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  1. Hi Defent!

    I'm now using Napf map. And I'm attempting to create a static mission, using the slums mission as a template.
    There is an island on the Napf map called Suhrehfeld. It's HUGE, and so is the mission.

    I have forgotten (yes, I'm that old) where to put in the loot crate possible spawn locations (coords).

    Also, I wanted to know how to make it spawn three loot crates, instead of two.
    And lastly, how to make certain items spawn in the loot crates.
    For example, I want to allow thermal scopes to spawn in the crates, which are not available anywhere else,
    meaning they don't naturally spawn, nor can you buy them at the traders. So, only place to get them is at this
    static mission.

    Any advise?

    Mission File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9uu504dcc9gaggj/suhrenfeld.sqf?dl=0

    1. Defent


      You have to look at the example static mission, it has examples in there. In most cases its just add another variable name it something else and make sure its all in the correct place :D

      You can set specific loot too, check the other missions, the dynamic ones, one of them has an example of how you can add specific items to the reward list. 


      I cannot offer much more help sadly.

    2. 5niper