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  1. It's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, a Japanese anime, where this meme originates from
  2. Is that a JoJo reference?! p.s nice vid.
  3. Accidentally wiped my entire database on a server with 54/54 players and then went to work. Had to remotley roll it back from my phone on a shitty 3g network in the middle of no where. Fun times.
  4. Ah, good okey have fun man
  5. Server can revert to 64 slots if there is a script error somewhere that breaks the server. Check for any errors in the RPT.
  6. First!
  7. You need to set the name to that at the server config too. Where it "template = Exile.Tanoa". It has to match the mission file.
  8. Yes, DMS can do that. And ye you found the setting
  9. Oh, interesting!
  10. Fishing
  11. Headless client won't save anything man. Your best bet here is to attempt to redo the entire code somehow or drop it. Can you link me the dynamic script you have?
  12. Arma 3 loves fast processors, it does not care that much for amount of cores. It wants high clocked ones, the higher the clock speed is the better. What you can try is to set processor affinity to use all cores and also set the priority to high (NOT REALTIME). And Arma 3 is 32 bit and it really cant exceed that amount of ram. As for performance and low FPS. That is caused by your zombie mod. You see the server threads? Having 70 threads is WAY too much. The best value is around sub 20 threads. Even then 20 is sort of high. Most servers with a lot of players have around 5-10 threads max. See my post here on information regarding what a thread is: Also that spawn script you use for the zombies has triggers and that is REALLY bad for performance as well. So if you wish to run zombies this way you will either have to live with the bad performance or rewrite it because it's not really optimal at the moment.
  13. These messages are caused by you not packing the PBO correctly. Make sure you have these files: In your folder. The settings and DMS itself is not the issue why it does not start, you're simply packing it wrong Make sure the path matches the file name. The prefix to the file a3_* gets ignored. Here is how it can look: Here is how a raw folder would look: And how the prefix path should look:
  14. DMS freezes AI by default in the config.sqf. Open it and search for "freeze" and you'll find it. Set it to false to disable it. DMS does not use a single SQL file, it uses SQF if that's what you mean SQL is for databases. Eraser1 added freezing AI because it saves server performance a lot to not have 60+ AI moving around all the time like some servers do. How are you changing the config? Changing value should hardly break the entire thing..