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  1. hogansheroes

    AI hijacking player vehicles... no shit.

    We have AI and Zombies stealing player vics on my server and to be honest its great, if A = you cant lock your vics up well too bad and B = put vics into vg if at base, Then in saying this we have also had issues where AI or Zeds will steal a locked vic. Zombies wont steal if you are not in your area that depends how you configed the server. Ai will steal vics reguardless if locked or unlocked and if you are on or not. So dont get attached to any vics as you will lose them in some way. And for the topic i love the idea of vics going from ai or zeds
  2. download it from here https://github.com/redned70/DMSStaticMissions/tree/master/Napf/Napf Castle Mission
  3. hogansheroes

    Server crash after 1 hour

    the question is what mods and scripts are you running as you could be over loading the server
  4. hogansheroes

    Compass Heading

    here is the script version uses though xm8 https://www.dropbox.com/s/p4ilrcmj2brbq4e/Compass Heading Script Version.pbo?dl=0
  5. hogansheroes

    Compass Heading

    No ID is needed for infistar
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hw80yqs1cgr3919/Ore_Mining.pbo?dl=0 here is my ore script what im using, so just copy/paste but make sure to back up your work
  7. so the missions are working for the ore and farming
  8. so the missions are coming up for survival pack
  9. what i see here it should be working, so what isnt it doing
  10. if you can send me what you have added to your server thats the mission.pbo and whats inside the exile_server_config.pbo
  11. i have to go out for 2 hours will be happy to help when i get back
  12. have you added this to initPlayerLocal.sqf as you can see i added to a custom folder and here is the link http://www.filedropper.com/oremining /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////// Ore Mining /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// DDR_fnc_Mushrooms = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "Custom\Ore_Mining\drugs\mushrooms.sqf"; DDR_fnc_Weed = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "Custom\Ore_Mining\drugs\weed.sqf"; DDR_fnc_Ore_Mining = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "Custom\Ore_Mining\mining\ore_mining.sqf"; DDR_fnc_Crystal_Mining = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "Custom\Ore_Mining\mining\crystal_mining.sqf";
  13. have you got this inside your CfgInteractionMenus also have you added the ones to your exile_server.pbo as i have no issues
  14. hogansheroes

    Australia ATMs

    have you tried this class ATM { targetType = 2; target = "Aus_ATM"; class Actions { class LockerAccess: ExileAbstractAction { title = "Locker Access"; condition = "true"; action = "call ExileClient_gui_lockerDialog_show;"; }; }; };