 WARNING: Function 'name' - Cancer is dead after i went through over a week of testing different settings and configurations and rebuilt my test server from scratch twice over i figured out it was only when i put files from 0.56 in if i rolled back all files tied to 0.56 it fixed itself. maybe its coincidence on my part but it seems for some reason on 0.56 it doesnt like deadplayers i can take the same server and change just the antihack files and it will fix itself. So for now my server is just holding off on the next infistar update before updating.
  11. To start this out i would like to explain the steps i took. First on july 24th we updated to the new 0.56 antihack by infistar, after this happened players started getting runcheck failed but it was random and inconsistant. We spent a half a week rebuilding our server in a private environment and all went great until we added the antihack. So we removed our mods again this time we threw just the antihack and exile on the server and it spams We then rolled back the antihack to 0.55 infistar for exile and put it on the server with exile instead of 0.56 I dont know the difference but installed both the same using the same settings and configuration values. Hoping someone has had or fixed this issue
  12. dragoragoda

    New Map Markers and Scuba Traders

    Can write 6 paragrahs entailing future stuff but not write 1 sentence documenting each change done while deving the mod so that a proper changelog is done on a patch. gg rip thanks for following development standard
  13. dragoragoda

    Trader price issue

    the problem was that i had copied a semi colon into one of the files when i added the flag poles to itemlistexile.hpp it was at the bottom so i missed it once i removed the semi colon all was well
  14. dragoragoda

    Trader price issue

    i found my issue with it rebuilt it a 5th time and got the base file working thanks for your time and help
  15. dragoragoda

    Trader price issue

    i saw that post too and i tried reverting we had 0.9.8 up on altis and traders worked fine. then i redid and we ported back to chernarus now traders say 0 for price and error code 3 happens. i reverted to stock traders and same issue happens. i could understand traders not working due to custom code in trader files but with direct copy and paste from exile.altis.pbo into exile.chernarus.pbo and using the same lines of code from its config.cpp and maybe im missing something but ive rebuilt my config.cpp multiple times.