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  1. I opened it back up .. its incognito, maybe I can play a while before someone figures out its me, just cant find any servers I like that arent 300 ping away
  2. Ive come and gone in the past .. not my first rodeo . when your a one man show .. makes it harder to cope with the bs
  3. no .. no fix .. but users said they would rather keep as is than lose it all together. But I decided to close my server ..had enough of all the bullshit .. just can't deal with it anymore. Not from this issue .. bigger than this
  4. I have no problems at all with R3F and Fox.. never added to R3F
  5. No occupation here - that is just trash imho, and I don't have any probs with R3F .. haven't in a long time
  6. Ok good to know @WURSTKETTE just assumed was normal init.sqf item
  7. Ur making it over complicated If you don't have a folder called custom, make one in the mission.pbo copy above to notepad ++ save the file as safezonerelocate.sqf change above to how you want it .. put that in custom folder .. add this to init.sqf in the mission.pbo .. if you don't have init.sqf .. create one [] execVM "custom\safezonerelocate.sqf"; repack your pbo .. done
  8. Verschließen Sie Autos oder bleiben Sie unverriegelt
  9. Anyone having issues with this since 1.04 and infistar v92 ? can repair, and refuel. rearm flashes sometimes then goes poof ..also now am x64 db3 as well
  10. Ahh .. thanks
  11. Anyone notice that the quads etc spawned from this are disappearing ..they seem to be doing a cleanup outside of the normal server restart cleanup .. If died and had them go poof.. even had some people say that went into the trader and came out and it was poof lol .. which I find amusing .. but it's really weird .. is it just me ? Im mean it does save from people spawning them like crazy then not packing them up ..but lol And Im using the RHS Mud Buggy instead of the Quad .. by the way
  12. If you covered previously I was asleep at the wheel LOL Thank You Baron .. thats more than I was getting in the exile discord
  13. Ok.. but all the people coming from Exad .. as where expecting the same functionality ..I can't be the only one going wtf .. if that was said somewhere then I totally missed it .. and if so I do apologize .. I don't want the vehicles to delete from VG unless the territory is paid .. not activity .. but I can live with it that way .. I just need to change the del on inactivity to be the same all the way around. Was just a shock that it was happening ..
  14. I have server cleanup for vehicles on the server outside in the wild .. set to cleanup every 3 days .. with exad .. that had no effect on the VG .. nor should it with 1.0.4 .. if it does someone needs to rethink that , so now I have to set the cleanup to the same as the Territory? that's just dumb. If that is so .. How do I modify to change that back like it was with exad .. 7 day territory to include VG .. and leave the cars outside the territory and VG 3 days .. please
  15. my question why isn't this already in there .. .. shouldn't it be ? it should only be cleaning out the VG when the territory is deleted from unpaid .. not randomly