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  1. QGS

    Host recommendation please

    Hey, Check us out, can switch you to 64 bit easily. And if you help us to setup a reliable 64 bit exile setup I'll give you your second month free! Craig
  2. QGS

    Crashing Since Latest Update?

    Hey Guys, Don't often ask for help here, however i have a weird problem i can't seem to work out. Since the latest update random servers will just crash out of the blue, even if you remove all mods. If i change them to running the 64 bit version of ARMA it boots fine but then i have the whole extdb3 mess to deal with. Ideally i would like to get all the servers running smoothly on 32 bit.
  3. Thats harmless, show me your whole rpt file.
  4. You need semi colons inbetween your mods, not commas.
  5. QGS

    Server From Home

    Ah, thought you meant ours was down We can help you switch mate, just shoot us a ticket.
  6. QGS

    Server From Home

    Hi Davie, Can you open a ticket with us please? Control panel is working fine my end, we did have a outtage last night however it was quickly resolved.
  7. QGS

    Server From Home

    Spec wise, thats fine. ARMA won't use more then 3GB of RAM, and assuming you don't run much in the background that processor is one of the best for just one server. (Desktop processors always trump server processors, however not practical in large scale hosting) Can you run a speedtest for me? To see the true speeds you actually get. Otherwise, feel free to check us out, our TCAdmin isn't slow (Used to be, until i gave it a kick up the arse )
  8. QGS

    How to choose Dedicated Server

    Ping our website, its held in the same DC as our UK servers. Let me know what you think
  9. QGS

    QGS Servers

    Hey mate, email sales@qualitygameservers.com please
  10. QGS

    need help to set up server

    Send us a Pm on here mate.
  11. QGS

    need help to set up server

    Hey Shadow, Where did you buy from out of curiosity? As with us we offer help doing all this for you. Craig,
  12. QGS

    server crashes? infiSTAR?

    Its hard to quote exactly what someone said without breaking confidentality But yeah, i should of been more clear in my response, my excuse is after working on a backup system throughout the entire night, my head was a tad fried
  13. QGS

    server crashes? infiSTAR?

    Right, few things we need to make clear here. When a customer comes to us and goes "The server crashes" and we ask what they have changed. The natural assumption is what has changed. "I updated Infistar and added some buildings to part of the map using the method I've used for other buildings." Is what we get off the customer. Infistar has caused crashes in the past, however this was more ARMA not being happy on one of the older ARMA updates. Since our reply the customer has not gotten back to us, Infistar is the easiest part to roll back, if that didn't solve it then it would be the buildings added. People saying stuff like Is rather insulting, as we take all instances like this seriously. However either way this is down to something on the server itself, as this is the first report we have had of server crashes in literally months. As ARMA seem to of gotten their act together recently in terms of stabilising the game. We have a step by step system on these kind of issues. The first being rolling back any changes, then running steam update to verify the game files, and then in extreme cases when its still happening is to move the server to another node to take the server itself out of the equation. If its still crashing then its 100% something added to the server.
  14. Thats just a addon for our ARMA 3 servers. You can order any size teamspeak you wish via our normal teamspeak order page on our website.