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  1. ToastyZA

    [UPDATE] VCOM AI (Exile 1.0.4)

    Anyone having an issue where AI from DMS missions are wondering away from the Mission sectors?
  2. ToastyZA

    Storing Vehicles into VG from Traders

    Thanks for the reply! However i dont think his script will offer what im looking for. Ill speak to him on discord to find out more details tho.
  3. Hello all, So i was wondering if anyone has a system that allows players to store vehicles into their Virtual garage from a trader and then pull them from said trader? As players want to buy big planes however there isnt always a spot to land them at your base and store them. *EDIT* Doesn't even have to be into the Virtual Garage it could be another type of storage system. Thanks in Advance!
  4. ToastyZA

    [ZA] Exile | RHS | Scripts

    Hello fellow Exiled, We are running a modded Exile server using the RHS mods, Dual Arms, Extended Base/Fortifications along side a few custom scripts made by this wonderful community. Come check out the server and see if you can survive!
  5. ToastyZA

    William's "Toast" Intro Clean and simple

    @kuplion do you by any chance have a copy of this script as i see William as removed it and also hasnt been on the forum since August 23, 2016....
  6. ToastyZA

    William's "Toast" Intro Clean and simple

    Anyone have a working link for this script or able to upload the files again as the link is dead. Thanks guys
  7. ToastyZA

    Skranj Exile Tanoa

    Players can expect: A well run server Active admins Good FPS Custom Scripts making the gameplay even better!
  8. ToastyZA

    Skranj ExileZ Namalsk

    Just a couple of blokes from South Africa hosting a modded ExileZ Server on Namalsk for the Local Community!
  9. ToastyZA

    Namalsk - Missing Texture??

    Good Day Team so i found a platform that i think is missing a texture as you can walk on air to get to a ladder. Found at Sebjan (Between Sebjan Mine and Sebjan Field Airport) ToastyZA