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  1. MarvellousOne

    How to section

    Awesome thanks Ka0s.
  2. MarvellousOne

    How to section

    To be honest I'm not sure. That's why I want some how to links lol. I'm sure I'm explaining it incorrectly. I believe what I did wrong the first few times was use pbo manager unpack pbo and then repack same pbo? I was told I'd know if I'd done this because there'd be .bak files in my pbo.
  3. MarvellousOne

    How to section

    Yep I download them, unpack it using pbo manager and the folder it creates is what I edit. Then that folder I repack it using pbo manager and reupload it. I was told tho that I am making duplicates and that's why server crashes or doesn't make the changes. Hope I'm explaining that correctly. I believe I was told I'm making extra .bak files? Or something like that I'm not exactly sure.
  4. MarvellousOne

    new update not compatible with DMS missions etc

    Seems to be the norm for these host companies I use QGS and they have older versions of mods as well. Me personally I'm extremely new ( read know next to nothing ) so I enlisted a experts help. He's helped me a TONE! He's also willing to try and teach me so that's the route I'm going and I'd say it's the easiest route to go.
  5. MarvellousOne

    How to section

    I apologize if this is the wrong section to ask in advance. I'm looking for a beginners guide to scripting section. What I've seen on exile forums is mostly either A: people asking for help with a particular error their recieving or B: how to information for dedi servers or home servers. I currently use QGS as my host provider and winicp and tcadmin panel. I'd like some links for basic guides for the extreme beginners like myself if possible. Having someone even explain packing/unpacking a pbo properly would help lol! I seem to make duplicates as I unpack the pbo, open up the actual folder and make edits and then repack the folder. I still am unsure what I'm doing incorrectly. ANY links, guides, ect would be greatly appreciated!
  6. MarvellousOne

    MEME FIGHT!!!!

  7. MarvellousOne

    0.9.6 Loot Not Working :(

    Isn't this the same topic?
  8. MarvellousOne

    To Do While Waiting For Exile Update.

    Have you tried the culling? It's fantastic
  9. MarvellousOne

    More Constructable Objects/Funtionality?

    Believe it's on both 2017 website and there Facebook page. For me I hope they make cinder and metal floors.
  10. MarvellousOne

    More Constructable Objects/Funtionality?

    iBuild will be exclusive to 2017.
  11. MarvellousOne

    Enigma Exile RandomSpawns

    Make one where there's a spawn at base option lol.
  12. MarvellousOne

    [SOLVED] Zupa Capture Points

    Have you got it to work yet second? If so will you be sharing it?
  13. MarvellousOne

    Help to set up a GTXGaming server from scratch?

    Well I won't say what was just asked by you privately. I will however say here that they didn't charge me one single cent to install a single mod. Now I DO appreciate what you do for this community and I'll gladly donate to you so that we do not lose such a great scripter. Just please remember that QGS ( so far ) is one of the actual good guys.
  14. MarvellousOne

    Help to set up a GTXGaming server from scratch?

    I added quite a few and even forgot some and when I mentioned was told no problem. From Ryan zombies, rz infection, exile z, lift and tow, deploy bike, all cups options, dms, enigma revive system, status bar, infistar ( I had to buy but still! It's a big install ) helicopter crashes, helicopter supply drops, and few more. They said they'd get them installed today ( I live in Canada so I'm hoping there done within 12-14 hours from this post. Also there picture on page 5 does not do the one click installs justice as they've added SO many more! I didn't ask them to install mas vehicles for example as its already in the one click install section.
  15. MarvellousOne

    Help to set up a GTXGaming server from scratch?

    I'm most likely going to use QGS if you read there page you'll see thru seven pages they answer our noob questions for pretty much anything you can think of and ARE willing to setup the server for you. I'll let you know how it goes.