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  1. Shelby

    No loot spawning due to missing object ids?

    Thanks for your help. I put ExileServer both in the server mod and mod lines because I was testing pretty much everything I could think of. I tried them both seperately as well. As for the backslashes: A semicolon denotes an "End of Line" on Linux based systems, which is why you need the backslashes to escape them.
  2. Shelby

    No loot spawning due to missing object ids?

    Dude, this post is almost a year old No, I never found a fix for this sadly and, believe it or not, the problem still persists. Sorry.
  3. Shelby

    Monsoon script

    You may need to disable Exile's weather system or somehow integrate the monsoon weather into it. Exile uses weather keyframes, as seen in the config.cpp.
  4. This. Also, to get the mission file, just rename Exile.Altis to Exile.Bornholm. You'll need to move and rename the spawn zones and traders yourself in the editor though.
  5. Shelby

    Database issue cannot solve

    It looks like your extDB2 plugin isn't where it should be. Or maybe it's inaccessable somehow. Look under @ExileServer if the extDB2.dll is still there (or, if you're on linux, . Also check file permissions, if that's the case).
  6. Shelby

    Need Help Setting Up Exile Server!

    S. wrote a wonderful guide on this here: As most of it doesn't pertain to you with a rented gaming server, look under "STEP 06: Exile Installation".
  7. Shelby


    I legit have no idea what you are trying to write... Are you saying that you can't place a flag down or something?
  8. Shelby

    Need help with getting lootspawns to work

    Just download the new server files from and edit the config there. The classes are called CfgBuildings and CfgExileLootServer.
  9. Hi. I'm having a problem with loading custom maps. Every time I try to load a map that isn't included with Exile, I get the error message mentioned in the title several times until the server automatically restarts and the whole thing begings anew. I thought it was an outdated addon, but after updating everything and even reinstalling my server, no luck. Here's my RPT: My startup parameters look like this: ./arma3server -autoinit -config=@ExileServer/config.cfg -servermod=@ExileServer\; -mod=@Exile\;@CUPTerrainsCore\;@CUPTerrainsMaps\;@CUPTerrainsCWA\;@Napf Now here's the thing: It all worked fine until I updated Arma for the newest version. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Shelby

    CBA PBO Errors

    Do you have access to the keys directory on your server? Because if you do, you could try copying the keys from your local version of CBA to the server and everything should be fine.
  11. Shelby

    MIssions no start

    There is a config file in @ExileServer. You need to set -config=@ExileServer/config.cfg (or -config=@ExileServer\config.cfg if you're on windows) in your startup parameters.
  12. Shelby

    Server crashing randomly

    Nah. That part looks just fine. But then again, infistar isn't really my metier, so I might be wrong.
  13. Shelby

    Server freeze

    Holy shit batman, that's a long log. Here's the things that stuck out to me: Doesn't look too gamebreaking to me, but you got some broken stuff to take care of man Also this happens increasingly often leading up to the freeze: Good thing arma and mods around it have such meaningful error messages or we'd have trouble debugging it... /sarcasm Just as a stab in the dark, check what DMS and any other AI thing you got going are doing. Maybe they are looping somewhere.