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  1. did not work for me and have not tried anything since sorry
  2. Having the same thing here but with Vehicles despawning and Safes not keeping items after restarts.
  3. Don't I have to change the numbers at the end of the other lines? I just ask because of something in the back of my mind is telling me I did something like that. I will try what you posted, thank you
  4. Here is the statusBar.sqf I am using. https://pastebin.com/sGtaDFmy I want to remove hungry and thrust from the bar. I did it a couple of years ago and can't remember how. Can someone help?
  5. @Super Jerome What are you using now?
  6. Will this script work on Tanoa?
  7. transport

    If I am using the R3F tow/lift, what script should I use for the Pods and cargo crates?
  8. class Exile_item_WoodWindowKit { quality = 1; price = 500; }; Can someone tell or point me in the right direction what the quality = 1 stands for? I see some that have quality = 4. to me that means when you buy it for 500tabs you get 4 of that item. Not clear on this.
  9. Still cannot get bike or Quad to spawn, going through the motions, but no vehicle. Even says you deployed a Bike or Quad Can someone explain to me what this means? It's in the instructions? Each class added to the CfgXM8 will represent a vehicle possible to deploy and add commit a "More" button to it. One of the deploy classes needs to include the config script so all needed functions will be prepared and read to memory Both myself and @Jacobob are having the same problem.