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  1. Rangecreed

    Malden Map

  2. Rangecreed

    Hatch and Drawbridge - Feedback

    I know its a drawbridge was just thinking from a gameplay aspect how functional it will be if it can only be opened from 1 side , some remote functionality or similar would be a nice alternative. I have waited since launch for drawbridges edit: Aw I just noticed that drawbridge is gone from the old roadmap. The future is truly amazing.
  3. Curious as to if the lockable version of the hatch will appear in the final version of this patch, as it doesn't appear to be ingame?. Also can the open/close/lock function on the drawbridge have its distance increased because currently its only use is going to be for elevated/sky bases. My reasoning behind this is if you where to use this as a functioning door, you cannot open/close it from either end. So if you dropped the door down to then drive a vehicle over you cannot then get out and close the drawbridge, you have to run back across to the start in which case you will be trapped inside as you cannot make it across in time while it closes. What if a generator or some sort could be used as a *power source* So you would place this down in an pre-defined position/radius from the drawbridge and could use to open the gate from a distance in semi realistic terms. Or additionally use the existing model attach a very basic wire/cable/string design (doesn't have to be fancy ) leading to the existing model of the generator, and just call it Powered Drawbridge. Be a nice way to re-use the high quality asset that is the generator since it never gets touched. I'm just not sure of the best way to do this currently, as with alot of base designs that are not on ground level it would just end up with a floating generator with cable in mid air. The hatches.
  4. Entirely reworked loot cleanup. Loot cleanup being on a predefined global cleanup is honestly horrible, it has ruined gameplay more than anything. Why parameters are not setup to not affect loot when players are nearby is a mystery. Not to mention it fails to cleanup weapon placeholders most of the time. There is nothing worse than sitting on a corpse waiting for a squadie to loot and then it gets cleaned up because it has reached the defined cleanup cycle. It needs entirely reworked.
  5. Rangecreed

    1.68 Bugs Megathread Discussion

    My bad, its a bit of a nightmare when reported bugs are not listed on the first page.. I went through 7 pages > ctrl + f > campfire. Didn't see any mentions. and alas its on the page before.
  6. Rangecreed

    1.68 Bugs Megathread Discussion

    >Campfire will have flame particles and sound until restart happens, after restart those placed beforehand will not give off particles and sound. They will however work for crafting and temperature recovery.
  7. To Fix the way the database handles magazines, a year later ammo is still deleted just from picking up gear, swapping gear or reloading.
  8. How about charges doing splash damage? So if walls are stacked they all take the same damage, 5 stacked walls will still take 3 charges. etc. Small enough radius so it doesn't damage walls above or adjacent.
  9. It's a fairly complex process, you cannot just chuck these on a server, have to be downloaded by every client. Besides the chance to find someone willing to do this for free is 0
  10. Rangecreed

    [WIP] Exile Taunus Project

    Aye but what I mean is unless someone takes over the project its going to die.
  11. Rangecreed

    [WIP] Exile Taunus Project

    Another step towards the end of Exile sadly.
  12. Rangecreed

    [WIP] Exile Taunus Project

    64bit is going to be very minimal on performance, its going to be a few frames at that. The exciting bit is the server side.
  13. Rangecreed

    [WIP] Exile Taunus Project

    Getting very hyped, reminds me of the DayZ Origins mission system Also sorry to nitpick but in the Mission information it says Dokuments not Documents.
  14. Rangecreed

    Light a Fire

    Unfortunately Exile at this stage is no longer going to have new content. The project might be handed over in the future but who knows?