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  1. hogansheroes

    Trader code 12 CUP mods

    he meant the rpt error report and save things to pastebin or spoiler the 12 error is when i vehicle is spawning to a location that maybe to far away or other vics on the same spot
  2. hogansheroes

    the purchased item disappears

    Why not explain it more, instead of saying Why, after restarting the server, the purchased item disappears . I didnt realise that we are a mind reader in your server on how it runs.
  3. hogansheroes

    Question regarding radiation zones

    the best thing is to place a small item like a rabbit, use the coords from that
  4. hogansheroes

    Question regarding radiation zones

    Yes for the circles yes thats easy as you dont like players to avoild those areas which they would. And let us know if your zones work correctly
  5. hogansheroes

    Question regarding radiation zones

    Just remember the radiation zones are just a core for you to either use or edit, in most cases people edit it as they like the zones to be in other places. That why by jumping into the editor to get new locations and replacing with the old ones
  6. hogansheroes

    [solved] Tanks DLC - Adding the Custom CAMO

    ive updated the script ExileServer_object_vehicle_carefulCreateVehicle.sqf as had a tank missing
  7. hogansheroes

    InfiSTAR BUG?

    By the sounds of it you havnt installed infistar correctly, all you are doing is showing us a pic of what everyone gets, get to the point in what you have done to get this to work so we can see where you went wrong or are missing.
  8. hogansheroes

    [solved] Tanks DLC - Adding the Custom CAMO

    Thats right spawning in any vehicle if its camo wont show till restart or place into vg, if you buy from the shop it will spawn out with camo
  9. hogansheroes

    [solved] Tanks DLC - Adding the Custom CAMO

    no for infistar, what we may need to do is to see if anyone else is having the same issue as you
  10. hogansheroes

    [solved] Tanks DLC - Adding the Custom CAMO

    we dont have any issues on my server reguarding this, so its strange why are are. Also put the script back into the exile_server.pbo and let it call it from there not your mission.pbo
  11. hogansheroes

    Question regarding radiation zones

    You can always remove the old location/coords out of the mission.sqm and replace it with you new coords, just jump into the editor and get your location and the coords from there.
  12. hogansheroes

    [solved] Tanks DLC - Adding the Custom CAMO

    Not sure man as these errors are related to otherscripts, and i never got these errors when i first did it and still don't get them to this day. But where did you place ExileServer_object_vehicle_carefulCreateVehicle.sqf after you edit it
  13. hogansheroes

    [solved] Tanks DLC - Adding the Custom CAMO

    No problems man, and we are here to help everyone that needs help, all they need to do is ask, say please and thankyou. These words go along way in the exile community.
  14. hogansheroes

    addOns and addOnsAuto

    well it should state in your rpt if needed or not, otherwise add the mod and find out. This will be the only way for you to know if it needs to be added into the mission.sqm. trial and error
  15. hogansheroes

    addOns and addOnsAuto

    also when you have you can not play/edit this mission in your rpt they will go into the addOns[]= { "exile_client", "a3_characters_f", "cup_chernarus_config" };