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  1. Hey guys, i have a question to all the pro scripter out there. Can i move the trader spawn to the mission.sqm? I simply want all the stuff (objects, trader, zones) in a single file that i can edit in the Arma 3 editor. So you can edit the mission.sqm like you do it in the AltisLife mission. I know that the zones are already in the mission.sqm and the objects can be moved easy to the file. But what about the Trader? Can i simply add to an NPC: I hope you can help me. Fendo
  2. Fendo

    Weather on map trigger?

    But it would be a rly nice feature. I have an island on tanoa with lots of zombies and it would be rly creepy if you enter this island and a storm or fog appears.
  3. Fendo

    Weather on map trigger?

    Hey together, i want to know if its possible to set a trigger on the map that, if a player go into this area, a storm appear. Someone know if this is possible?
  4. Fendo

    Extended Base Mod

    Thx a lot guys. I searching for this bug for days. Now its solved.
  5. Fendo

    No loot spawn in old Garage

    Hey, first thx to you all for your replys. 1. Yes i use the EBM and i dont know that all this buildings are no longer in the spawn tables. I have a look for it 2. Yes the OLD garage is in the loot table. and i added some more buldings from bornholm as well.
  6. Fendo

    No loot spawn in old Garage

    hey together, i have a problem with the loot spawn in my old garages. in the new garage i have loot but not in the old one. someone have this problem too?
  7. Fendo

    Chernarus Building Replacement Script (Updated Dec 2017)

    Hey together, i have a problem with my replacement. I config it to working with bornholm. My problem is that not all buildings are removed but the new are placed. So i have house in house can someone help me with that? Thx
  8. I use the waypoints but the transport still fly too all and then never go up again at the last. Just standing there and waiting for better weather.
  9. Fendo


    Hey guys, can someone help me with this tool. I dont have an american keyboard and the keybindings at the spectator mode are not working for me. is there a option to change it to an german keyboard?
  10. @second_coming Did you find any fixes for the public transport? He still stands at the last trader zone and never go up again.
  11. Fendo

    Killed by territory flag

    Hey together, i set my territory flag and after that, when i go near by i been killed. In chat it says that i committed suicide. Is this a bug from any falls setting or is this on every server? Thx
  12. Fendo

    Exile IgiLoad with TaruPodMod

    @SLB2k11 Can you pls update to the new Exile 0.9.8 version and add the new cars? that would be great. i love this mod
  13. Fendo

    RCON restartWarningTime not work v. 0.9.8

    Thx man. I test it on my server today
  14. Awesome. Thx for the spectation man