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  1. @Knocks would you share with little old me?
  2. TBsThug

    Statusbar Help

    did not work for me and have not tried anything since sorry
  3. TBsThug

    Statusbar Help

    Here is the statusBar.sqf I am using. https://pastebin.com/sGtaDFmy I want to remove hungry and thrust from the bar. I did it a couple of years ago and can't remember how. Can someone help?
  4. TBsThug

    Vehicle despawning and crates not saving

    Having the same thing here but with Vehicles despawning and Safes not keeping items after restarts.
  5. TBsThug

    Statusbar Help

    Don't I have to change the numbers at the end of the other lines? I just ask because of something in the back of my mind is telling me I did something like that. I will try what you posted, thank you
  6. @Super Jerome What are you using now?
  7. TBsThug

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Will this script work on Tanoa?
  8. TBsThug

    Exile IgiLoad with TaruPodMod

    If I am using the R3F tow/lift, what script should I use for the Pods and cargo crates?
  9. TBsThug

    Trader Items

    class Exile_item_WoodWindowKit { quality = 1; price = 500; }; Can someone tell or point me in the right direction what the quality = 1 stands for? I see some that have quality = 4. to me that means when you buy it for 500tabs you get 4 of that item. Not clear on this.
  10. Still cannot get bike or Quad to spawn, going through the motions, but no vehicle. Even says you deployed a Bike or Quad Can someone explain to me what this means? It's in the instructions? Each class added to the CfgXM8 will represent a vehicle possible to deploy and add commit a "More" button to it. One of the deploy classes needs to include the config script so all needed functions will be prepared and read to memory Both myself and @Jacobob are having the same problem.
  11. @Jacobob did you get stat bar to work. I had the same problem and forgot to add the following in description.ext class RscTitles { #include "ExAdClient\RscTitles.cpp" }; Then it started working.
  12. TBsThug

    ExAD Statusbar restart timer

    So if I want it to be 4 hours, then I simply change ExAd_SB_Timer =4?
  13. Before I being, please don't tell me I have done something wrong. I know that. With that being said. I have the stat bar and view distance working. The deploy bike and quad go through the motions but no vehicle. I have reinstalled 3 times before coming here. Read many posts and can not get it to work. Need some help.
  14. Would like to know if it is possible to change the uniforms on the police that spawn and hunt players? If so where would I change that?
  15. TBsThug

    v88 Issues with 2 new files

    UPDATE: FIX PROBLEM @hogansheroes showed what @infiSTAR was saying, put the following in order #include "CfgRemoteExec.hpp" #include "infiSTAR_defines.hpp" #include "infiSTAR_AdminMenu.hpp"#include "infiSTAR_chat.hpp" as we see here in this order to be added to the description. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// What about infiSTAR_KeyBinds.hpp, do you call it in the same place as the other 4? I added the other 4 and still get the error that is shown in the picture I have attached. Also here is what is at the bottom of my description.ext #include "config.cpp" #include "CfgRemoteExec.hpp" #include "infiSTAR_AdminMenu.hpp" #include "infiSTAR_defines.hpp" #include "infiSTAR_chat.hpp" //#include "infiSTAR_KeyBinds.hpp" #include "ExAdClient\ExAd.cpp" #include "R3F_LOG\desc_include.h" Here is a pic of my mission side root
  16. TBsThug

    Cannot open object

    We have built an Australia Exile server. Have been playing on it for about 3 weeks. Now we are getting this error: Cannot open object ca\roads\sil10_50.p3d I start the server and when anyone tries to join, it gets to the readmission file and that error pops up. It has a close button, but when you click it nothing happens. You have to go to desktop and close game. BTW this has happened 2 times. The first time after about a half day it went away. Don't know what I did to get that to happen. From Mission side RPT 11:57:55 Starting mission: 11:57:55 Mission file: Exile (__CUR_MP) 11:57:55 Mission world: Australia 11:57:55 Mission directory: mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Australia\ 11:57:58 Warning Message: Cannot open object ca\roads\sil10_50.p3d I have deleted the database and created a new one, still get the error. In @ExileServer\extDB\logs\2017\12\15 it show this:
  17. TBsThug

    Vote Screen on Server Load

    OMG, that bought back old memories, lost so many hours because of that.
  18. TBsThug


    ServerSide RPT click here UPDATE So I added " " to -mod= and -servermod= and it worked. "-mod=@Exile;@Australia;@JSRS;@HAP;@RHSUSAF;@Advanced_Towing;@Enhanced_Movement;" "-servermod=@ExileServer;@infiSTAR_Exile;" The only thing is when you get to server browser, it shows Epoch Mod in expansions in red