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  1. ViBrationNC

    [Release] Exile Pecher Traders + Spawn Zones

    Hello and thanks.. however the file is corrupt.. its only 9kb ?
  2. ViBrationNC

    Pecher Mission Map Help

    Yeah.. not asking for someone to make the whole thing.. just help me get it like up.. with just the map and Exile.. I think I can do the loot thing.. I know I can get infistar, dms and a few other mods working myself... its just that "NOW what do I do" thing that Im stupid on.. LOL Like I've made a trader and spawn zones. I obiously have the map. But what in the world do I do now? you say put it in the mission.spm ??? Oh lord... remember Im 46 yrs old... the learning curve just went STRAIGHT UP! Hahahahaha plus.. I drink what I learned today will be forgotten tomorrow.. lol So yeah, I would only be asking for direction on getting this started.. not a full running and ready server. If you can point me in a direction, or join discord.. I could send ya all the free beer you could drink.. LOL
  3. ViBrationNC

    Pecher Mission Map Help

    Yeah So anyone willing to help me get this map and Exile up on the server with Trader, Spawns and Loot.. I would love ya forever.
  4. ViBrationNC

    Pecher Mission Map Help

    Thanks.. Im watching all kinds of stuff now... Still lost!! hahaha I rent a server.. so.. I need to figure how, what and where to upload stuff.. I have placed items on a map before.. then copied the initserver.sqf stuff.. and just pasted it into a mission.pbo.. BUT that was easy stuff! But starting from scratch... Pecher map.. adding traders, spawns and loot is the hard part.. I can add infistar, dms and other mods no problem.. its just getting the ball rolling thats kicking my butt. LOL
  5. ViBrationNC

    Pecher Mission Map Help

    I am in need of some help.... We are looking to install the map Pecher.. but have no clue how.. maybe a little clue.. but Does ANYONE have an existing mission for Exile and Pecher map? ANything that I can at least get on the server and working.. then I can change from there.
  6. ViBrationNC

    [Updated] R3F Logistics Exile (with CUP)

    Please help.. everything seems to be working fine.. Except.. when selling any vehicle.. it does not include the value of the crate. Please help :-(
  7. Link is dead? Dont get a download option..?
  8. ViBrationNC


    Hey guys.. I need some help.. I will post this code... then I will explain what I did.. file_1 = name that will be given to billboard in admin menu file_2 = name of the image to be loaded in (EXAMPLE) just say that my image is in a folder called image_file and image_file is in a folder called billboards then: {"file_1","billboards\image_file\file_2.paa"} but remember if there is a space between words then use an underscore_ you will need to edit your infistar file aswell and all you need to do for that part is: download and unpack your infistar file then look for the file called EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp and then look for these {"Doggy","exile_assets\texture\flag\flag_mate_21dmd_co.paa"}, {"Spawny","exile_assets\texture\flag\flag_mate_spawny_co.paa"}, {"Dickbutt","exile_assets\texture\flag\flag_misc_dickbutt_co.paa"}, {"Vish","exile_assets\texture\flag\flag_mate_vish_co.paa"} thats when you add {"file_1","billboards\image_file\file_2.paa"} to the preset ones like this: {"Doggy","exile_assets\texture\flag\flag_mate_21dmd_co.paa"}, {"Spawny","exile_assets\texture\flag\flag_mate_spawny_co.paa"}, {"Dickbutt","exile_assets\texture\flag\flag_misc_dickbutt_co.paa"}, {"Vish","exile_assets\texture\flag\flag_mate_vish_co.paa"}, {"file_1","billboards\image_file\file_2.paa"} now repack your infistar file and upload to your server P.S you will need to upload the image to your server aswell thats why the top part of the guide is there your image will also need to be .paa OK OK OK.. where do I place my image...? In my mpmissions folder? \mpmissions\Exile.Tanoa.pbo\billboards\flag_mate_nc_co.paa"} <----THAT is wher I put my image. Repacked PBO. That is where I pointed Infistar to goto.. but when I try to put the billboard down.. my image doesnt show.. just the frame of the billboard. Infistar says it should look "somewhat" like this {"NC","\mpmissions\Exile.Tanoa.pbo\billboards\flag_mate_nc_co.paa"} BUT DO I need the first \ or do i need the .pbo ? OMG My head has about gone mental over this.. LOL There has to be an easier way.. Also.. whats the exact size/dimensions I need for the image.. Thanks you to anyone who can help.. please Maybe @Eichi can help me.. :-)
  9. Hey guys.. When clicking build bike or quad.. the guy goes thru the animation.. but the bike or quad doesnt spawn.. please help :-(
  10. ViBrationNC

    Extended Base Mod

    Need help please. cannot place Land_Pier_small_f_Kit I can place all other EBM items.. everything else works fine!! Anyone got any ideas..?
  11. ViBrationNC

    Extended Base Mod

    Hey guys.. I got everything working great. then something happened and all my images in the traders are gone. Anyone have an idea why? SOLVED, I didnt have the mod loaded. BUT that brings up a new issue.. how do I REQUIRE people to have mods loaded to join?
  12. ViBrationNC

    [Release] Exile Occupation (Roaming AI) & More - updated 2016-08-15

    I would like to add poptabs to the crates.. anyone please paste the code for me and where .. thank you SOLVED add this line in the scripts > occupationLootcrates _crate1 setVariable ["ExileMoney",25000,true]; //Adds 25,000 poptabs to the box/container/crate referred to as "_crate1"
  13. ViBrationNC

    [Release] Custom Tanoa TradeZones 2

    I would like to know too