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  1. I remember seeing a tutorial on Killzone Kids' ArmA scripting/programming website about making custom .dll's and how they can interact with ArmA. It got me thinking that it would be quite handy if you could get ArmA 2/3 to spit out a json file every 5 minutes with information like: Current map, current player count, player names, score, uptime etc. This json data could then be used on your website to display current server status/info. Similar to TeamSpeak panels that show currently connected users, channel names, etc. I realize a lot of this info can be embedded into your site from places like GameTracker, but then you don't learn anything do you? Anyone know if this sort of thing is possible? It's something I've been thinking about for a few months now but am a little out of my depth in terms of programming knowledge. Would love to see it a reality.
  2. In my experience (Admining and modding various ArmA 2 + 3 servers) it's as simple as: you don't want to be paying for an empty server so you cave and give in to player requests. An Exile server isn't cheap, and having it empty 99% of the time is disheartening. So when players start asking for mission scripts or new vehicles at traders... you let them have them because you want them to come back... and hopefully bring friends. It's not really anything new. Players will always find something to complain about or something they want changing "for the better". Regardless of game or mod(ification). But yeah, most players want it to be fun... and fun Exile is usually easy Exile. (Then they get bored because they're rich, have a huge base, armed vehicles and "it's not challenging any more.)
  3. DY357LX

    Australia Map Developer here

    Well, you can copy them but you'll get errors if there's a closing brace missing. For those wondering, the missing brace was at the end of Land_IGA_GeneralStore. (Line ~390) Here's the fixed block: class Land_IGA_GeneralStore { table="Shop"; positions[]= { {12.3682, 1.13672, -1.20155}, {8.03711, 1.75, -1.20155}, {10.1826, -6.79102, -1.20155}, {-6.63672, -1.55078, -1.20155}, {-1.62891, 1.125, -1.20155}, {-0.858398, -7.4043, -1.20155} }; };
  4. DY357LX

    Australia Map Developer here

    Hi @Ausisland The loot table file you posted a link to contains { 417 times but } 416 times. Where's the missing (extra?) { / } need to be added (removed?)?
  5. Newbie scripting question here, all advice is welcome. A friend wants fog to appear in his Exile server during certain hours. Been playing around in the editor and this seems to work: _date = date; // If it's after 9pm, roll in fog over 60 seconds. if (date select 3 >= 21) then { 60 setFog [1, 0, 0]; } // If it's after 9am then clear the fog. else if (date select 3 >= 9) then { 60 setFog [0, 0, 0]; }; How would be the best way to implement this into Exile? Save as customFog.sqf, and add: execVM "scripts\customFog.sqf"; to our init.sqf would load the script but, as far as I'm aware, only check the time once. So how do we keep checking without affecting performance? Thanks. UPDATE: Had a thought, could we use waitUntil ? // Would add the fog at 9pm but never clear it? waitUntil {date select 3 >= 21} { // Draw fog code } // Clear it? waitUntil {date select 3 >= 9} { // Clear fog code } Would that work? Will play with the Editor in the morning, is 3am here.
  6. DY357LX

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    That's an Infistar kick, not a BattlEye kick. Alter your antihack settings, either switch off the LocalMarker checker or add the VEMF markers to the safelist/whitelist.
  7. DY357LX

    Esseker setup on gtx server

    Where did you get the Exile.Esseker.pbo mission file? Did you upload the @Esseker folder and @AiA folder to your GTX server? And did you open your server config and change the missions cycle from Exile.Altis to Exile.Esseker?
  8. DY357LX

    Weapon Case Bag

    Would the weapon case bag be a backpack slot item, like in the DayZ mod?
  9. DY357LX

    Exile IgiLoad with TaruPodMod

    Does this a custom IDD to work with InfiSTAR Admin tools? (It has a list of whitelisted/approved "_allowedIDDs")
  10. DY357LX

    Error I got everytime I enter a server

    Create a new profile in ArmA 3 and try logging in/connecting a server with that.
  11. DY357LX

    Looking for good dedi host site

    What would be the player limit (with a good framerate) for the £35 package that uses the Intel Xeon E3 1245v2?
  12. DY357LX

    R3F Exile

    I'm not seeing any mentions of the Tempest, Hemtt or Zamak in the github config? R3F_LOG_CFG_can_tow = R3F_LOG_CFG_can_tow + [ // e.g. : "MyTowingVehicleClassName1", "MyTowingVehicleClassName2" "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Civillian", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Red", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Beige", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_White", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Blue", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_DarkRed", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_BlueCustom", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla01", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla02", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla03", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla04", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla05", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla06", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla07", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla08", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla09", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla10", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla11", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla12" ];Classnames (from Exile.Altis mission file config.cpp) appear to be: "Exile_Car_Tempest", "Exile_Car_Zamak", "Exile_Car_HEMMT" Bringing the code to read: R3F_LOG_CFG_can_tow = R3F_LOG_CFG_can_tow + [ // e.g. : "MyTowingVehicleClassName1", "MyTowingVehicleClassName2" "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Civillian", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Red", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Beige", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_White", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Blue", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_DarkRed", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_BlueCustom", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla01", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla02", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla03", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla04", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla05", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla06", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla07", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla08", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla09", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla10", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla11", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Repair_Guerilla12", "Exile_Car_Tempest", "Exile_Car_Zamak", "Exile_Car_HEMMT" ];Does this look right to you guys?
  13. You know when the server is ready, the RPT displays a "server is ready/can now accept players!" message. How could we alter that code so that the message is visible in remote tools like DaRT, EPM etc?
  14. Several of our players were requesting HMG Ifrits at the traders. So I opened config.cpp in the mission file and added the HMG Ifrit under the normal Ifrit, like this: class Exile_Car_Ifrit { quality = 1; price = 5000; }; class O_MRAP_02_F { quality = 1; price = 9000; }; I then found the items[] array for Class Cars and added the HMT Ifrit classname as the final entry... with no comma. The trader sold the car to the players just fine... but for some reason, after a restart, the Ifrits started exploding. (Didn't try selling it or selling cargo.) How do I prevent this please? Thanks.
  15. DY357LX

    Custom Image on billbords?

    Sent you a PM.