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  1. For performance stick with dms and zcp. Zcp utilises dms's ai so, is relatively light. Also, dms allows you to offload the ai resources from the server to the clients. Although vemf is great with town occupation missions and base attack missions where ai will spawn on a random base, I found that it was resource heavy which you'll notice if you fill your server. Plus, zcp, if configured to do so, can also take over towns. Can always do what we did, run all 3 until you get pop and notice any issues and then pull one of them. Anyway, good luck and have fun.
  2. This problem has been around for a while and I'm wondering if the exile code for spawning spawn vehicles with some or no ammo may be messing with it. I'm away at the moment and on potato Internet so, can't trace through the exile files but, that's where I would start.
  3. This issue was identified in the exile 1.0.4 update. Nothing to do with the arma update. That said, I'm not sure whether a fix was published.
  4. No probs. Good luck and enjoy
  5. you need to unpack whichever mission you want to use. The .pbo files your arrow is pointing to. Then you will have a folder named the same but, with a series of files inside it. One of them is called description.ext Unpack using whatever you prefer, I use pbomanager. Make your edits, repack and re-upload to that same location.
  6. Why wipe rather than get your dB maintenance settings right so the server auto cleans itself? Not gloating or anything but, the only time I've wiped and that includes an arma 2 dayz epoch server that's been live for 5 years now, is that server and because we wanted to change the building restrictions quite drastically.
  7. Nice share
  8. Who, what? Just find servers that have grinding turned off like ours. Problem solved
  9. well, it's a bit strange. the function in the config to switch it on was removed between 0090 and 0092 but, the code still exists in the AH file. So, if you have an older version of infi, just merge the config back in and let us know how you get on. I would be in breach of the ToS of infi to paste the code here...soz
  10. Also credit to @:]v[: Assassin for detailing the exploit
  11. Great post and nice work @Beowulfv However, it is worth considering that whenever a player gets shot in the vehicle, the player who killed him can't then get the vehicle as a reward.... There is some code released somewhere which auto ejects players from vehicles as they are killed, maybe you could add that and then set the vehicle to unlock as the driver is ejected...? Just a thought but, again, nice work
  12. only starts a new player if the existing player damage is at 100%
  13. infiSTAR has or certainly had it in the past.
  14. This dev blog takes you through a step by step process of how to use the loot compiler. I strongly suggest you learn this as, once you have learnt it, you'll see how quick and simple it is and it will then give you freedom to recompile your loot every time you add or change items on your server