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  1. Goblin

    Random Kicks

  2. Goblin

    Random Kicks

    I resolved this problem by deleting and reinstalling @Exile , it hasn't happened since I did .
  3. Goblin

    Problems With Concrete Floors

    I would look further . I have a 3 level concrete base on Tanoa with spawn crates on lvl 2 and 3 , no problems . It is located on grass .
  4. Goblin

    [Script suggestion] PERSONAL OBJECTIVES

    Although the Idea has merit , I'd like to point out the players were on an empty server when they started . This is a community , in a very large Sandbox , with players all playing the same game 60 different ways on a 60 person server . If you join a server with players that have experience you will learn just be reading chat , and asking a question , while humbling or funny at times is always encouraged . At least in my experience , so lets give some credit to the Veteran players and Admins out there that go out of their way to Help the new Players . Just my 2c
  5. Goblin

    Repair Trucks Repairing All vehicles??

    Exile is faction based , it uses Independent/GUER side , so Kuma , Lada , Strider , Zamack etc will work because they are on the Independant Side . All others won't including mod added cars that aren't independent side .
  6. Goblin

    1.0.0 corrupt issue.

    Update your version , it's under Mods
  7. Goblin

    1.0.0 corrupt issue.

    Use this http://a3launcher.com/
  8. Goblin

    No option to place breaching charges

    @MudBone You don't happen to use Extended Base Mod do you ?
  9. Goblin

    Have to reinvite people into group after death/respawn.

    Isn't it a Bitch when the Game doesn't cooperate when you think you found a way too break the rules ?? I mean , doing it is one thing , asking for help is another Edit : If you don't like the rules , why play there ? Find a server with Rules that Suit You .
  10. Goblin

    The Special Purpose Helmet is too strong

    That's the thing , they haven't disabled all Thermals , only the ones on items that they chose to include in the mod . Add B_MRAP_01_hmg_F and look at the Gunner view or this guy , optic_tws_mg which can be found on Ai by default in the Black missions , I think in DMS , which many servers have . That Helm is part of Arma , not Exile , just like the 2 examples I just gave .
  11. Goblin

    [SOLVED] Mines

    They last until reset
  12. Goblin

    The Special Purpose Helmet is too strong

    The corresponding Uniform is Immune to Thermal , So that's your Countermeasure , Example at 1:20> To the Guy with a Shotgun and Slugs , The Guy with an AK is OP , it's all how you look at it
  13. Goblin

    Server Down

  14. Goblin

    Exile download mirrors unreliable

    Update your A3 version , and restart it