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  1. dayum... 1 year later same thing. REPRODUCE BY: sort by -> online players I do think I can count correctly to be honest, and !!!!5 IS NOT MORE THAN 20!!!! its a simple logic failure in the code, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 is the numerical order ,but displaying will list 1,11,12,2,25,3, and so on
  2. 4 months later - still an issue... such simple mistake... not much wow
  3. hieve

    Low CPU useage on Linux

    tools like "task manager" may pull the data from top and just display it in a different (and maybe better) way. Ryans Zombies are not good optimized, especially with High Amounts of them! Over 200 Zeds on the whole map and the Server can suffer huge perfomance impacts. Especially if you forget dead bodie deletion and/or triggering alot of "Zed-Zones"
  4. hieve

    make a new replacement for battleeye

    you just haven't setup your server properly and now raging abit I think battleeye is a bit complicated , but it does its job when setup correctly! and writing a new anti hack... yeah, have fun dude
  5. hieve

    mARMA - Server Monitoring, Live Map, RE...

    yes and no. the tool itself won't take lots of ressources but every output in any form (especially on highly populated servers) can decrease the perfomance slightly(we talk here about minimal numbers of fps, but it can summarize on lots of events, and i mean like >5 events per seconds) I used this tool when it was released and it was very helpful to monitor your server, especially when you need statistics on different impacts so gj @maca134 and @Torndeco
  6. not active atm, maybe back someday

  7. hieve

    Windows Server 2016 Essentials Help

    can't recommend essentials, pretty bad perfomance, especially the win10 gui is just taking unncessary loads of perfomance
  8. hieve

    Home PC Dedicated Server

    if your server gets attacked by an attacker and you host it at home, your connection can be down also, this is a big difference... Things you should think about when hosting at home: -seperate Powerfull machine/VM(running at the same Rig as you use ,is in most cases no solution for a real server, your players can have micro lags when you browse and do other stuff) -Connection Speed(10mbit in both ways should be atleast minimum, more players = more speed needed) -Seperating the server from your usual network -dyndns (if you have a dynamic IP) -power cost (and this is the point which may be heavy in most cases, especially with consumer hardware)
  9. Hey there, small bug on the webpage found if you sort the Server list by players it will show a bad listing its ordered by the number at the beginning instead of its real value (that means ten is in the same order as 1 , even theres 9 numbers between) that makes it difficult to see the best populated servers
  10. hieve

    DLC weapons and the issue of P2W

    you ever played without the dlcs? you get loaded full of advertisment on your screen with "BUY IT NOW!!" and you can't interact with the weapons or the cars, which is really bad from survival statement (the dlc weapons are NATIVE in the exile mod , so they are in!)- there are hooks for this to workaround, but these are not really legal , so no real solution please check your posting first next time before you write..
  11. hieve

    Hilfe bei Serveraufbau

    ich finds zwar auch etwas dreist die eierlegenden wollmilchsau zu verlangen nachdem hier schon viele anleitung vorhanden sind... aber er hat leider recht! die anleitung sind teils nicht sehr gut oder veraltet - fehlinformationen außerdem auch... es fängt schon damit an welche appid verwendet werden soll bei der installation über steamcmd(selbst die anleitung in der wiki von Bohemia ist nicht aktuell) einmal wird gesagt man solle eine "appidA -beta" verwenden, dann wäre es nur "appidB". geklappt hat es bei meinen letzten versuch mit beiden nicht mehr wirklich(nachdem aber hier auch diverse bugs mit den neuen patches berichtet worden sind , hab ichs aufgegeben fürs erste) zum pbo manager und derartige programme - sie funktionieren zwar, die seite auf der es gehostet wird ist allerdings sehr unseriös und außerdem meckert das viren programm das hier etwas nicht stimmt - ob das jetz aufgrund der programmierung ist oder wirklich malware ist steht offen (ich vermute ersteres) mein tipp: nutz die anleitung aus der bohemia wiki in kombination mit der erklärung wie steamcmd funktioniert, alles weitere wirst du hier im forum finden, auch wenn das geduld und zeit braucht - server hosting bedeutet einarbeitungszeit, die solltest du bereit seit zu investieren wenn du jedoch immernoch es einfacher haben willst, ich meine hier gab es sogar fertige server pakete(für windows und linux) - evtl. mal danach schauen
  12. this is not the issue. dev server had be disabled and still the same
  13. hieve

    Adding AI via EDEN

    exile does not support native eden editor - you can't open the standard mission via eden. try 2d editor, this has worked fine for me so far , ai has always worked there...
  14. hieve

    Exile Cars and Trucks

    if the mod did not make it right, the mod failed at this! and there are many mods out there which are just 50% finished... exile vehicles are all fine, what you are talking about is 3rd party mods and they may contain false informations - its up to you to change this or to get in contact with the mod author I don't think this is a exile issue also there's some way to change this - but this needs people and motivation to add for every mod vehicle the correct properties..
  15. hieve

    Script to Delete AI in safezones

    sure... my whole mission was made in the editor besides AI systems etc. i had put in over 1000 different things via editor without probs... but yeah : its a workaround and no real solution - even with allowdamage false they can be killed for some reason and moreover the strange thing here is : Static Gunner AI can shoot out of the safezone and hit for example a enemy ai helicopter down, they can also shoot zombies in the safezone down... while players can't shoot them(if you place them in the safezone) you can just drive over them... so be sure to do something against this(putting them into a building, putting sandbags around them, idk, there are several ways to safe them)