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  1. zombietop

    Player Deaths being Reported as Killed by NPC

    Which files?
  2. zombietop

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    Has anyone had any issues with blacklisting specific weps and/or mags? Blacklist just doesn't seem to work.
  3. zombietop


    A really nice PUBLIC tow script
  4. zombietop

    Exile 0.9.8 New Weapons Issue

    same issues here
  5. zombietop

    Exile 3DEN Plugin

    amazing.. that is all
  6. zombietop

    [Release] (Bounties) Most Wanted

    BTW I received the money and it completed. Just didn't come off the list.
  7. zombietop

    [Release] (Bounties) Most Wanted

    Sent via PM
  8. zombietop

    [Release] (Bounties) Most Wanted

    Claimed the bounty, and the the contract is still listed in the completed contracts after claiming
  9. zombietop

    [XM8 App] Apoc's Airdrop Assistance

    Initial testing looks good. Will test tomorrow some more.
  10. zombietop

    [XM8 App] Apoc's Airdrop Assistance

    @Apoc Ok so figured something out. Seems that when you first log into the server, you can order an air drop and it works perfect. Accept on your local client, it doesnt show that it takes the money. Every air drop there after, blows up because you actually dont have the money, just the local client shows you do. We tested this by having a guy log out and back in. He had 30k on him. Ordered strider, strider landed all good. But his client showed he still had the money. I killed him, and tried taking the money and it wouldnt let me. We did this again and instead of me killing him, he tried dropping the money and placing it into a safe. Nothing. After I did kill him, then revived him, his client updated and it showed he had 0 tabs. So another issue, is after you order the first drop after logging in and the client thinks you still have the money, you can log out, and then back in and get that money back. If any of this makes sense. It may be easier to show you, which I would be happy to do.
  11. zombietop

    [XM8 App] Apoc's Airdrop Assistance

    Well I spoke too soon it seems. I tested on my local test and it seemed fine, pushed to my live server. Vehicles are blowing up when released and the money is still being taken away. 15:03:57 "SERVER - Apoc's Airdrop Assistance - Player: Dominic, Drop Type: supply, Selection: airdrop_Upgrade" 15:03:57 "AAA - Heli Spawned at [13614.5,18846.6,400]" 15:03:57 "Apoc's Airdrop Assistance - Object at [13613.8,18846.9,44.1565]" 15:05:30 "Apoc's Airdrop Assistance - Object at [13343.9,13943.6,208.345], Detach Up Next" 15:06:00 "AIRDROP SYSTEM - Deleted Heli after Drop" Now when I order, it works fine for some reason. Except it doesn't take my money away. Vehicle gets dropped, lands, I jump in, drive away, nothing. No money loss. Yet with other players, vehicle gets released, blows up, and money is taken from them. Ok just gave a random player money using infistar, had him order the drop, strider got released, it landed, he got in, it didnt take his money.
  12. zombietop

    [XM8 App] Apoc's Airdrop Assistance

    Bingo. Works great. Thanks for getting this resolved as fast as you did. Fine script you have here sir, hats off to ya.
  13. zombietop

    [Release] (Bounties) Most Wanted

    Just installed this but cant test solo so not sure about the above issue but I did notice a pretty big performance hit. Prior to installing the script, client side FPS was around 70-80. Loaded up the script and FPS went to 38-42. Removed it and I was back up to 80ish FPS. Any thoughts as to why it would drop so much?
  14. zombietop

    [XM8 App] Apoc's Airdrop Assistance

    9:57:01 "SERVER - Apoc's Airdrop Assistance - Player: zombie, Drop Type: vehicle, Selection: Exile_Car_Strider" 9:57:01 "AAA - Heli Spawned at [5512.13,2664.78,400]" 9:57:01 "Apoc's Airdrop Assistance - Object at [5512.34,2665.18,43.4398]" 9:57:15 "ExileServer - Deleting group C Alpha 1-2 (2:3235)..." 9:58:41 "Apoc's Airdrop Assistance - Player Account Too Low, Drop Aborted. R :1 (zombie) REMOTE. Bank:$0. Cost: $30000" 9:58:41 "Apoc's Airdrop Assistance - Object at [5000.32,7567.19,186.869], Detach Up Next" I have over 500k tabs on me, and around the same in the locker. But I have the use locker funds set to false APOC_AA_AdvancedBanking = false; APOC_AA_UseExileLockerFunds = false;
  15. zombietop

    [XM8 App] Apoc's Airdrop Assistance

    Did you have a chance to check into this?