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  1. Nopinky

    "Can't build in enemy territory"

    So I unlocked the vehicle that was in my build area and the message went away. I did not play around with it to verify it was the problem but it seems consistent with other issues we have had.
  2. Nopinky

    "Can't build in enemy territory"

    i have this problem as well on Altis - in my own territory its telling me i "can't build in enemy territory".
  3. Nopinky

    Bicycle bogs down on some bridges

    I have found that when riding the bike across some bridges the bike bogs down and barely moves. Peddling speed doesn't change, but the speed of the bike drops to a slow crawl. Once your past a certain point on the bridge normal speed resumes. I have seen this on more that one server. The bridges i have seen this on are just north of Kavala by the Power Plant, and the northwest bridge in Aglos Konstantinos.
  4. Nopinky

    What Makes Exile so Special ?

    To me it's the variety of ways that the game can be played. The customization speaks to that end. You can loot, pve, pvp, base raid, stalk, grief. You can spend hours obtaining something and then lose it instantly when someone shoots you, or you crash not paying attention. (Or the server gets wiped (; )
  5. Nopinky

    App that...

    I don't think this would/should be server side. this should be driven by the client files. No reason to have the server involved in it. I use similar apps in iRacing. They are very common. This CANT be that hard. Have client side for the app (will function as server to local host WiFi) and then the app side (apk) this would certainly set exile aside from the others, a completely clean screen with the info showing in real time on your tablet.
  6. Nopinky

    App that...

    So I have what I think is a great idea for you folks. An app, that people can put on a tablet, smartphone. The app pulls telemetry data from the game through your in home wifi to the app. So this would allow the player to have his monitor completely clear of clutter. The app shows information like rounds, health, thirst, hunger. Have this function could also be use to 'window' just that information for people with dual monitors. Now the good part. Since your not allowed to monetize the mod, you CAN however monetize the app to help with some of your development work. I am sure people would pay a couple bucks for an app like this. Your not going to get rich, but I think its a great idea for your Mod.. i know I would buy it. I am not a developer and have no idea how difficult this would be, but there are many apps like this for racing sims, so it shouldn't be too hard.
  7. Nopinky

    Loot Value

    I had a thought about how a loot value system could work (50,000 ft view anyway)... Each area would have a 'loot value' so lets say each hanger area in Balota, has a loot value of 400. So the random items that will spawn there will roughly equal 400 tabs. Loot would spawn as either one 400tab item, or maybe forty 10tab items, that would be somewhat random. I dont know how easy or efficient this would be...just a thought...I am not a developer, but staying at that Holiday Inn Express last night gave me this idea
  8. Because glitching is against the rules, it does not mean it doesn't happen... I still build my base to defend against it. The double wall adds an extra level of security. Moving the wall (your own wall, you would be unable to move someone else's wall) is a way to have a base early on, when you still can't afford a 5000tab lock. You can move the wall, snap it back into place after you exit/enter your base. I doubt that this would be a problem with an admin. You are definitely vulnerable while you do this. (Hint: if you make the double wall space big enough, you can move one wall, stand between the space, put the outer wall back and then move the inner wall to gain entry.)
  9. You don't need a lock at first. You can go for some time without one. Its pretty easy to simply 'move' a wall and put it back when your on the other side of it (especially using the SNAP option). I frequently will build my base with double walls with about a 2ft gap between them. If someone 'glitches' in past a wall they are stuck between the two. Moving the walls out of the way to get in and out of the base only takes a couple seconds but can get be a secure and inexpensive way to enter/leave your base.
  10. Nopinky

    Building limitations

    It's a hanger. I can park a chopper in there.
  11. Nopinky

    Building limitations

    I have a large base. I was at level 2 and couldnt build anymore. Kept getting a message that I needed more inventory space. So I waited till my rep points would allow my to upgrade. Went to level 3 and after a short while I had the same problem. Is this a limitation of the amount of MASS I have built? its it based purely on the items I have built? Something has definitely changed as i am building, because it gets harder and harder to find space to build. If i remove some items, and let them disappear after restart, I can build a few items.
  12. Nopinky

    Kill zone!

    IMO - Camping is part of the game, this isnt Counter-Strike... Kill-cam: this isnt Counter-Strike.
  13. Nopinky

    Loot Spawn

    i am not a developer, just a player. I have noticed that when i enter a 'Loot area', frequently nothing will spawn. If I sit and wait (aprox 30-60sec) or keep moving along, eventually I get the "Loot has spawned in your area". At this point the buildings closet to me still have no loot, but the second or third building away will have the loot. Or if I turn around and go back to those previous buildings they will have loot. I have a couple questions... 1) Is there a way that loot spawns when you 'enter' the loot area, rather then as I am leaving? 2) When I get the message "Loot has spawned in your area" Whats the radius on that? 3) Is this a server setting (as most things in exile seem to be) or is this currently in the mod itself?
  14. Nopinky

    Hats and Rabbits

    Okay... Whats with the hats? There are really a lot of hats, and they are about as useful as the rabbits. The game name needs to change to "Hats and Rabbits".
  15. Nopinky

    New Vehicle locking idea?

    Not to mention the tons of people that forget to lock up!