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  1. FragZ

    Looking for players and potential Game masters

    I like it so far. If you need devs, admins, GMs, I am down for a new project. Interesting turn!
  2. FragZ

    New server, new to setting up server.

    PM me if you still need help.
  3. FragZ

    Suggested functionality

    I think he means to put them into the DB from within the game... If I read him correctly. Because yes variables can be hacked I think having admins in the DB just like Altis Life would be a much better way to deal with adding/removing admins of different levels. Server admins would just have to edit the config for WHAT each tier gets and other config stuff you know, but having to recompile everytime you add someone and having need of server restart... If the level was in a database (does not have to be within the same DB as your exile one, which would make it portable to other mods supported from you as well) then it could be read from the game and assign the admin menu. This way, someone could get added, relog, then be whitelisted to it.
  4. FragZ

    Donor only apps

    PRT? You mean .RPT User should post his version of the files. I can look at it and see whats wrong.
  5. FragZ


    Digging this as I think its a good idea. I had that on my a2 servers and made a tutorial for it on epoch. People went crazy had like 45k views on the topic lol This is definately a cool addition if you ask me. Wouldn't be too hard to port my script to exile.
  6. FragZ


    Clearing you cache should fix it. Did you try joining using a3launcher? Edit: the HERE link has been replaced as it was linking to the old server section on exileforums.
  7. FragZ

    [Request] Infistar Rcon tool

    I do second this as it would make life so much easier, but at the same time the *issues* you are fixing with this is doing the work you normally don't want/can't do... why not just give some power to trusted admins on your server? Keep logs etc to prevent abuse? Honestly, I would love this myself, but if sounds like a lot of job and I am unsure how long/how hard it would be. Can you even execute scripts in an external tool? Anyways infi, let me know if you need help developping such tool! I would too like this and think I can help.
  8. FragZ

    THANK YOU Exile Team.

    I would also like to land a thank you on this thread. Exile might not be in its best times considering many problems we talked about in other threads and the ridiculous player/server amount ratios, but this is my favorite mod in the Arma Franchise. Thank you for working on such a great mod. I wish I could do more to help out.
  9. FragZ

    Exile and Safes

    Black market, loot it, name it. They can use it to store the stuff they stole
  10. FragZ

    Exile and Safes

  11. FragZ

    Exile and Safes

    If you don't like safes why don't you just remove them? I find that safes can be useful and have their place in this mod. If you want challenge with safes, just make it so people can hack them like EXO did. Makes sense too since this mod is about inmates.
  12. FragZ

    [OPEN recruitment] Devs/Mods/Advertisers!

    Bump, still need 1 scripter, 2 mods and 1 admin.
  13. This is pretty much a resume of what we talked in other topics lately. I second those.
  14. FragZ

    Website Advertisments

    Ads are sometimes in the way on my cell myself. Most of the time its fine tho.