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  1. That's a shame, thanks for the heads up.
  2. I have tried adding random uniforms to the zombies by changing lines 132-141 in SpawnZombie.sqf and then changing the zVest array to a bunch of different uniforms. // Add Zombie Loot if !(call _vestGroup == "") then { _zombie forceAddUniform call _vestGroup; if !(call _lootGroup == "") then { _zombie addItemToUniform call _lootGroup; }; }; This works and adds the loot correctly, but the zombies have stopped roaming. They will just spawn and stand in place, any thoughts?
  3. Mr Sin

    Poptabs for donations... wtf

    Yeah, his killfeed and statusbar scripts were just copies of others, with his name at the top.
  4. Mr Sin

    Poptabs for donations... wtf

    Rumour has it that he also DDosed many other communities if they used "his" scripts, including ours.
  5. Mr Sin

    New Server Loading Bad

    A3Launcher also has a "select perf build" option under the Settings tab.
  6. Mr Sin

    Miniguns broken

    What he has linked is a whole other mod that you would need to drop the key in the keys folder for and then add to startup parameters. Thing is, every client would need to launch the game with this mod too.
  7. Mr Sin

    Safe labels

    What about a new buildable object that could display text?.. Maybe something like this from another very popular survival sandbox game.
  8. Mr Sin

    Extended Base Mod

    They aren't supposed to be able to be blown up with anything except for the new breaching charges.
  9. Mr Sin

    Object placement question

    Download it manually from the downloads section on the website and place it in your Arma 3 folder. Boot up steam > Run Arma 3 > In the launcher select all the mods you want and then load ExileEden mod as well > Press Go.
  10. Mr Sin

    Object placement question

    Eden won't output a format that the initserver.sqf understands. You need to load up Eden with either M3editor or Exile's newly released Eden plugin. This will then show another tab on the menu bar which allows you to export the objects in sqf format.
  11. Mr Sin

    Base objects health bug?

    I have posted in there asking if he was aware of the problem.
  12. Mr Sin

    Extended Base Mod

    I've been informed that EBM may be affecting the Exile base objects (wood, concrete walls/floors etc) so that they are destructable as well. Is this the case? And if so, is there any way to disable this?
  13. Mr Sin

    Base objects health bug?

    Yes I am. I knew it wasn't that exile wasn't functioning correctly, but that something was conflicting. I will take a look at EBM and see if there is a way to disable this. Thanks for investigating!
  14. Mr Sin

    Show off your base.

    Did a reverse image search and didn't find anything. Found a couple of youtube videos with these pictures as thumbnails that were uploaded AFTER they were posted on here. Get the facts straight before you accuse people of stealing without evidence.
  15. Mr Sin

    CRE4MPIE's StatusBar. I need help.

    Arma3 Client Performance, should be the first one.