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  1. BaroN

    Has anyone seen this error?

    The the server you are trying to connect to hasn't....
  2. BaroN

    Has anyone seen this error?

    Yes. Either you or the server haven't updated CUP. It updated yesterday.
  3. BaroN

    r3f crate loading

    Check the file called config.sqf in the r3f folder. Towards the bottom you will see some instructions on how to configure the two load in sections. One sets the vehicles and mass of which vehicles can load and the next, which vehicles can be loaded. You need the crates in the can be loaded section and the types of vehicles to carry the crates in the can load section
  4. The problem started a couple of arma updates back when Arma 'improved' / messed around with the default ports for BE and rcon....
  5. Yes, you need to help us all apply pressure to Arma about it. Post in the BE channel in their Discord. BE service is not releasing the client IP when the client suffers any kind of force disconnect. So, when they reconnect with the same IP, they get the proverbial 'bird' (middle finger...) The only thing you can do is advise clients to switch on a VPN, restart their router if their IP is dynamic or, restart the server which restarts the BE server service.
  6. BaroN

    Quick fix for Cement Mixers not showing up

    Still don't think you should advise people to delete their Russian roulette default exile code without some kind of replacement.... And again, this works fine in the vanilla exile files as I have been using it since the first day exile was publicly released...
  7. BaroN

    Quick fix for Cement Mixers not showing up

    Never heard of an issue where cement mixers don't show up and that code above is in the default initServer.sqf for all supported maps....? Also, how does that fix whatever problem you had with Russian roulette? To confirm, I use the default code for Russian roulette and cement mixers and it works fine.....
  8. This script will add an ammo field in the vehicle table in the database to record the vehicle's ammo and provides the code to read / write to and from it. The other stuff should work automatically with the default exile vg and has nothing to do with what this script is doing.
  9. This already exists in the exile code by default. My guess is you are having problems with your VG. The default exile VG, if configured correctly, will retrieve vehicles with the same amount of fuel and damage they were stored with.
  10. BaroN

    Loading screen typo

    Oh dear..... That's it down tools everyone. No way we'll ever recover from this....
  11. BaroN

    ListBox Help

  12. Why not try it and see for yourself?
  13. BaroN

    Exile UI shrank, other UI cut off.

    doesn't work for me that well on 4k either. I just turn back to other resolutions
  14. BaroN

    [Release] (Bounties) Most Wanted

    Fine for me too