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  1. so what mods or scripts you running
  2. Once a hacker always a hacker , even if they say sorry and i plan not to hack again HAHA what a joke, i plan not to hack again, which means you would
  3. if you can lower the zombie spawns that will bring the server frames up
  4. when you remove occupation does your server load correctly
  5. When i had this issue back in the day it was a mission that it was causing all the missions to freeze, also check your config.sqf for the timers or paste your config.sqf as there maybe an issue with it
  6. inside your exile_server_config\config.cpp have you changed /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Community Base Addons /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class CBA { // Set this to 1 if you want to have CBA support useStackedEH = 0; // If you set this to 1 ........................................... iReallyWantToGetHackedAndImRetarded = 0; }; useStackedEH = 1;
  7. OK so that works WITHOUT cup_weapons, item, vehicles and cba
  8. Can you readd your mission.sqm and make sure to back it up
  9. have you added the keys for the mods
  10. whats the rpt report now that its giving you
  11. remove all from the addOnsAuto[]= addOnsAuto[]= { "exile_client" };
  12. open your mission.sqm and add/edit the required items as this is what its asking you to do
  13. would be nice to have this on the server and to change how you want it to be
  14. In your video whats the issue as i see nothing wrong, i did notice that when you turn engine on there was nothing or maybe configure your arma settings