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  1. Hey Man ! I have this when I try to connect on the serv


    17:37:47 Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgDifficulties/ExileRegular/Flags.StaminaBar'.
    17:37:47 Warning Message: []: '/' not an array
    17:37:47 Cannot evaluate '' - no file
    17:37:47 Warning Message: []: '/' not an array
    17:37:47 Cannot evaluate '' - no file
    17:37:47 Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgDifficulties/ExileHardcore/Flags.StaminaBar'.
    17:37:47 Warning Message: []: '/' not an array
    17:37:47 Cannot evaluate '' - no file
    17:37:47 Warning Message: []: '/' not an array
    17:37:47 Cannot evaluate '' - no file



    Can't lof, is it me ??

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    2. Lightseb


      Hello Baron
      Ty for the works and update :)

      We are experiancing the same issues before update. When you log off and reco, black screen.

      Then I leave, and I saw that the server doesnt kick our character, I stay "connected & live" for gametracker and A3 luncher. I'm not the only one, asked to a friend to test same, and 3 others players too atm I was connected. (now its 11:25, I left the serv 15min ago and still online for the serv)

      Some player 4 or 5 get the problem with spawning and parachute, they die or crash and get kicked. They were bored and left the serv. I told them to report this on the gogsworld forum.

      Server keep crashing, just @ 10:30pm and now 11:15, serv stop responding, we can move, empty our inventory, but we cant take anything or can't do any action like close door, lock, unlock...

      Do you have the limit objets number by lvl base ? I upgraded my base 2 times and can't place any objets "limit reached" I would like to see/know which lvl I need to move objets :)

      Thanks for everything again


      Best regards

    3. Lightseb


      Tonight session

      4 5 new players having the problem with parachutes they commit suicide, they are kicked after.

      Big lags when someone enter in a citie, the zombie spawn and all the serv get a big lag, each time.
      Fisrt hour, no zombies, Can't find them ^^ but I dont know why, they started to spawn like that, with no reason after one 1.5 hour of play.
      Zombies are spawning everywhere :D Some players said "impossible to play on" cause they cant do missions, building... THEY said, not me heh ^^
      I think, yes it's hard but have to be carefull, but people think they are too many, I dont know I dont go in cities, when I do mission they are few Z around I can car kill or just kill, but sometime there is a party with 10 15 Z under my base :D

    4. BaroN


      Hey man, lets bring this over to our forums on gogsworld. It will help debugging as others may also comment on their experiences.


      I'm worried about your base, as that date looked corrupted to me...it actually has 0 for the month if you look closely.

      I had to take zeds off again for the crashes but, as I mentioned above, lets shift your superb feedback to our web as it may help others...