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  1. Nice vid @Karlus Bojangles, Aotearoa represent
  2. Bit more about it Here
  3. Few bits i have saved from way back pre release
  4. The dev server is NOT white listed and does NOT require a password to join
  5. +1 for streamline servers bro I've only had good experiences with them. Good luck with your project
  6. I could understand your concerns if we were perhaps talking about minecraft or some disney game but come on dude arma is a military sim which revolves around shooting and killing each other it also has a mature rating so these kids should not be playing if they don't want to be exposed to these kinds of things.
  7. Do you play on a tree hugger server?
  8. Please keep in mind the devs have other things high on the importance list at this stage, If you feel you have something of significant importance to share please PM any of the moderators or if it is a bug or dupe please post it here http://www.exilemod.com/forum/156-exploits-glitches-dupes/ only the staff can see what is posted. thanks.
  9. im pretty sure floss is correct here, my group and i have tried with numerous satchels and not a lot happened there was a huge mess but the flag was still standing.
  10. While I agree that thermal optics is a tad op i think it should be left completly up to the server owners to run the type of server they choose, you can always find a server with no thermal.
  11. its in your xm8 under territories and it tells you the date its due its really not that hard to pay it on time. go to the flag dude at the trader scroll on him and hit pay territory protection done.